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Giftable 4.6 
Durability 4.6 
Easy to use 4.5 
Easy to hold 4.5 
Versatility 4.5 
Value for money 4.3 
  • Accompanied by a bottle opener.
  • Three color options are available.
  • It can easily be used for nay bottle size.
  • Expensive.
  • Design may become a problem to some buyers.


Asobu makes one of the coolest beer bottle koozie holders out there, as shown in our first impression. This koozie is more than just a bottle koozie since it will also fit cans. For regular-sized bottles of beer, you can just use the bottle opener normally. Koozie that fits into a can of Heineken or Bud light is the perfect size for those who drink from cans. Just cut off the top and you are done. The lid of this Koozie is also equipped with a beer opener, which is another great feature Asobu has incorporated. Also available in three different colors, this great koozie will surely keep your drink cool.

  • Frosty Beer 2 Go from Asobu is the ultimate beer chiller combination for cans and bottles of beer.
  • A frosty cold beer for hours on end is guaranteed with the vacuum insulated double walled stainless steel construction.
  • Complete with a beer opener built in, this fantastic cooler has everything you need to keep your beer cool and iced.
  • Party Favorite Capable of holding any beer can or bottle so forget about the mug you can enjoy your favorite beer anywhere on the beach, at the barbeque, or at a party.
  • The beer mug is available in a variety of colors so you can get it for yourself or as a much appreciated gift for someone you love.

Questions & Answers

These are items that my wife and I have had for a while. Using them with cans and bottles has proven to be successful. During the 30 minutes it takes for a beer to freeze in it, I can comfortably say it stays frosty. During the course of an hour, it's been very cold. We dislike that we cannot see how close we are to getting to the bottom. The drink can be consumed for up to three hours. The temperature of the liquid changes enough when the bottle is getting close to empty to be able to tell when it is getting close to the end. This is one drink I am always surprised to see when the bottle is empty since the last sip is as cold.
Below you can find a clip that fits cans, small water or beer bottles or large water bottles or tall bottles of beer The adapters included with it allow it to work with any device! The following impressed me The following link Go to http//www. The Amazon website. Use UTF-8 encoding It is pSC=1. Sadly, they are out of stock at the time this comment was written.
When it comes with the cover cap, which has a bottle opener, something you order is guaranteed to come with this and if there is a problem with the cover cap, one will be shipped out to you immediately without you having to return the existing one.
The answer is still a mystery to me. The bottles are 12 oz and come from one of two brands Michelob or Corona.


I don't care (3/5)

Although it keeps my beer cold, the neck is made of regular plastic and does not have any It bent the moment I tried to use it for the first time, so I cannot use.

Lennon Jennings - 20/04/2021
Fans, bottles, and cans of Michelob Ultra (5/5)

If you are looking for a cooler, this is it. This is the first cooler that fits my Michelob Ultra, and it has been a nightmare to find one. In addition to fitting the regular can perfectly, it also fits the Ultra can perfectly. This top fits my bottle very nicely, and I like the fact that it covers the top of Although it may work in a pinch, I do not believe it will stay in the case for add the item to your shopping cart, it will be worth it. I also tested both a canned beverage and a bottle of water at 32 degrees on an 83 degree day. 30 minutes later, 24 pounds of food were left in the can. There was a difference of 2 degrees and a 33 degree bottle. It is "4 degrees. " The can was 39 minutes old at 60 minutes. The bottle had a volume of eight ounces and a height of 36 inches. When one is thirsty, a 6 fl oz. drink is still drinkable. It probably has passed the point on whether it's too hot to drink for me after two hours, but if you haven't finished your beer after an hour, I'd just say this product is excellent.

Avalynn Massey - 15/03/2021
This bottle opener has a very sharp blade and glue on the ring of the bottle opener is very sharp and the design wasn't very well thought out (2/5)

In the event that you are not careful, you will certainly slice your finger! One black and one stainless steel. The black was ok, but the stainless steel was better. While I was looking at it, I noticed that the bottom looked like there was a sticker attached to the bottom. The hole is 5/16" and I could easily lift it up. Assumedly this was put over the hole to cover it up. Additionally, it looks like this is a cover-up as well and is not very well designed. There is probably nothing wrong with the cosmetic appearance of an item, but if you are going to sell something, make it right and don't do something to hide it. Even though it's not super energy efficient, it keeps your beverage cold, so it does the job it's supposed to do. The project has some flaws and needs to be fixed.

Jeffery Jacobson - 13/07/2021
When you don't have it, you don't know how much you need I bought these for Mexico and they really work As cold as it felt at first to the last swig, plus - just hanging out - that was just a BONUS (5/5)

Glass bottles were not permitted to be put in the pool or on the beach in our resort My wife and I were allowed to drink from these bottles at the beach and pool after the personnel examined them. For vacationers to Mexico, this is a must-buy I'm from Hawaii During the summer, the climate is hot. This is a great buy for just hanging around the house or going.

Jase SMART - 17/05/2021
I highly recommend this book (5/5)

It was a gift for my husband for Father's There is nothing he loves more. It's perfect for those hot, humid days when he wants his beer to keep cold and to keep bugs out. The top covers his beer between drinks so it doesn't get warm inside. You can open your beer using the bottle opener on the top only after you remove the metal piece. There are no limitations on the type of beer that fits inside The universality of this is evident in Sam Adams and Flat Tire. I highly recommend this book.

Muhammad Banks - 06/06/2021
The product is great, as I bought it as a Christmas present for a friend who enjoys a cold one (or two) on the weekends, so I haven't yet presented it to him (5/5)

In any case, I tried taking it out of the box to see if it would hold different sized beer bottles since I wouldn't like to give something as a gift that wouldn't be appreciated. My friend seems to be able to use the bottles I had in the refrigerator since they all fit so I hope it will work for her. I like the concept very much.

Celia Salazar - 16/05/2021
Keeping my beer cold was a great idea! Coozies like this one work very well, while the rubber seals inside keep your beer from clanking and moving around as you drink (5/5)

I found my beer always stayed cold from start to finish, and the construction seemed sturdy and would last a very long time. The bottle opener, however, does not do a very good job of opening the bottle- The program has been removed, and honestly I have never used In comparison to the cloth coozies, it is much more practical. It feels quite heavy with a full beer inside, but it isn't heavy so as to be uncomfortable. It is also nice to have copper as a color.

Alexander KNOWLES - 23/05/2021
I forgot to put the sticker back on! I like that it keeps the drinks cold but the black sticker on the outside of the coolie got rubbed off! (2/5)


Jayce Anthony - 17/01/2021