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Easy to clean 4.4 
Flavor 4.4 
Easy to use 4.3 
Durability 4.2 
Value for money 4.1 
Easy to remove 3.9 
  • Affordable.
  • Durable tray.
  • Difficult to stack trays.
  • No lid included.

Arrow Home 60 Cube Ice Tray Product Description

With this tray, you get 60 tiny ice balls because it comes in a set of three. Kids can enjoy playing with them in a cup of juice, or adults can toss them into their favorite cocktail.

  • There is nothing better than a cold beverage on a hot day than a Mini Ice Cube Tray. There are 60 rounded-bottom mini ice cubes in each small ice tray, so there is never a shortage of ice. It's like having your own nugget ice machine. They are great for adding to sports drinks and blenders and they are also great for chewing.
  • Quickly freezes - the ice cube trays cool quickly by their shape and are perfect for on-the-go individuals. easy release flex material of the ice tray makes it easy to pop out small ice cubes with just one twist. Great for making smoothies, iced coffee, and cocktails, among other things.
  • These tiny cube ice trays have been designed with built-in stacking lugs, so you can fit them in the corner of any refrigerator, RV or dorm mini fridge without taking up much space. You can stack your pebble ice tray easily and keep them on hand.
  • These dishwasher safe, reusable small ice cube trays from the USA are great for any party or gathering. Keep your drinks cool and refreshing with these easy to clean reusable small ice cube trays. Make your cocktail flavors memorable by developing new flavors.
  • This polyethylene BPA free icecube tray is perfect to keep on hand for making tasty chilled treats. The ice tray serves more purposes than just making ice. The container is a great place to store frozen herbs, baby food purées, coconut oil cubes, and even make natural dog treats with these. It can even store hard candy and chocolate cubes for guests to snack on during the day.

Questions & Answers

Hard plastic is used in making these. The 12 that I use daily do not break or split, so if you are worried about that, I have used them daily for years without a problem. At least four years have passed since I've been using the ones I'm using now. Thank you for your help! The trays I have are great, and so are the ones my friends and family use!
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About the size of a standard ice cube tray It fits in the same spot.
A volumetric flask or measuring cup with fine graduations is ideal for this task. You can measure the increase in volume after adding a certain number of cubes to a measure of liquid. syringe with a capacity of 10 or 20cc and use that to fill each cube with the precise amount of liquid required.

Selected User Reviews For Arrow Home 60 Cube Ice Tray

Ice bullets that are perfect (5/5)

In order to put ice cubes in water bottles and soda, I have been searching for small ice cubes. Those ice cubes are just perfect! The bullet shape is perfect for cocktail glass holders. As a result of overfilling one tray, I had difficulty removing it. Although I would have liked a bit more flexibility in the plastic, it's not that big a deal. quickly, and I am going to order more to keep my stainless steel tumbler (Yeti) cold for longer. I would definitely recommend it. It has been difficult to get them out for me. A wooden spoon is used to hit the back of the tray and it pops out. I put one tray inside a gallon storage bag. Some have complained about plastic having an odd smell. I haven't noticed any of that. As of 3/27/18 My old ice cube trays have been replaced with 3 new trays and I got rid of the larger So all the ice bullets were brought out since the new ones were more flexible than the old ones. My four trays have been emptied into a gallon storage bag and none of them have stayed In stainless steel mugs and tumblers, the beverage stays colder longer because the double wall provides more insulation. The product has been used daily by me for over six months now, and I continue to be pleased with it! My yeti holds 30 ounces of ice and takes two trays to fill it, with ice that lasts at least 10 days Depending on how much fluid I add or how long it is left with ice, it can take anywhere from 8-12 hours. In my freezer, there are always six trays at all times, and I never run out of them. Two to three hours is the freezing time for a tray According to the temperature of your freezer, it could take up to 3 hours. My order for 3 more has been placed!.

Makayla Peck - 16/06/2021
It is as perfect as pebble ice (5/5)

As you know, I love Sonic Ice, and this comes close to it in terms of size. It doesn't have the same consistency, but it is perfect for use at This is a great way to get pebble ice if you like.

