Barstow Stainless Steel Beverage Stirrers Review

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Easy to clean 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.9 
Durability 4.9 
  • Colors and design are lovely.
  • Exceptional quality.
  • Attractive as well as useful.
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • N/A

Barstow Stainless Steel Beverage Stirrers Product Description

Approximately 7.8″ and made of 18/10 stainless steel they are reusable useful and elegant, so you can actually use them for mixing cocktail drink, drink and meat sticks. High quality stainless steel swizzle sticks with an attractive spiral that you will use mixing drinks. With a length of 7.8 inches, these swizzle sticks are not just perfect for cocktails, but they can also be used for serving coffee or as meat sticks on charcuterie boards as well. While the paddle end of the stirrer can be used to stir cocktails quickly, the sphere at the top is made to fit snugly into your hand as you stir.

  • Six pieces of swizzle sticks in this set, each one of which is beautiful and high-quality, including coffee stir sticks, drinks stir sticks, espresso stir sticks and other items.
  • This 16 oz coffee tall mug is perfect for drinks, cocktails, and other beverages. It is approximately 7.25 inches tall. This is a stainless steel 8" machine made of 18/10.
  • This makes them reusable, useful, and elegant. Plus, you can actually use them for a cocktail drink, a drink, or meat sticks.
  • This stainless steel swizzle stick is 7 3/4 inches long and has an attractive spiral that you will use when mixing.
  • If you order a large quantity of bar spoons, you will receive a discount when you add them to your cart and order now.

Selected User Reviews For Barstow Stainless Steel Beverage Stirrers

The colors are vibrant and the functionality is good (5/5)

This is an attractive and functional design. Compared to the plain silver sticks, the colored sticks have a more striking appearance. As per the photo, I expected gold, silver, and rose colored items (2 each), but one pair had a very wild pattern. What a blast! These do not work in coffee. I ordered them for bar drinks and to stir cream into Both are happy with the results. It looks like the paddle end could also be utilized to get the last bits of condiment from the bottom of a narrow neck.

Brady Rose - 02/05/2021
The best resin for resins (4/5)

These stir my resin well and are easy to use. The bedding does not clean as easily as I had hoped, but I am still very happy with it.

Jensen Rowe - 12/07/2021
I love it (5/5)

The pictures are great. All A+ from me. It's cute, good quality, stirs my coffee well and is all I could ask for.

Harlee Nicholson - 03/02/2021
A much nicer experience than I had anticipated (5/5)

It has pretty colors and a nice.

Israel Avery - 26/02/2021
This is the ideal material It is perfectly suited to mixing (5/5)


Abdiel Wood - 30/04/2021
I am very pleased with the outcome (5/5)

Anyone running a bar or entertaining regularly will want to have this.

Adler Levy - 06/06/2021
I love it so much, it is so cute, and it can be used When used with ice, the paddle at the end of the drink breaks it up easily (5/5)


Enoch Mosley - 16/03/2021
I am in love with The stirrers are mainly used when I'm drinking hot and cold beverages (5/5)

The finish of this glass is beautiful, it is easy to clean, and it does not lose its shine during normal use.

Raven McGowan - 07/06/2021