Bavel Belgian Goblet Beer Glasses Review

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Giftable 5.0 
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  • Stylish fashion sense.
  • Tulip glasses of excellent quality.
  • The Perfect Present.
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Bavel Belgian Goblet Beer Glasses Product Description

By using thistles as inspiration, Bavel imbues his designs with a sense of the archetypal. Wide mouth design makes it possible to sip a little foam and a little beer at the same time, making the tasting experience further prolonged. It is possible to discern each of the notes on the tongue because each lingers on the tongue. The goblet from Balel is a sturdy piece with a good stem and reinforced rim, but it’s never rough or unattractive. You should use this thistle goblet particularly with Bavel’s crystal glassware is especially clear and a joy to drink from, making it the perfect choice for beer from Belgian, Flanders, Trappists, and similar regions. The capacity of the capsules is 13 oz, the height of the capsules is just over 7”, and the width of their widest part is just over 3.

  • The two tulip-shaped glasses accentuated the smell, flavor, and overall drinking experience by enabling a better smell, taste, and Choosing this gift for yourself - or even giving it to someone you love - is a nice gesture. This stylish beer drinkware is functional as well as stylish.
  • The stem of this beer glass is open on the outside. It has a stylish look and is made from tulip types stems. A diameter of 89" and a maximum diameter of 3" is available. If you drink the beer at 15 inches, let the foam come out, drink with a small mouth, so there is a longer period of time for the beer to be in your mouth, allowing your tongue to fully play and enjoy the beer's various flavors.
  • The best tulip beer glasses set, just the right thickness of the craft beer glass, with a very nice quality to it. Base of decent size, which will suit beer you really want to appreciate the aroma of. It is perfect for Belgian strong ale, Trappist beer, Flanders Red Ale, Barley wine, IPA, and so on.
  • An excellent gift to your father, husband, son, brother, a fellow beer lover, or even a tech support colleague, this elegant glass makes an excellent addition.
  • The glass is safe to transport as the box is sturdy and each is encased in To ensure the parcel arrives safely, make sure it is well prepared. Be sure you are making the right Please return the glasses if for any reason you are not satisfied with them. A full refund will be given.

Questions & Answers

These are excellent for beer of your choice. I am a big fan of them. You can feel the quality in your hand, and they are sturdy!
The distance between the tabletop and the top of the glass is 75".

Selected User Reviews For Bavel Belgian Goblet Beer Glasses

I find this pretty impressive! My husband loves beer, all kinds of beer (5/5)

I bought these for him. For Valentine's Day, I thought it would be best to give him a glass as a friend of mine, who owns a brewery, emphasized how much beer tastes better in glasses. This was the first time he drank from this glass, and In the end, I decided to drink one with him using these glasses, and I could see why he enjoyed it so much. In one of his remarks, he mentioned seeing the beer bubble up at the bottom and was so amazed. It's not sure what it means but he gave me an A+ for buying these glasses for him so it's definitely a 5 star review from me for these wonderful Isn't it a steal for the price? You'll be glad you did. Don't let them pass you by! Try some today! This is a fantastic way to spend a few hours!.

Rayan Moody - 03/03/2021
Glasses with a lot of style (5/5)

It doesn't matter whether you're drinking water or a cocktail - these elegant glasses make you feel fancy, no matter what you drink. The dishwashing machine is dishwasher safe, attractive and sturdy.

Jamison Glass - 13/02/2021
The Belgians don't seem to be quite enough to The glass looked cheap despite the good packaging (3/5)

Last year, my husband and I visited Belgium and I wanted to surprise him with some Belgian beer mugs. The packaging was good and no breaks were observed, but the glass was thin and chipped. The thicker glass would have appealed to me more if it had been thicker.

Kairi Harmon - 08/03/2021
Those glasses are great (5/5)

Stunning! My husband loved these when I bought them for him as a gift. The cookies last for a long time in the freezer and have sustained a few bumps while washing.

Alessandra Russell - 20/04/2021
It is a nice piece of The glasses I purchased for my husband were a gift from me for his Christmas (5/5)

This is something he loves and uses for all the drinks he Moreover, they are excellent at holding ice.

Memphis DOBSON - 18/05/2021
It's a good size and looks good (5/5)

This is what I use for beer, I love the size. Perfect when you don't want to drink from a bottle or can.

Alaya Torres - 25/02/2021
A solid foundation (5/5)

I like these glasses, they are sturdy. These come in a good thickness, and they work well with quads.

Ashley Kline - 23/01/2021
I've had no problems so far with holding liquid (5/5)

The tops have not leaked yet they have lead to relaxation and a smile. It appears to be made of hard glass with a clear appearance.

Daniel Lloyd - 27/03/2021