ARSSOO Gold Cocktail Shaker Set Review

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Giftable 5.0 
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  • Great gift idea.
  • Great value for money.
  • Slippery.

ARSSOO Gold Cocktail Shaker Set Product Description

With the ARSSOO Cocktail Shaker Set, you can create the perfect cocktail in any settin. You receive everything you need to create the perfect cocktail anywhere! As a free bonus, you will receive a stylish velvet carry bag as well as an exclusive book that includes many receipts. The gold shaker set from Gold Shaker includes only the most essential cocktail pieces at an affordable price. It comes with a double-sided jug and a gold shaker.

  • This Mixology Gold Set ARSSOO Cocktail Shaker Set is ideal for those who enjoy cocktail making everywhere they go! It comes with all the essential accessories for creating the perfect cocktail at any time! You also get a stylish velvet carry bag and an exclusive e-book with tons of receipts in addition to the original.
  • You will also get a large double-sided jigger that is large enough to fill 25 drinks with our gold shaker set, unlike others that include only essential bar accessories at an affordable price, you will receive only the most essential bar accessories at an affordable price with our gold shaker set. This mixing spoon has a balanced design that allows you to stir effortlessly without using your fingers. It holds 3Oz, 2 pourers, and a well-balanced mixing bowl!
  • With our shaker set you will receive the highest grade Stainless Steel that is coated in a gold color that will prevent it from rusting, peeling, or getting scratched. It will keep working for many years to come.
  • The Christmas Dream Gift is a gift that is perfect for any cocktail enthusiast or professional bartender. It comes in luxurious gift packaging, making it an ideal gift for any holiday or special The mixologist gift is sure to be remembered for years to come, whoever the recipient may be!
  • We offer a full money-back guarantee on the ARSSOO Barware Stand, as well as lifetime assistance. We provide every client with the customer service they deserve!

Selected User Reviews For ARSSOO Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

This worked well for me (4/5)

This set was great, I loved it. The only thing I dislike about this spoon is the color came off when using it, so the top half of it is a golden colour &amp the bottom half is a black color In the bottom half, the silver color is predominant.

Bodhi Elliott - 12/06/2021
I am grateful for this wonderful It is a gift that I bought for Christmas (5/5)

The product is very good both in quality and in price.

Bryant Camacho - 27/05/2021
In accordance with the description (5/5)

Everything that is essential for a starting bar cart is included in this item which is nicely packaged for gift giving.

Bodie Carney - 07/05/2021
I like this set very much (5/5)

Such a cute little thing! Beautiful set! I'm in love with it!.

Wes Hunter - 20/04/2021
It's stunning! This set is both beautiful and well-made, standing out from the rest with both its It is tight fitting on the It is thick enough to keep the cold for a long time and its colour This purchase has been a great experience for me (5/5)


Kallie BIRCH - 05/03/2021
In a mixer (5/5)

This mixer is beautiful in color, and I very much like its style. There were also a few pieces included mixer comes with all the pieces you need to get started as a mixedologist. I'm looking forward to using.

Kaylie Molina - 10/05/2021
Thank you! I am very I would like to thank you for including everything as it should have been packaged, without dents or scratches (5/5)

There is a beautiful gold color to it and it is very sturdy. The product was very good! I would definitely buy it.

Valeria HARGREAVES - 14/04/2021