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Score By Feature Based on 36 ratings

Easy to use 5.0 
Giftable 4.5 
Value for money 4.1 
Durability 4.1 
  • Easily washed using machine.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Not a good choice for broad bottles.


Those beer bottle coolers from Avery Barn will probably pique your interest if you thought the last item was a little tame and too cool for school. The jacket is designed with thick 3mm neoprene and a metal zipper, so it is extremely durable. The zippered beer bottle koozies in this set do not look bad, although they are definitely not as cute as they appear. The padded sleeves prevent your beer from slipping or falling, as well as keeping the heat out. These great koozies will protect your beer bottle no matter what kind of accident you experience or who you are with one. In addition to being machine washable, the chairs fold down into a compact package when not in use. Don’t be afraid to spill beer on your brand new koozie if you are a little clumsy. You can wash it in no time at all and it will be as good as new. The item is still guaranteed to stay warm no matter what you do, regardless of its color or insulation capabilities.

  • Keep your beer chilled for longer by keeping it ice cold! Insulation in these beer sleeves helps maintain a more consistent temperature.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY PARTY With 10 unique patterns, this set is perfect for BBQs, pool parties, yacht parties, or camping activities.
  • ZIP UP THE SLEEVES AND ENJOY AN ICE COLD DRINK Simply slide your bottle into the sleeves, zip it up, and enjoy.
  • MADE FROM QUALITY MATERIALS Made from 3MM thick neoprene for durability and a smooth alloy metal zipper for smoothness.
  • STURDY PROTECTION Very durable and provides great protection for your glass bottles. A soft beer sleeve with a bumper helps keep your bottles from shattering.

Questions & Answers

Beer bottles of standard dimensions fit in it. No smaller or larger ones have been used, so I am not able to give you an answer. Sorry about that.
You wouldn't be able to keep your bottle from sinking with them. No matter what the weather.
You could buy it at the corner store for 50% more, but not at Amazon for such.
All glass bottles are compatible with them. When we have people over and don't want anyone dropping a bottle on the slate, we use them at the pool.


Get togethers in the backyard are a snap with this! An outdoor themed bottle coozie made from high quality materials (4/5)

Despite being embroidered, the graphics are very sharp and use a bold typeface. While there are five pairs of each color on the set, the graphics are different on every one, which will make it much less likely that you will make the wrong choice Assuming that everything works out in your favor, here is wishing you every success. coozie while grilling and my drink stayed perfectly cool despite being near the grill. Summer is just around the corner, that's awesome!.

Kylee Middleton - 25/01/2021
I LOVE the graphics and the cooler is great (5/5)

The brews that we make for family and friends are very popular. The three 10-packs I bought There was one pack for cans, and the other for bottles, then I purchased a variety of brews, and placed a sticker on each. It had been six-months since I had saved Pack of 4 and a 4-pack Put cartons in the pack. As a result, they created a stylish gift that was valued by all recipients. It was a pleasure to read all your great comments about our.

Kelsey Shannon - 07/05/2021
It's cute, but the beer bottles fall apart after a while (4/5)

I love these beer bottle coolies, though! They keep my beer cold and my hand warm and are a nice addition to any home bar. However, after a while, three of them started unraveling at the top. The only thing I am doing is flipping the top down to fit hard seltzer drinks into it, but that doesn't stretch the product, so I don't see how this could be the problem. The total score consists of 5 stars for looks, 3 for wear and tear, and 4 stars for overall quality.

Keanu TALBOT - 06/01/2021
I've got a zipper problem! They're fun to own because of the colors and funny designs, but I have trouble with the zips There are two reasons why it would get stuck it could get stuck or become too bumpy so I gave it three strides (3/5)

The quality could be enhanced to make the product more value for money. As long as it gets the job done, I use it.

Anahi Singh - 08/06/2021
This is a super colorful movie (5/5)

It is so great. It's fascinating to look at these beer clothes. They're loved by everyone because it keeps the cold for a long time, and it feels good in your hands.

Charli West - 02/01/2021
Rings on the zipper pull tabs are easy to break off but still work (4/5)

The hoodies are nice and thick, but many of the pull tabs on the zippers broke off immediately following the first close of the zipper, you can still close it, but no pull tab remains.

Katelyn Hickman - 17/05/2021
There was nothing that the product was supposed to do (1/5)

It didn't do anything that it was supposed to. I could not use the zipper because the bag did not fit around a beer, it had different sayings but none of them were as advertised, and the colors were the opposite of what had been shown. There's no way I received anything at all for what I paid for!.

Kyler Kaiser - 21/02/2021
The stitching is of poor quality (1/5)

A couple of times I have worn one of the sleeves. On the first time I noticed that the seams were pulling, so I used a match to melt them off. I hope this will seal the seam and This is incorrect. It is pretty much a sure thing that these won't last the season at the rate the seams are coming apart. Do not waste your time and.

Kohen Collier - 18/07/2021