Barfly Mixing Glass Review

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  • Durable glass built.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

Barfly Mixing Glass Product Description

Having a mixing glass of this quality is a big plus. When you stir drinks, the bottom of the glass keeps the glass stable due to its thick, heavy construction. Towards the top, the walls are much thinner, similar to a wine glass in thickness. This keeps the majority of the weight at the bottom to keep the building stable, even though the walls are thin.

  • Stirring is more quiet when the interior is seamless.
  • The base of the stool is heavy.
  • It is designed for two drinks at a time.
  • This product can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The dimensions are 4 1/4" in diameter by 6 1/4" in height.

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The Chinese mainland.

Selected User Reviews For Barfly Mixing Glass

It is the right size only for the smaller (500ml) mixing glass to hold the Barfly Julep strainer (4/5)

Having now bought both sizes of mixing glass, I can now mix with both sizes. This mixing glass has a smaller volume (500ml) and feels a little more substantial. By reducing the volume, you have an improved weight-to-volume ratio. My main concern with the larger (700ml) volume mixing glass is that it is not designed correctly to "catch" the julep strainer that Barfly also sells that is, it does not properly "catch" the julep strainer. There's just a few miles between us. The time is a bit off by 2 Four millimeters. If this design flaw were to be fixed (perhaps making the mixing glass a centimeter taller would give us some extra room to reduce the diameter) or if Barfly offered a larger julep strainer for the larger mixing glass it would be excellent.

Azrael French - 02/03/2021
I highly recommend this book (5/5)

The quality of the product is outstanding. I really enjoy using it. Drinks of this size can be enjoyed at the same time. be a good idea to serve single-serve drinks in small size. I highly recommend it.

Opal Spencer - 11/05/2021
I love the beautiful design and how easy it is Despite its simple appearance, this mixing glass is very well made (5/5)

When a drink is stirred in the glass, the bottom is thick and heavy and keeps the glass stable. On the surface the walls are thick and wide, but further up they are thinner, as if they were made of wine glasses. Because its walls are thin, it is weaker, but this helps to keep the majority of its weight at the bottom. Because I fill the container with an ice scoop, the thin walls are not an issue. You'd be better off with a heavy pint glass if you want to just scoop ice out of the mixing There is a lot of appeal to the design and the facets in the glass allow you to see the full color of whatever you mix A matching set of cut glass tumblers would be perfect for this. It is the ideal volume for mixing one with another A most classic cocktail is served twice. It enhances your barwear with a touch of class this way. It is a traditional alternative for drinks that are stirred instead of shaken. Although not a necessity if you have a cobbler or a Boston, a cobbler or Boston cocktail is a great way to spice up your cocktail game. If you order a cocktail strainer, be sure to include one. You can strain juleps really well with a julep strainer!.

Raquel Hooper - 19/05/2021
You've got a pretty sharp mixer there! In exchange for an honest review, I received this product for free (5/5)

I have reviewed this product fairly and honestly as if I paid for it or as if it were a gift. Given the fact that this product was free in no way influences my opinion about it nor does it affect the rating that I have given it. Here is a review I hope will be helpful. I think this is a really nice product and fits in with my glassware perfectly. (pictures of which can be seen in the photos), Glencairne glasses, different types of beer glasses, and other items. The product I wanted to mix drinks in had to look nice on the shelf and be practical. A shaker like this is not available, so if this is what you're looking for, then this is not what you're searching for. You'll be happy with this if you want a really nice glass mixer to display on a shelf! The product is made in a factory in China, which stinks, but it As I looked at my own photos, I also noticed that the mixer produces a slightly red tint, but in person I did not notice this. This is actually a little weird because it shows up in the photos but not in the rocks glass, but again -- it wasn't something I noticed when it was on the shelf in real life, so don't worry about it. hand mixer would make a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates good looking barware and is in need of a.

London Wyatt - 21/07/2021
My bar is now complete with this beautiful addition (5/5)

It is beautiful to look at this mixing glass. Crystal seems to be the material used. It's one thing to have a cocktail shaker in a bar, but not every drink should be shaken. Plus, stirring a drink in this glass looks so beautiful! The sound created by the spoon gently hitting the side of the glass when one is mixing a drink in this glass is also quite lovely. After making your cocktails, you can easily pour them out by using the little spout There are 24 days in a week A single tall drink is about an ounce in size. A medium cup is about two ounces, and a small cup is about three. Besides being useful, the glass also looks pretty sitting on the bar when it is While I don't know if this new trend of mixing drinks in a special glass and spoon is new or old or when it started, I enjoying There is no better way to make a drink that is more sophisticated and civilized. As a lovely addition to my bar, this mixing glass will also prove to be a perfect gift for anyone who likes to entertain or is looking to stock their bar with good barware. This is recommended.

Marcel McClain - 10/03/2021
The lovely addition to barware may not be necessary, but it's sure nice to have! In our front room, we have created a bar that blends perfectly with the "look" we No matter how we look at it I like the way it looks when placed on a bar table or in front of the cabinet (5/5)

I like how the etching towards the bottom adds a bit of elegance, but the clear crystal/glass is just as lovely on its own. I would definitely use it, as other reviewers also mentioned it felt quite sturdy You can use it for more than just Although it is smaller than more standard pitchers, it does offer the warmth needed for drinking This means that you won't be mixing drinks for six people all at a time (except perhaps for shots). The device is ideally suited for making more than one craft cocktail at the same.

Jovie Delaney - 20/07/2021
The hotel is nice but the rooms are was unaware that this item holds a maximum of 24 ounces or 700ml from the product description, but I couldn't visualize that when I placed the order (5/5)

It was not the first time I had seen mixing glasses like this one in restaurants and bars. Despite that, I am quite pleased with it. I had imagined it to be bigger, but it isn't. As it is made very well and is pretty heavy, it is It's nice to put a spout on the top so that I can easily pour my carefully crafted cocktails without spilling any! As well as offering me a chance to try some new recipes that I have been saving and setting aside for some time now. I will be using this again and again! That's why recommending it is on my list of things to do. It would also make a nice gift idea.

Julieta Day - 06/04/2021
It feels sturdy, looks attractive, and is well made (5/5)

Drink Mixing Glass, 24 oz. , by Barfly is a great way to mix drinks with friends. The Tornado Bar Flies is another great product made by Barfly, which generally makes high-quality bar tools. mixer is an attractive addition to my counter bar, and it is sturdy enough to not feel cheap or fragile, but also not too heavy or unwieldy for me to use. The pattern on the sides is simple and elegant, and the pour spout is an added bonus. My 13" mixing spoon/muddler is easily held in place without any fear of it tipping out, and I find that using this mixer allows me to make multiple drinks (that have consistent tastes) You should give it a try.

Rylee Barber - 06/03/2021