Barillio Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Review

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Sturdiness 4.8 
Value for money 4.8 
Durability 4.7 
  • Affordable.
  • Large capacity.
  • Too fragile.

Barillio Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Product Description

An elegant and practical solution, the classic barillio mixing glass is an elegant and practical alternative for mixing cocktails rather than shaking them. This beautiful blue mixing glass has been designed with an etched diamond pattern to look stunning on your home bar or bar cart!

  • A striking diamond pattern features on the Barillio Mixing Glass that looks stunning at home on your bar cart or in your bar. Enjoying a comeback in modern mixology culture, this classic ultra-clear mixing glass is a practical and more stylish alternative to shaken cocktails.
  • LEADER-FREE, SEAMLESS DESIGN - The glass is made of lead-free material and has no seams. It will not break or crack like less expensive machine-made mixing glasses. Glass mixing pots from Barillio have thick walls, which provide better insulation than glass bottles, and the capacity (20 oz) means home bartenders can shake up drinks for a group of friends just like a pro.
  • BARILLIO'S DIAMOND PATTERN IS UNIQUE Barillio's unique diamond pattern actually helps to grab the glass and hold it when mixing, and the weighted base provides balance and stability. By mixing in this way, your pitcher will not tip over or move around as you stir and pour - resulting in a more convenient mixing experience.
  • This package includes an eBook and a booklet. Since the eBook "Happy Hour" is a digital copy, you can access it from your phone wherever you are. Take advantage of our new recipes and techniques! In addition, the booklet includes a pocket-sized booklet with stirred cocktail recipes for beginners. ). You will taste your Old Fashioned, Martini and Manhattan as if they were made in a bar by a real bartender.

Questions & Answers

It has an inside diameter of 3" and fits a standard ice strainer.
In short, yes. It turned out to be very compatible with the crystal mixing device that I had a couple of strainers.
The first time I muddled in it, I did not succeed Nevertheless, I don't see any reason it shouldn't be possible. Muddling wouldn't hurt the glass very much, since it is as substantial as a granite boulder. This item has a flat bottom so my advice would be to use one with a rounded bottom instead, but otherwise I'd use it without hesitation.
There is no specific quality I remember, but it is a fanatical one.

Selected User Reviews For Barillio Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass

The mixing glasses were built to last (5/5)

I took a few other glasses along for my Saturday night Performing a high-volume bartending job as well as constant temperature fluctuations would lead to cracks in the bars. I was getting frustrated with constantly replacing them, so I turned to this as my last resort. Since I keep it at the bar, it has been used every single day for the last month without any problems. At this point, I will keep reviewing it unless something changes, but at this point it’s a five-star rating, as it handled all that was thrown at it.

Carmen Randolph - 09/02/2021
The quality of the product is good for home use, but the design is classy As of yet It is minimalist in style (5/5)

I have been using this glass for about 3 months and I am not unhappy with it. It is closer to those with a deeper groove and a larger diamond pattern) rather than being more affordable. However, quality is still very good for Specifically, the crystal is flawless and clear (and it is clear crystal, not simply glass), the etching is also well done (i. e. Upon inspection, you will find that the finish has a nice, lightly frosted finish without having any sharp angles along the diamond pattern lines), and the base is sufficiently dense/heavy without being overly heavy, thereby making the stand Additionally, the interior of the glass is smooth, and the interior of the base is rounded where it meets the vertical sides, so a bar/mixing spoon can be easily slide around the edges of the glass with ice in the proper direction No more than two drinks per week). There is a possibility of fatigue in a bar or heavier use, but for casual use it is fine. (It can also handle dishwashing without a problem. )Not much to complain about. . . overall. It comes out very The packaging, finish and build quality of this mixer are excellent. The durability is ample for casual mixed drinks The price is less than $15 so it's not too bad.

Melany Rosales - 14/07/2021
This is a very stable system (5/5)

It is convenient to have the pour spout I like the ease of controlling the pour. I really like the weight, it's really I like the way it pours through its little spout, and it's easy to pour with the heavy bottom. The strainer was tested with the Oxo cocktail strainer to ensure that it was effective The amount I can pour has decreased due to a diminished ability to shape my hands (my hands are no longer as strong). I find it comfortable to use and it works perfectly. I think so. Is there a purpose to ornamentation? That's going to be a lot of fun for me to use.

Jaxton Holmes - 18/06/2021
Beautiful glass! I love it so much! Suppose I had just installed a new bar and thought, "Do I really need a mixing glass?"? This may not 100% be needed, but boy is it handy! I love using it for Negronis, Revolvers, and other liquor drinks- The only thing I drink is water (5/5)

The whole experience is made better by this. It's sturdy, doesn't slip, and makes a great difference. It should be noted that the manufacturer does NOT recommend dishwasher usage for this item. Besides, I do put mine in the dw, so I hope it doesn't damage If I had known, I never would have purchased something that couldn't be washed in the dishwasher.

Raven Huang - 25/02/2021
The glass is great for mixing and very durable (5/5)

This is great mixing glass - thank you, I love it! The weight is good, opening has a pouring spout, and the top opening is designed to catch ice with a bar strainer. Besides that, it has a handsome appearance that compliments our liquor decanters - a great buy. Our bar setup looks a lot better with this. However, the thing that I value most about Barillio is the great service made available by Rowena, the team leader An employee with Barware Customer Service provided assistance. There was an internal defect in the glass that we received. When I contacted the seller, they provided me with a replacement mixing glass immediately. There was a crack in the thick glass bottom that could not be felt from inside or outside the As we prepare delicious cocktails, we are looking forward to using this mixing glass for years to come!.

Adalee Dodson - 14/06/2021
Keeping everything as seamless as possible is the best way (4/5)

My only 5 star review is for an item that I need and have no other choice. While it looks nice, and it functions very well, this mixing glass falls just short because there are other mixing glasses that function equally well. There is no need to have it. It does make a damn good stirring vessel, however. Though what sets it apart from other containers of this type is the price. I have owned a dozen or more of them, and they all usually cost north of $20, and they weren't any better at doing what they are supposed to do (most were even It's impossible to find a more affordable price for what you get. It's not a dishwasher-safe item, so keep this in mind.

Madeleine FRASER - 18/06/2021
Weight is exactly what I was looking for and looks very good The glass is very heavy, which I found to be a pleasant surprise (5/5)

The bottom of the cup feels sturdy when mixing cocktails due to its weight. Likewise, I like the width and thickness of the Mixing glasses like these are very pretty. The purchase has been a great experience for me.

Avalynn McCarty - 10/03/2021
The best cocktail mixing glass on the market (5/5)

The mixing glass is beautiful and of good quality. This purchase has been a great success for us. In addition to the 50 cocktail recipes offered by the seller, the seller provides a nicely detailed, printable PDF with good information on cocktail preparation.

Dakota Lehman - 16/03/2021