ATECKING Mixing Spoon Stainless Steel Review

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Giftable 4.9 
Value for money 4.9 
Easy to clean 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.8 
  • Perfect length and built.
  • Made in Spiral pattern.
  • It's not cost-effective for novice Bartenders.

ATECKING Mixing Spoon Stainless Steel Product Description

According to Alonzo Freeman, a co-head bartender at The Royal in Washington, D.C., Japanese bar tools are the way to go. It’s easier to stir with them that way; they’re usually longer and skinnier, which makes them suitable for everyone, regardless of the size of their hands. In contrast to American spoons, which have a spiral at the end of the handle (vs. about one third of the handle), Japanese spoons have a spiral down the whole length, so they are easy to use on drinks with a layer of liquid. Additionally, Japanese bar spoons have a tendency to feel substantial, balanced, and professional in the hand in part because of their weighted teardrop shape.

  • Make sure you mix like a pro. When you were a little girl, did you love to watch a bartender stirring a cocktail elegantly? The masters they are are not only adept because of their skills, but also because they have the appropriate tools. The bar spoon set will be of great use to cocktail enthusiasts or to anyone who takes bar kits seriously. It doesn't matter what type of drink you're having. With this bar spoon, you can stir anything.
  • A length and a construction that is just right. The spiral pattern gives a better grip and control, and the length is long enough for most cups and saucers.
  • An elegant design with a smooth surface. A helix of tightly wound stainless steel enclosing a teardrop shape.
  • It is more efficient to stir your drink than to pour it stirring is better for maintaining the drink's clarity and texture. You should be able to rotate the bar spoon by holding it between your thumb and first two fingers.
  • You can also get FREE wine stones with the ice buckets. It's summer now, so make sure you enjoy an iced beverage! Click here if you need to access It is http//co/dOu5ukC. Our ZERO risk policy allows you to choose us if you are concerned about quality, service and personal happiness.

Questions & Answers

A spoon has a diameter of 1 inch at the widest part.
The package was not delivered to me. A refund was issued by Amazon.
It is true. The purpose of my purchase was to serve that I mix my oils into the wax is to use for candles.
I would prefer to be safe and wash it manually.

Selected User Reviews For ATECKING Mixing Spoon Stainless Steel

The exact thing I was looking for (5/5)

I am in love with These are the only ones I bought in 2019! I am shocked. It's hard for me to believe I didn't get these long bar spoons/ice tea spoons until my mid 30s. You can use them to stir Crystal Light (or other drinks) in a 30-ounce mug It is VERY easy to fill a 32 ounce yeti. Besides for smaller pitchers, I've also used them for larger ones and they're also pretty. I love you!.

Briar Horne - 29/05/2021
A very good product (5/5)

Class up your bar or drink station with this great accessory. The stools are well made, well-weighted, and have a sturdy feel to them. Certain drinks benefit from the twist when they are swirled.

Dexter Houston - 30/07/2021
This is a really nice set with nice features (5/5)

I like it and use it Whenever I am drinking a half gallon of beverage that cannot be shaken, I like to stir it. That's why they're so useful.

Steven Tucker - 04/08/2021
I like the spoons very much (5/5)

Upon receiving it on Sunday night, I used the product in my entertaining that same evening. I am very happy with it. Buying this product is an excellent recommendation for someone looking for this type of product.

Mila Coleman - 08/06/2021
Perfect! I was searching for something like this! These spoons assist me in making cocktails and other alcoholic beverages on a daily basis Coffees that are iced mocha (5/5)

This set of two works precisely as it should (pack of 2), what's not to like?.

Kensley Velasquez - 25/04/2021
Cocktail mixers are essential if you need them (5/5)

If you want to buy this, this is it. As a result of its shape, it is easy to hold and clean, as well as super easy to use.

Leonard Patterson - 03/04/2021
The best mixing spoons I've ever had! Even after two years, I still use them quite a bit (5/5)


Nellie Hanson - 03/06/2021
A home bar needs to have these features (5/5)

The spoons that come with soups and desserts do not The right tools are necessary to concoct a proper cocktail, and these spoons provide the right finishing touches. I like the spoons - they're comfortable to use You can easily move the ice between your fingers to make sure your cocktail is This is a super easy and quick way to clean. You need to get them.

Zelda Rubio - 28/02/2021