Bang Tidy Clothing Bar Runner Mat Review

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Giftable 2.9 
Value for money 2.5 
Easy to clean 2.2 
  • Washable with a machine.
  • Limited soak up.
  • Thinner than the usual bar mat.

Bang Tidy Clothing Bar Runner Mat Product Description

An ideal gift for any bartender is the Bang Tidy Bar Runner (about $17) made from rubber matting with absorbent top material. With a durable printing process, it won’t peel off or fade and can be custom-printed with the name of your bar.

  • It's easy to customize, simply click the 'CUSTOMIZE NOW' button to add your home pub or wine bar name for a unique bar runner.
  • A great novelty present for HOME BARS Our bar runner and bar mats are excellent for birthday or holiday gifts for beer drinkers, for gin lovers, for wine lovers, for prosecco drinking friends or for wine lovers.
  • BAR ACCESSORIES Made of durable materials, they're perfect as gifts for husbands, gifts for dads, gifts for mums, Christmas gifts, Father's Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, and birthday gifts.
  • This rubber bar runner counter mat is unique and exclusive. You won't find it on the high street so impress those you love with a personalized bar runner counter mat.
  • I don't want anything soggy on my beer towels anymore! 17" wide and measuring 17" long. Measurements are 7 x 9 inches. We offer bar runners that are 8 inches long and are printed on a polyester material with an anti-slip rubber back. The runners are easy to wipe clean, and they are also machine washable.

Questions & Answers

Please ignore the 440mm rather than the cm. Thank you.
440mm by 250mm.
Hello, the bar runner's dimensions are 440 x 250 cm. We are giving 1 inch to 2.

Selected User Reviews For Bang Tidy Clothing Bar Runner Mat

That's not great at all (2/5)

A felt-like material is covered with the center section of the sheet of rubber to create a paper thin sheet. There won't be much spillage in this bag, but it will still work.

Penelope Mullen - 23/05/2021
MONEY IS NOT WORTH WASTE! Mats normally used in bars are not this item (1/5)

Thin piece of rubber personalized with your name is what it is. This is a decent looking cover, but the spill-proof feature is missing. A no-return policy is also in place.

Albert Bradford - 11/04/2021
Buy better products at a lower price from a good customer service organization (1/5)

A very thin and flimsy material. I bought it for a lot of money, but it was not worth It was a Christmas present that was supposed to arrive right before Christmas, and now that it has arrived January 31st, it's no longer a surprise. It is not a product I recommend. BUY ELSEWHERE AND DO YOURSELF A FAVOR.

Carlos Cantu - 23/04/2021
It is VERY deceiving to look at the pictures because of the terrible quality! The quality was lacking, the material too thin, and you couldn't return it, so it went straight in the trash as it shouldn't have been returned in the first place (1/5)

It is useless for you to waste your money on this garbage because you will not be able to return it once you buy it, hate it, and wish it was never purchased. Thank you for your help!.

Brandon McCoy - 26/01/2021
This is trash (1/5)

Amazon Prime has been my loyal customer since the start, and I buy thousands of products each year. I rarely write reviews for good or bad items. A bar mat is not what you are looking at. It's made from thin rubber bonded to a felt print for a cheap look. A totally different kind of bar than a traditional one.

Terry Baker - 21/02/2021
This is garbage (1/5)

I can't believe you put that crap together and it's not even centered. I love it when people laugh. You can save money by doing this.

Halo Potter - 25/07/2021
The shipping process (1/5)

I do not recommend this company for shipping products that take more than a month to arrive. There are plenty of others that will ship in a timely manner. In the event that the product is received, I can update this.

Finnley Ochoa - 08/05/2021
Identify the material (1/5)

Please feel free to contact me regarding any of this. I wasn't expecting it to be what A very thin material has been used. I was pleased with my purchase and it was well worth the money. It is a real disappointment.

Alonso Christian - 06/04/2021