Beachcomber Reusable Glass Stir Sticks Review

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Score By Feature Based on 62 ratings

Easy to clean 5.0 
Giftable 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.0 
Durability 3.0 
  • Quite lovely.
  • It's the ideal length for tall glasses.
  • Fragile.

Beachcomber Reusable Glass Stir Sticks Product Description

The set contains six (6) cocktail drink stirrers with tops made from tropical fruits, including pineapple, lemon, orange halves, orange wedges, and lime wedges. Among the stirrers are colored glass pieces of the highest quality. About 0.25 inches in diameter. This is 85 divided by zero. This is a 5 x 8 inch photograph. This cocktail is perfect for cocktail and birthday parties, or simply to enjoy on your own. It is packaged to protect against damage. This is an item that you must have. Whether for a gift or to add to your collection, this item is sure to please.

  • An assorted set of six (6) cocktail drink stirrers with tropical fruit inserts including pineapple, lemon, orange halves, orange wedge, and lime wedge.
  • This high quality colored glass stirrer is available in a variety of colors.
  • About 0.25 inches in diameter. A value of 85 x 0 would result in The size of the paper is 5 inches.
  • This cocktail is perfect for cocktail and birthday parties, as well as just having a cocktail while relaxing.
  • The package is protected when it is being shipped.

Selected User Reviews For Beachcomber Reusable Glass Stir Sticks

A fragile thing is one that is easily broken or damaged Upon arrival, the car was damaged (3/5)

I love the design, but these were damaged when they arrived. Unfortunately, not enough good images were included in the two shipments to make a complete set of all 12 but the packaging wasn't designed to hold up to the Amazon mailing system.

Mathias Everett - 30/03/2021
I like it a lot! The design is very pretty, however it is not strong enough (4/5)

There were a few broken pieces.

Carolyn Barr - 27/07/2021
It is broken (1/5)

The six sticks that were delivered were broken on two of them. Packages with the sticks in them are bubble wrapped, but the sticks need to be individually wrapped because they can move about in the box without any difficulty. Although the remaining four were cute, they were not as good as the first 4.

Brendan O'Brien - 22/03/2021
I liked them, but there was a broken one (3/5)

They are great but the lime wedge one was broken and the piece had been removed. Considering they were cute, I might try them again, but I think they need to be packaged a bit more carefully.

Tyler Lindsay - 14/03/2021
Exactly what I was looking for! They were rated a 4 for robustness, but because they are delicate, they were rated a 3 (5/5)

They are supposed to be there. I love you.

Jillian Rose - 13/02/2021
The cocktail stirrers are the perfect size and make the perfect party favor (5/5)

You can keep track of all your drinks with this great app. These fruit tops provide a great way to enjoy tall cocktails with my wife.

Julien Braun - 11/01/2021
I love it (5/5)

What a cute little puppy! I love them so much.

Ashlyn Paul - 01/02/2021
I like what you're wearing! Added these to my Christmas gift list for my husband (5/5)

These wedges are ideal for adding to his water since he likes lemon or lime wedges in it. In an effort to minimize plastic use in my life, I ordered these stirrers last year, making a promise to myself to not use plastic stirrers anymore. I break glass a lot when I hold it 1) They arrived in good shape, no damage was reported. The surface is easily cleanable. The differences in thickness do not detract from the fact that none of them The glasses are true to size and perfectly fit our tall frames. We are happy.

Marina RAHMAN - 13/01/2021