AWANFI Wine Aerator Review

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Score By Feature Based on 40 ratings

Easy to use 4.5 
Flavor 4.0 
Easy to clean 4.0 
  • It's durably made.
  • Boosts the taste of the wine.
  • Reasonably priced and good value for money.
  • Comes in a six piece set.
  • It can spill if not handled with care.

AWANFI Wine Aerator Product Description

The AWANFI wine aerator comes at a great design yet an unbelievably low price. What we love about this product is that it’s versatile and functions as a decanter stand as well as an aerator. However, there’s more than meets the eye since it will add flavor to the taste of your wine. It’s unique and adds air to wine as it reaches the glass to give you a richer flavor.

Pouring your wine has never been this easy since and the stands makes it a fun exercise that lets you control the bottle with ease. The package is a good value for money and includes a six piece set with everything you need. It’s incredibly beautiful and you can gift your loved ones on any occasion. Lastly, it’s top quality and will deliver a long lasting performance.

  • In seconds, you can enjoy tastier wine. By using this aerator, your wine is provided with gentle oxygenation as it is poured, allowing the wine to breathe and become smoother and more enriched.
  • The wine air aerator can be placed on the stand and the wine glasses placed on the base, so you can easily control the wine bottle with both hands.
  • Including the Red Wine Aerator, the Tower Arm, the Tower Base, the Small Black Bag, the No-Drip Stand, and the Filter Screen which traps bits of cork and sediment, this six-piece set is ideal for red wine lovers.
  • The design is elegant and the package is luxurious. This gift would be a nice present for someone who loves wine. As well as enhancing the fun of wine tasting, the decorations can also be used as home decor.
  • The AWANFI team is committed to delivering the best product and service to our customers. We offer free customer service through Amazon if you are unsatisfied with the wine aerator tower stand for any reason. Please contact us if you need assistance!

Questions & Answers

You will have a 12-month warranty on the product. You are entitled to a full refund of your purchase within 30 days after ordering if you are not We encourage you to contact us through Amazon if this wine air aerator causes you any problems.
As the filter is not consumable, it can be cleaned and reused after cleaning, and it does not need to be replaced because it is not a consumable accessory.
I did not have a leak issue with it.
Despite its plastic construction, this aerator is designed to aerate red wine. Decanters made of glass are weaker and less durable than those made out of the metal.

Selected User Reviews For AWANFI Wine Aerator

The quality of the work is not outstanding (4/5)

I liked the packaging and the shipment arrived on time. The product was decent, but not exceptional. In light of the price, it is a good product.

Isabel Pratt - 17/04/2021
It's a great product (4/5)

I really like it, however the top needs to be pointed directly into the glass so that the liquid doesn't spill.

Stephen Solomon - 30/07/2021
Material that is cheap (2/5)

While the purpose of the product is good, the materials used are cheap. There was something I did not like about.

Marvin Pollard - 03/04/2021
The design is cute and effective (5/5)


Lilianna Hays - 25/01/2021
Adding wine to kitchen accessories is a nice touch (3/5)

In the base, there wasn't much flatness. A little bit wobbly on the counter.

Brooke Rollins - 27/01/2021
You can't go wrong with this purchase! I love how easy this is to use and can taste the difference immediately (5/5)

In enhancing the flair, it definitely does a great job. It is definitely worth buying and I recommend it to anyone who loves wine.

Kelly SHARPE - 01/05/2021
I really like this product (5/5)

This rug looks amazing, while being easy to clean.

Stephanie Page - 28/01/2021
We offer only the best (5/5)

The stand can be used alone or in conjunction with the stand.

Ivan Mason - 19/05/2021