BarConic 5 Brush Glass Washer Review

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Poder de succión 4.3 
Fácil de usar 3.2 
Excelente inversión 2.3 
  • Convenient to work with on an everyday basis.
  • Bartender-friendly for a fast work pace.
  • Regular speed and temperature only.

BarConic 5 Brush Glass Washer Product Description

With this 5 brush glass washer, you will be able to take your glass sanitation to the next level. A 5 brush glass cleaner is designed with the same durable bristles and suction cup base, so it can easily clean more than one glass at a time. If you manage a busy venue where quick glass cleaning is important, then this type of glass cleaner will definitely be useful for your operation.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • This brush set includes five brushes.
  • The bottom of the cap has suction cups to secure the cap in place.
  • This is a durable, reusable, washable product.
  • There are 8 inches of width by 8 inches of height on this photo.

Selected User Reviews For BarConic 5 Brush Glass Washer

A period of 3 months was not lasting (1/5)

At the time of my bar opening in October 2016, my 5 brush was brand new. However, a few months later it was very worn out, so I ordered the In the middle of the night on December 7th, my girls showed me two brush heads broke off. For the money, I should have got 1. I don't know if there was a bad batch of metal, but This thing has a 2 year life, not a 3 month life.

Etta Kelley - 25/03/2021
The first time I saw it, I loved it (2/5)

When I first got this product, I really loved The product was purchased for a small bar to use every day. I really liked the brushes, they worked great and they were spaced and placed perfectly. The dish stayed in place when put in the sink and did not move. During the first two months, one brush broke just above the top. Instead of breaking at its base, the brush itself broke in half. As for the remaining four brushes, I removed the broken one and continued to use it. As in the past, another one split off similarly last week. It really did seem like it would last for a long time. It had begun having issues after only 2 months of use, since it was intended to be used in this way. I have had an account for 4 months and haven't been able to use it at all. As for the price, it wasn't exactly cheap.

Stanley Trujillo - 04/03/2021
Thanks! It works like a charm! These brush washers are exactly what we needed since our little three brush washers keep breaking in our restaurant's bar (5/5)

I like how well this works so far and that it holds The bartenders want it and I was able to use it during New Year's Eve without a hitch. It is the kind of product I will definitely buy again if.

Johan Jefferson - 14/05/2021
You don't need to wash glassware if you actually do so! A month after the installation, one of the heads fell out (1/5)

My assumption was that it was the fault of the However, we have had it since early October, and it has completely disintegrated. Do not waste your time and.

Thea FINCH - 11/03/2021
This is garbage! This is garbage! This is garbage! I bought this on July 11th, 2019 to replace a 3-brush setup, and let me tell you, it is a very good purchase (1/5)

This is a waste of time and money. Simple and to the point. In other words, the heads do not snap off and the bases do not split like others post. I just passed the return date and can't get anyone to refund me for this completely garbage product. Holy hell, I should have read the reviews before I made this purchase. I gave it a hard pass.

Violet Johnson - 10/07/2021
The three brush set up is so much better than the usual (5/5)

We used a 2 brush one before, but I got tired of it so I bought this for the bar where I work. Every time I looked at them, they were always If the bartender realizes that there is lipstick on the glass of the "fresh" drink he/she is about to serve, it can be embarrassing. The set up here is so much better. It's embarrassing to me at least. I find pushing the glass down a bit challenging at times because the brushes are too close together but it's not a serious issue. Even better is that the base is made from metal.

Landyn Humphrey - 28/04/2021
It is broken (1/5)

My workers were exposed to dangerous, rusty metal as they broke off the heads, similar to the other reviews. It was really awesome while it lasted, and the brushes did hold up okay. This thing works well in a bar setting, but not so well at a diner.

Leah Neal - 04/04/2021
I would recommend this unit if you are willing to pay an additional 10% For just 20 bucks, they can withstand the abuse of a busy bar, and because they're made of plastic, they don't take off lipstick (5/5)

Another one available in the market is a plastic three-brush set that can be broken. I would recommend this unit if you are willing to pay an additional 10% With a 20-buck price tags, they hold up well to the abuse of a busy bar, and the best part is, they do get lipstick off!.

Nova Harding - 05/03/2021