BAMI-LEE House Stainless Steel Cocktail Stirrer Review

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  • Gold plated design.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • A bit expensive.

BAMI-LEE House Stainless Steel Cocktail Stirrer Product Description

Included in the package are six different styles of skull cocktail sticks that are easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth and allowing them to dry on their own. Neither the stirring rod nor the zinc alloy decorative head can be placed in a dishwasher due to the gold sticking. Steeped in stainless steel, the stir sticks are made of metal. Plastic stirrers contain nasty chemicals, but this stirrer can be reused and is environmentally friendly, healthy, safe, and made from natural materials. Top decorations are firmly attached to the stick and won’t fall off during use.

  • Included in the package are 6 different styles of skull cocktail sticks, so you can switch them up with your crowd! Just clean them with a damp cloth and let them The gold stirring rod sticks to the zinc alloy decorative head, so it cannot be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Stainless steel is used in the stir sticks. The eco-friendly, healthy and safe stirrer is durable, easy to clean, and can be reused unlike plastic stirrers that contain nasty chemicals. There is a better hold on the top decoration and the decoration won't.
  • This cocktail pick is a stylish garnish pick. With it you can have fun with a liquid rotation at your fingertips anywhere you like! The coupe cocktail glass is ideal for cocktails, coffee cream, hot cocoa stirrers, thick fruit juices, and hot tea.
  • Adding a skull drink stirrer to your drink, fruit, or appetizers adds a delicate touch to your food, makes your food more attractive, and makes your beverage more fun.
  • It's nice mixers, practical and suitable for use both at home in the household and at the office, like in the summer or in tropical, pool, beach or beach parties, as well as weddings, birthdays, or as daily drink mixers in the bar.