Ashcroft Twist Bourbon Glasses Review

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Giftable 4.8 
Durability 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
  • Provides outstanding customer service.
  • Carries the capacity of about 10 oz.
  • It can easily get clouds.

Ashcroft Twist Bourbon Glasses Product Description

It pairs well with bourbon decanters, yet gives you a more sophisticated look when you pair them with these glasses. The quality and design of this product make it attractive at an affordable price. It was a birthday gift for a customer from Amazon, who appreciates it very much since it is a high-quality item. Despite being a large size, it has just the right amount of weight to it. Another customer also said that these glasses looked cool, and they were of excellent quality. If you want to impress your friends and colleagues, you can put this in your office or home bar.

  • With Ashcroft's premium quality/craftsmanship, elevate your home bar and jazz up your favorite liquor with a set of whiskey glasses as appropriate for those who are serious about their spirits. These whisky glasses are made of sturdy materials, are comfortable to hold, and come with a mouthpiece to fit your nose. Sit back and relax with a bourbon or scotch right after a long day at the office. You deserve this, as we say here at Ashcroft Celebrate the Simple Things!
  • IMPROVING YOUR BOARD ROOM OR MAN CAVE WITH PREMIUM QUALITY AND STYLE. Every one of these bar glasses has a heavy base, telling you that they are of high quality. Glasses for Old Fashioned Whiskey or Rum. They hold 10 oz of rum, brandy, scotch, or vodka. Men who appreciate the finer things in life will enjoy these whiskey glasses.
  • The original high quality whiskey glasses come in a set of 2 made from superior quality Lead Free Crystal. With precision like a diamond accents the twist design in the design in the Twist your guests will enjoy the quality and craftsmanship of the Double Old Fashioned, Bourbon, Vodka, Vodka, Tequila, Scotch, and It is called the Original Twist Glass because it is the first twist glass in existence. Our Twist Rocks Glasses are style and luxury in one, making them a great way to enjoy your favorite drink. The unique look and feel will captivate you. They are built with outstanding craftsmanship and are styled to perfection.
  • The beautiful gift box houses this sparkling glasses set nestled inside an elegant box without a tag, making it the perfect way to surprise anyone on a special day. Watch their eyes light up as they open the lid and see the sparkling glasses nestled inside. Take advantage of having a set of cool whiskey glasses or bar glasses for yourself if you don't want to give it as a gift. We carefully package each piece of glassware inside a protective cushion to ensure it is delivered to you in perfect condition.
  • WE OFFER A SATISFACTION GUARANTEE AND A LIFETIME WARRANTY, SO YOU CAN TRY THEM WITHOUT ANY RISK. If you are unhappy with our products, we stand behind them with an outstanding customer service policy and satisfaction guarantee. You can try them for 30 days and return them for a full refund if you aren't pleased. Moreover, each of these products includes a manufacturer's warranty for the lifetime of the product, so if you experience a problem, just contact us and we'll send you a free replacement. Click Add to Cart now and test them completely risk-free.

Questions & Answers

Thank you for the kind words. We apologize for not being aware of A total of 11 items are stored here. The kiwi weighs 9 ounces and has a height of 3 inches. The height is 3 inches.
It does not tell me where the glasses were made.
3 1/8 inches is the diameter of the glass. Opens to a diameter of 3 inches and is 3 inches deep. There is a tapering in depth to the glad. In the glass, a round large ice ball versus a cube is supposed to be held.

Selected User Reviews For Ashcroft Twist Bourbon Glasses

A cheap price (3/5)

Stunning cast glass presented in a gorgeous box. Ultimately, I was most impressed by the packaging, which was gorgeous and very protective. In addition, the shape of the glasses was truly exceptional, and while it is not quite the same as the props from the two Blade Runner films, it is related to them. There is one disappointing thing about the glasses-they are cast glass, similar to Libby glassware but not quite as good. is apparent mold seaming on the sides of the glasses, and when they strike they seem to ring like a lead pipe. The packaging and the price of the product were below my expectations. Only good thing about them is that they look unique, and I don't have to worry if a glass breaks because they are so durable. I am sad.

Ezequiel Spears - 20/04/2021
The picture does not quite capture how it looks (3/5)

Packaging is top of the line and would make for a great There's something wrong with the glass as you can see from the photo, as it doesn't appear to be as clear as it appears An extremely, extremely faint haze seems to be present on the glass. With the glass' size and weight, it's easy to hold, and its twist helps to enhance that experience. For what you got, it seemed to be a bit overpriced. I doubt I would buy this product.