Elora Castro - 14/07/2021
Icy cube trays for small portions are the best! Making small (gum drop shaped) ice cubes has never been easier with this ice cube tray (5/5)

In this case, as long as the trays are not overfilled, the frozen cubes will easily fall out. I am able to empty (10) trays directly from the freezer, fill the standard size ice bin, and return to the freezer to reload the trays. Any trays with ice cubes stuck in them should be emptied. two hours. It takes me 5 minutes to make the cubes and then I empty the tray once the cubes are all frozen. ) When I make the cubes I overfill the tray quickly with filtered water and then tilt the tray Another tray cracked because of all the beating/pounding it endured on the ice bin, the brutal twisting it underwent, the hot water rinses, and so on, that were used to remove the ice These were constantly wearing out and needed By the way- When water is warm, it freezes faster than when it is cold. You can find out more about the Mpemba effect online. I am not sure if making cubes out of hot water in a plastic tray is the best solution. When we were kids, we used to pour boiling water into metal trays to create clearer ice cubes.

Bentlee Powell - 24/07/2021
It is nice to have ice, but the trays crack (3/5)

Our favorite features about these are the size and the variety of ice cubes they If we empty them into another container and refill them, we always have ice since the water freezes quickly. I'm happy to tell you that. In the wrong directions, these pieces of ice tend to get stuck to the plastic corners, making it rather difficult to get them out. It's okay with me if they won't come out and I leave them in the fridge. The giant teenage son and my husband, however, treat the ice cubes as a test of their strength or something, so they force them to melt. On March 4, I ordered 2 sets of these trays (so 6 trays in all). The two that have already broken have already been cut It is true that this is a character flaw, but it is more of We even had metal ice cube trays (I grew up in the era of the ice cube tray) and never had a broken one. Buying some is worthwhile if you find a good deal and are willing to replace them every six months or so, or if you and your loved ones are willing to give up the challenges of corner ice! These are the kinds of things you'll love. (Knocking out a star since you need a lot!.

Virginia Hodges - 10/04/2021
This little bell makes a nice sound- They are shaped like My favorite part of these ice cube trays is that they are dishwasher safe (5/5)

Each cube is small enough to fit into the neck of a soda or water bottle and it is shaped like a bell. It is true. Having learned that you have to follow a certain procedure in order to make great cubes, I quickly realized how important that was. Keeping the wells at the right level is the most important part. The concept may seem obvious, but it can be challenging to put into practice. The application of a turkey baster or other type of large syringe to fill (but not overfill) each well ensures that you get perfect cubes without the attached "flash". The process of perfection may take extra time, but sometimes that is just how it is. It is up to you to find out what you can and cannot do with these trays. It is also best not to stack trays on top of each other to freeze as the bottom of each top tray will stick out into the wells of the trays below and run the risk of pulling out all the cubes when you lift the top tray.

Marleigh Travis - 22/03/2021
The rod broke after being used for months (1/5)

We are not talking about the same ice tray as that you found on Amazon under the arrow 0055 ice tray This pack contains. However, I have been buying the three for more than a year now and need 30 minutes to figure it out Often, the packs and the break within a short period of time. It consists of two parts There is more siliconization in the pack than in the There is no way I know what the 3 packs are made of. When you read this, however, look for packs two and three, not packs one and two.

Franklin HOWELLS - 05/07/2021
This is a great alternative to crushed ice (5/5)

I bought these as I wanted crushed ice, but I didn't want to chop or crush the ice constantly. The cubes are small enough that I was satisfied with them. *br>Because they are solid cubes, they do not melt as fast as crushed ice and will not water down your drink as quickly. As a consequence, I wouldn't recommend chewing them either, since you're more likely to chip a tooth like you would if you chew a piece of ice. If you don't mind risking your health, then they are the perfect size to chew on. There is no issue with the ice cubes falling out of the trays. Those who have difficulty doing so have most likely overfilled the trays. Water does not need to spill over the tops of the molds, and the cubes can be removed without a problem if they don't go over the connective lines. A few cubes will hang up, but I can usually break them free by tapping the bottom with the palm of my hand. In case you're wondering, the answer is YES, they stack. There are feet on the bottom of the trays so that they can stack one on top of another. The product was a great purchase, and I will buy them.

Ander Clements - 07/07/2021