AOZITA Wine Pourer Review

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  • Can fit many wine bottles.
  • Made from durable materials.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wide use in bars, coffee shops and diners.
  • Affordable.
  • Doesn't fit well in thick glasses.

Selected User Reviews For AOZITA Wine Pourer

This set looks extremely elegant and expensive, and they work really well! The pour is smooth and doesn't catch much of your attention

Buying these was a gamble I took since it was for my brewery's Grand Opening. The merchandise arrived the morning of the opening after I ordered it late the night before. As we put them on the sample bottles, we opened the door completely unaware of what would happen next. We put them on our Boston Round Growlers, as well as liquor bottles. This set looks extremely elegant and expensive, and they work really well! This is an excellent smooth pour that does not require a stopper system similar to those offered by other brands. The sizing was spot on and very easy to do. The first time I bought these products, they were great.

Armani HUMPHRIES - 09/01/2021
These bottle pourers are exactly what I was looking for and are well worth the price I bought those five years ago, but they are definitely an upgrade

A little slant gives them a sleek look A professional appearance will be given to my bar. My favorite feature of the tip caps is that they are made to fit on top. The bottles will be kept from being infested by insects by doing this.

Kyleigh Warren - 15/03/2021
This is a great deal! You want to make sure they are fully inserted

I can't believe that a dozen of these are on sale for this low a price! Most of the time, they work fine, but make sure you secure the seal by seating them all the way down. As long as the pour spouts are properly aligned, you shouldn't have any problem.

Dennis Andrews - 03/08/2021
No matter how many liquor bottles you have, these WILL NOT fit

I could only fit the slim bottles with these, but half of my bottles fit. Astonished at how disappointed I am.

Wynter McKenzie - 20/07/2021
I found this to be very It was my first time ordering these bottle pourers for my specialty oils and vinegars and I wasn't sure if they would fit because of the narrow necks on the bottles

Those work perfectly on those bottles and fit larger bottles as well, such as for syrup or It was nice to have caps on them, so I am grateful for getting so many of them There is no shortage of uses for them!.

Jacqueline CONNOLLY - 25/06/2021
It is crucial that plants be watered

In my friend's opinion, self-serve glass instead of buying glass bottles would be a better option I can also use wine and beer bottles as watering globes. Just tip them upside down and they will work. Water poured out in a single rush on the first attempt. To moderate the flow, I got these to put on the bottles. I tried again, but no luck. The same method would work in other areas, I'm sure. The produce was good and the price was fair.

Evie Carrillo - 11/04/2021
This bottle opener fits most bottles

Perfect fit for MOST bottles, except for the huge ones, like the 1. I received it just as described and it is good quality. ml Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, or Belvidere Vodka (these can usually be found at Costco). Buying smaller bottles will be fine if you were to buy them. It will also fit a standard bottle of wine.

Preston Moore - 04/08/2021
These bottle pourers are used to pour liquid into bottles

They are very nice. I like the stopper part because it's less stiff than the last ones I had. The caps are a little too big for some of my bottles, but they This bottle in the picture has an ID of Unlike other drinks, these remain in the bottle and will not.

Julian Williams - 14/01/2021