BARsics Rubber Bar Service Mat Review

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Score By Feature Based on 29 ratings

Sturdiness 5.0 
Value for money 5.0 
Durability 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.9 
Giftable 4.6 
  • Sticks to surface well.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Small to use in commercial bars.

BARsics Rubber Bar Service Mat Product Description

In addition to being 24 inches long and wide enough to comfortably hold a pint glass, the Barsics Counter Top (about $29) is constructed of thick rubber. Featuring a square cutout at one end, it stands half an inch high and is perfect for holding a bottle or water jug.

  • It is made of thick and heavy.
  • The dimensions of this basket are 24"(L) x 3". The dimensions are 5" (W) x 1/2" (Thick).
  • There is a square cut out only on one side, and the back is flat.
  • I really like how well it sticks to the surface.
  • Put soap in hot water and wash with it. Remove from the oven and allow.

Questions & Answers

This is not something to do. The Barefoot Bar area is made of stainless steel We put them away in the garage when we are not going to use the space.
Since sinks differ in length, the pipes could be shortened to fit most of them, but they could also be laid parallel as long as the drains are The mats might be best suited to your needs if they are square or rectangular.
Chinese product made in Guangdong.
The mats we offer on our online store cannot be customized. In the event that your order is over 1,000 pieces, you can run your order through the overseas manufacturer Sunny Gift Decorations.

Selected User Reviews For BARsics Rubber Bar Service Mat

You did a good job (5/5)

These are amazing. It is very deserving of all 5 Reviews that have received five stars. Considering how flat and well-protected they are, shipping is extremely easy. I made it. To compare, I purchased a comparable product in the same price range in the past. Originally, they were rolled up and were not completely unrolled when they were shipped. Material for the shirts was thin, flimsy, and rolled, and as a result, had an incredible wave to it. In this case, if the size is correct, we recommend this product.

Albert Shepherd - 22/04/2021
I like the quality of this one (5/5)

In terms of dimensions, they are identical to the specifications. If any of my 3 slides are missing, please replace them. There is a tray at the back of the bar that holds five inches. The earrings ship flat and look like an expensive bar item you would find in a commercial establishment.

Ira Hawkins - 10/07/2021
It can be used for multiple purposes (5/5)

in my expresso station - I did not have room for tall countertops so I needed a water catcher for when I washed dishes. It has worked well for us thus far.

Chaim Bush - 05/04/2021
I like this bar mat because I can make drinks with it (5/5)

Exactly what I was looking for for my daughter's A three pack of bars was a welcome sight to us since we had three identical setups.

Haylee Rangel - 16/01/2021
This is a great product (5/5)

This is a great product. Those in the kitchen are on our bar counter and one is on our bar counter. I am in love with.

Zoey Walters - 19/06/2021
Now, we can legally operate our bar (5/5)

Our bar area was just what we wanted! You can't go wrong with this purchase!.

Oakley Stanton - 15/04/2021
That is awesome! Thank you! The material is very durable It does not slide and it looks great! (5/5)


Keegan Sanford - 26/02/2021
For some reason, I didn't like it (3/5)

In return - The narrow focus does not fit my needs.

Theodore Vasquez - 31/07/2021