ANTONI BARCELONA Hand-Painted Stemless Wine Glass Review

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Easy to hold 4.7 
Giftable 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.1 
Value for money 4.0 
Durability 4.0 
  • Handcrafted and iconic design.
  • Suitable for every occasion.
  • Expensive.

ANTONI BARCELONA Hand-Painted Stemless Wine Glass Product Description

The handpainted glassware by Antoni Barcelona is sure to make a statement in a room full of wine glasses. A stemless wine glass isn’t just a vessel for drinking wine; it’s a multi-purpose tool. Designed after stained-glass windows of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, the pieces are pieces of art. Even simple wine glasses can be made into elegant vessels, but the addition of these stunning details makes them even more so. For a change, get these handmade wine glasses if you are ok with spending a bit more than necessary on stemless wine glasses. As a result of the paint, these glasses don’t show the wine’s color, but yet they are elegant.

  • Each Antoni Barcelona wine glass is handcrafted by highly trained and experienced glass artisans, making them a work of art. These wine glasses exude the essence of life, adding a whole new dimension to the taste of your favorite red.
  • No matter what the special occasion may be, these crystal wine glasses make an excellent gift. From birthdays through anniversaries, Christmas through retirement, engagements through weddings, these unique wine glasses will make Additionally, these colorful, stemless wine glasses make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves wine.
  • As you hold these hand painted wine glasses, you will see the mesmerizing patterns of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, brought to life in your hand. Closely observe the brush strokes and you will see where the artists created their works.
  • The perfect choice whether you are planning a wine tasting party or a romantic evening with your girlfriend or loved one, these luxurious wine glasses are perfect for any occasion. Make a big impression on your guests with these etched decorated mouthblown.
  • The Antoni Barcelona glassware is 100% lead-free with a 21 Oz capacity and is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. With each colored wine glass, you will receive an elegant gift box set, adding a distinctive touch of opulence and luxury.

Questions & Answers

There were 20 of them, each filled Usually we use them at all kinds of events and put only 1/3 of a glass in a wine service. It has been a year since I bought them. They are very nice.
The boxes did not come separately for me. There was only one box containing all four glasses. When I purchased this set as a gift, I wanted to give only two of the four as a gift because they are individually boxed. This is not true at all! It is not good that the change was made.
This set of wine glasses is a gift for someone. It's really hard for me to answer this question. Since the glasses are hand-painted and hand-blown, if I had my own set, I'd wash them by hand. The glasses seem to be a very special set.
This product is packaged in a blue (paper) box and packaged in foam.

Selected User Reviews For ANTONI BARCELONA Hand-Painted Stemless Wine Glass

It is not as seen on the picture, and the "Set" only includes one I assumed that because it said "set," I would receive two glasses for $25, but I only received one that looked nothing like what was displayed in Despite the muted colors, the painting is sloppy and the look is not professional (1/5)

As soon as I receive it back, I will request a refund. I definitely don't think $25 for one glass of wine is worth it.

Emily Shelton - 09/01/2021
We've just updated! There is no similarity between the Cornet Barcelona Sagrada and Cornet Sagrada The answer is yes (3/5)

We've just updated! As soon as I received this glass and realized that it was different from the other Cornet Barcelona glasses I already owned, I then ordered As you know, I received them earlier I got it from Amazon and it is of the same quality. The glasses are not of the same quality as those ordered from Cornet last year, but they are In the past few years, quality has declined. Neither one is worth the price, but don't waste your money on high shipping costs from Cornet if you think you are getting a better product. Despite what you may think, you're Since this is the same thing that Cornet Barcelona is offering this year, I gave this one an extra star. Please note that. In the course of trying to fix my Cornet Barcelona Sagrada stemless glasses, I cracked one of them so I bought one of these glasses to replace it. Exactly the same price as Cornet, but the shipping charges are significantly lower. As with the Cornet, this glass' artwork is not as precise and detailed. A sloppy job. It isn't as bright as the gold should be. In terms of glass thickness, there is the biggest difference. There is paper on the Cornet glasses There is a noticeable difference between these and thin ones. The spare glass is kept in my cabinet. In a pinch, it is a decent replacement for Cornet, but it's still not the same.

Braelynn Ramsey - 19/05/2021
A set of clothes rather than an actual one (1/5)

If you purchase this, you are only getting a single glass, which I wouldn't consider to be a set unless it included two or more.

Katherine HOWARTH - 28/01/2021
A review is normally only written when I am very disappointed in a product (5/5)

I normally only write a review when I am very disappointed in a product. But today, that is not the case. Having tried these glasses, I was blown away by how beautiful they As for the price, I thought they might be a little on the cheap side, but I needed a gift quickly and it was shipping with Amazon Prime, so I took a chance. I wish I had bought them myself! They are so nice! You still have time to do that (not too late). Now that I know what to get many occasions when I'm unsure what to buy, I'm going to choose this gift again. I find them to be unique, chic, and simply stunning. She immediately bought two plus the decanter for her own mother who is also searching for a wedding gift! The buy won't disappoint, it's a great purchase.

Evelyn Moses - 12/05/2021
Rub off the color to get a new color (1/5)

As soon as I took it out of the box, the red stain started to rub off when it was hand washed. It is a horrible product! I'm very Using the glass and a magnifying glass There is a lot of beauty in the packaging. It is easy to clean, but it cannot be washed.

Jaxxon Woodard - 02/01/2021
It's a no from me! The glasses were to be given away as gifts, and each glass cost $21 plus, so I ordered two of them (1/5)

The flowers were a mess! I appreciate that handmade or hand-painted 'ART' has its imperfections, but Despite the splotchy colors and the sloppy piping, the design looked good. They were opened up after receiving them to check them out before putting them in a gift box for the recipient. Thanks be to God! Rather than wrapping them, I immediately covered them in boxed to send them back. It was disappointing.

Ulises Cantu - 02/01/2021
It smells just as good as it tastes! My Antoni Barcelona stemless wine glass arrived yesterday, and I swear my wine tastes so much better and fresher now (5/5)

I was never able to forget about the beauty of this stemless wine glass when I was selecting a gift for my grown son for Christmas. I received a set of four stemless wine glasses that were generic in nature. In a few minutes, I had found the stemless wine glass I had seen on Amazon in July. I smiled and thanked the shopkeeper. That is either to my delight, or to my dismay, I'm not sure which is worse. I ordered the only one available after discovering there was only one. It doesn't feel right to have just one stemless wine glass. That's why I keep returning to Amazon to find another. To my delight, Amazon's website indicated today that I would be able to place an order and receive my 2nd stemless Antoni Barcelona in the middle of this The artistry of this stemless wine glass is truly beautiful and unique. Thanks a lot for sharing it. It's the small things of life that make me happy at my age. The goal for my hutch is to have a set of 4 stemless Antoni Barcelona glasses, so that everyone who enjoys a glass of wine with me will also enjoy drinking from a stemless Antoni Barcelona glass.

Dario HOWARTH - 26/03/2021
It's absolutely stunning! As part of a birthday gift for my daughter living in Hawaii, I purchased these glasses and the decanter (5/5)

As they arrived on time, they were greeted by The package was perfectly sealed. The hand painting is a real sight to behold and they are stunning on the whole. It was a pleasure working with you on.

Indie Morrison - 07/01/2021