Bartender Soul Gold Boston Cocktail Shaker Review

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  • Elegant sleek design.
  • Great gift idea.
  • Durable and sturdy stainless steel built.
  • Very expensive.

Bartender Soul Gold Boston Cocktail Shaker Product Description

This cool design features vintage designs inspired by the golden age of cocktail bars of the 20s, with an innovative design designed specifically for the bartender soul. Gift boxes that are sophisticated and resistant are used to package the set. This cocktail set is designed for those who want to be able to surprise and take care of their guests to the fullest extent.

  • BERTENDER SOUL INVITES YOU TO BE SURPRISED BY AN EXCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT- An innovative design created especially for the bartender-centric lounge with vintage hints inspired by the golden age of the cocktail bar in This gift set is sent in a box that is both sophisticated and durable. This cocktail set is designed for those of you who enjoy surprising and caring for your guests in the most pleasant way possible.
  • With this bartender kit, all cocktails will be a hit. STEAL THE SHOW - With this bartender kit you can make a delicious cocktail at any event. The professional Boston shaker set is great for any amateur bartender or cocktail expert, whether you use it at home in your bar or in a professional bar atmosphere. Give yourself an opportunity to learn a new technique or to perfect an existing one.
  • GET THE SUCCESS YOU DESERVE - We offer you an exquisite Premium pack that will satisfy all of your needs. With a weight of 0.08 in both glasses and a thickness of 0mm, it contains a Boston shaker. Usually, it is around 7 mm thick, so deformations won't affect it. Moreover, the Jigger measuring cup is marked with volumes of 15, 30, 45, and 60 ml to ensure 2 Cocktail coasters with a multi-functional design that will protect, protect, and keep your beverage safe.
  • All items in the Set are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer The Set has a 30-day money-back guarantee or replacement option because it is 100% made of stainless steel. Also, all members of our VIP Club will receive an extension on our 3-year anti-corrosion warranty. set is not only elegant when exposed but was designed to be used intensively as well. A real quality shaker and jigger are made of 18/8 304 anti-rust steel with a certificate of authenticity. A high quality silicone has been used to make both coasters.
  • ADVANCE THE TYPE OF COCKTAIL YOU SERVE. It is fully compatible with the entire collection and is perfect for use with any other Bartender Soul product. Simply click on the "Bartender Soul" brand link above and view the complete assortment.

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Selected User Reviews For Bartender Soul Gold Boston Cocktail Shaker

I met him in person and he was lovely (5/5)

Bartender sets like this one are my favorite. In order to make some extra money while attending school, my daughter started bartending. Her birthday is in December so she will be receiving it then. The set I selected was after looking over all of the sets on Amazon (there are a lot), as well as several store websites. I haven't bought a flashy set that sits on the bar and never gets The set, however, is very nice looking and appears to be very functional. The set I have received is much better than what I was expecting. The product looks organic and modern at the same time, and like it is ready Because of the high quality and the great price, I chose this set. With the professional set you'll get a cocktail meddler, a bar spoon, 2 strainers, and various other tools you may need as The look of this set makes it seem like it belongs to a cool girl or guy who Several of the reviews were not very good and the pictures were not of very high quality, which made me hesitant to order the set. Seeing it in person makes it look even better.

Kaitlyn CONNOR - 18/01/2021
I'm very pleased with customer service (5/5)

Purchasing this product as a gift was my decision. In spite of the fact that the handle on the fine strainer had broken off during shipping (the product was shipped just days before Christmas when postal carriers are busiest and least gentle), the recipient loved it. My question to the seller was answered by their customer service department within a short time! Within 3 business days of my complaint, I had a new stainer shipped to me with some extras. I really like the design of these shakers, they are made to a high standard of quality, the silver finish is good, and the shaker feels comfortable in the hand. All is going according to plan. It is very easy to take apart and clean the cocktail strainer (the strainer with the spring). The problem occurs in other sets I have had in the past. It is important to note that I am pleased with the product and I am equally impressed with the quality of the customer service.

Jasmine Saunders - 27/03/2021
I was looking for this! My wife and I have been wishing for a cocktail shaker for a while now, and this one is perfect (5/5)

There is everything you need for it and it's made of stainless steel. I have ran it through the dishwasher a few times and it still looks.

Pearl Riggs - 22/07/2021
Excellent set of songs (4/5)

Is just the right weight so that some tricks can be performed.

Kieran Burnett - 21/05/2021
What I wanted (5/5)

I'm very happy with the result. This gift was a big hit with my husband, who considers himself a bartender.

Jianna Dunn - 19/02/2021
I am disappointed- What happened when the used goods arrived? A used item was found (1/5)

There is one stopper missing and there are no booklets.

Giovanni HUSSAIN - 05/01/2021
It is like a It is a shaker that has a hole on the bottom (3/5)


Rose LORD - 11/01/2021
The quality of the work was good and the follow-up was great (5/5)

Thank you for your very prompt delivery. I was pleasantly surprised.

Reese Ryan - 19/05/2021