Owen McDaniel - 17/06/2021
I don't have anything fancy to say (3/5)

As a result of a series of moves, I recently found myself living in a very small apartment with no good glasses Due to my limited storage space, I spent HOURS researching a good pair of glasses to buy. There were reviews that mentioned poor quality, a difficulty holding them, or the presence of a seam on the side, so these seemed to be the best option. I'd say that if I'm honest. Quite frankly, I'm not impressed with what you're doing. Though they arrived in a nice box, they are hard to hold, and they look nice but are not very comfortable. We are bored. Most of my friends would probably believe me if I told them I picked them up off the shelf at Macy's. In spite of that, the quality is very I guess the problem is that I was looking for better than "fine. " They are useful and, aside from being uncomfortable to hold for more than 20 seconds, they are fine. I guess the bottom line is that I was looking for better than "fine. " *br>This isn't what you're looking for if you're looking for something special. It's worth it to spend a little extra in order to get something truly.

Francis Potter - 28/06/2021
It's great to have glasses that come with the support of the company as well! It was a great decision! There is no regret! This task is still possible, but tougher than 5") (5/5)

Even so, I have to admit that those large glasses would likely be difficult to hold if they were so large Drinks that I prefer to sip and set are less of a novelty to me. It doesn't really matter whether I add ice at the end or not it's not With spheres of any size, and squares of any size, size works well. The packaging is nice for gifts (although I bought it for myself). They feel great in the hand and have a good feel to them. As of the time of my purchase, these were a bit more expensive than similar glasses, but I wanted to be sure in case there was an issue and they appeared to be working exactly as they should. In that sense, it seems my motivation for leaving a review was foreshadowed. An extremely minor problem occurred that the majority of people would not even notice. My choice of words might be too picky, but I thought I would at least contact them. Upon contacting the company, they responded promptly, courteously, and professionally and followed up 100% of the time. I have not requested a review or any feedback at all. . . . And they handled the problem with an absolute A+! *br> If they lived closer, I would offer up a bottle to them for sharing! Many companies are able to sell a product, but truly great companies are able to handle problems in an effective way that would bring the bourbon and whiskey gods to their knees. The gods were definitely happy when Ashcroft won the game!.

Axel Freeman - 03/03/2021
The look is great This is an easy way to hold things (5/5)

I love this pair of glasses. There are a few of them on display in my bar. My goal was to find a set that looks good and is fairly easy to grip since my right hand can be tricky to control. I was concerned about a few reviews saying that they had a difficult time creating a comfortable grip, which seemed a bit strange In any case, they grip well as can be seen in the picture. It is easy for me to find a place to grip or hold my hands comfortably and securely since my hands are relatively small. Perhaps for vodka one might prefer a thinner lip, but for me, scotch or bourban seems to belong in a glass with a thick lip. This may only be my preference, but I think it is an essential part of the design for scotch and bourban.

Sara Marks - 27/03/2021
It was interesting to see these as well as the iceberg whiskey glasses (5/5)

I loved the iceberg style and these glasses It was interesting to see these as well as the iceberg whiskey glasses. I loved the iceberg style and these glasses Despite the fact that I prefer the style of the iceberg in person, these seem to function better from a practical standpoint. like how the curve fits easily in your hand. It makes it very easy to handle. You have a harder time holding the iceberg glasses. They seem to be more appealing to me.

Bruno Travis - 07/07/2021
I like to drink whiskey in these They ended up being wasted on whiskey when I bought them on a whim (5/5)

A solid design with a slight twist was what I wanted. There is no doubt that these are effective. You can easily drink from them regardless of where you decide to place your hand on the interesting shape of the glass since they feel solid and weigh a good amount. No matter how crazy they might look, they still hold some kind of necessity. For most of the last few months, I have been drinking scotch neat with them. The glasses are wide enough to really open up a whiskey while at the same time still being enjoyed. In the event that you are considering them because they look good, I am confirming for you that they are from a reputable brand.

Paula Tate - 02/02/2021
I love it (5/5)

For a while now I have been meaning to pick up an interesting pair of Scotch glasses. I compared various sets on the Net and decided on this one that Ashcroft offer, and it turned out to be a great choice (if one doesn't want real crystal, which I certainly did not want As it stands, there is already enough lead floating around). In my world view, modern design is amazing, and the twist feature is very subtle (but I also love the tilted glasses). Despite their heft, the glasses are designed to be comfortable to hold on the bottom due to a slot on the bottom. I find the gift packaging for the glasses almost as impressive as the glasses themselves It is one of my favorite designs. (My only wish, however, would be if they would sell the decanters separately rather than as part of a set so I could choose the glasses I wanted to use. I guess it is what it is. you're looking for classy glasses, you can't go wrong with these.

Hailey PARKIN - 24/04/2021