Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler Review

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Estilo 4.8 
Eficiencia energética 4.5 
Control de temperatura 4.1 
Nivel de ruido 3.5 
Excelente inversión 2.8 
Ideal para regalar 2.8 
  • Thermostat is totally adjustable.
  • Comes with thick glass door.
  • Makes a lot of noise.

Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler Product Description

Designed for space conservation, this budget-friendly, 60-can mini-fridge by Antarctic Star comes in a style as pleasing to the eye as it is to use as well. A tuxedo black mini beer fridge with a quiet compressor and cooling power up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit is a stylish addition to any bar or restaurant establishment. An airtight door can be attached to either side of this compact beer fridge to add a layer of convenience.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • I have a large storage space of 1 TB. The volume of the cubic feet is six cubic feet. It can hold up to 60 12 oz. bottles. You can use this beverage cooler to store cans. This small desk can be placed anywhere, especially in the game room or in your small kitchen.
  • There is a temperature control knob that can be adjusted by 3 degrees. A temperature range of 40 ° F to 61 ° F is available. You can be sure that your drinks will always be frozen to the perfect temperature.
  • A double glass door is made up of two panes of tempered glass and a hermetic seal for maximum insulation. Having a double pane of glass that shows which drinks are cooling makes it easy to see.
  • Beverage Cooler - This beverage cooler runs on a powerful, quiet compressor that provides ice cold drinks. It can be found easily due to its soft LED light. The shelf is removable and can be used to adjust the space inside.
  • Warranty All defects or problems under any condition will be rectified within ninety days, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Selected User Reviews For Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler

I love this refrigerator because it runs very quietly and keeps beverages A great feature of the temperature control is the neon light

This is a top-notch construction, and it's the perfect size based on my experience. I received it in a timely manner and it was I am updating Despite going over six months now, I'm still getting the same results. I set up the neon light and it's been on ever since. I am in love with it already, since it has outlasted my old piece of junk from Walmart. A quick update My typical approach to product reviews is not to devote this much attention to one item, but this thing is one of my most cherished For me, and many others in my line of work, making time to kick back and relax on weekends and during the evenings is a way of life. I imagine myself setting up at my home bar, listening to some LPs, and getting buzzed on some suds. Nothing has changed, my beer is still ice cold, and the light is still on after a year. Thanks a lot!.

Larry Booth - 28/04/2021
This is not a quiet place! There is no assistance from the seller

The atmosphere here is anything but quiet. Ten minutes pass between cycles of the compressor. There are about 2 minutes in it. As well as the gurgling sound, it makes a gurgling noise. As far as I can tell, it's loud enough to hear even while watching television. I thought that there was something wrong since so many other reviews stated that it was quiet. Despite my efforts, the seller was unable to help me. The 12th update is here I was contacted by the seller and she offered me $30 in order You're not talking about much. I had to pay $30 in shipping. I think this is a good product, and the issue may have to do with this particular product. It only took a few days to replace the item. It's not their concern to fix the problem. It is important to them that this review discourages others from purchasing their products. A seller like this would never be a seller for me.

Shane Mayo - 25/03/2021
It's more fun than it should be to fill this stylish fridge with all my favorite craft beers and wine bottles to spice up my man cave

I bought this stylish refrigerator for myself to enhance my man cave. I like the look of the fridge. This refrigerator comes in a very good package and has a beautiful LED glow. The construction of the fridge is very solid and well made. It is very cold but not freezing here because I have the temperature set high. A cold glass of beer and a can of beer are the perfect things to pull out of the fridge at the end of the work day from my home office. Although the top shelf has limited capacity due to internal controls, the capacity for the rest of the shelves is quite good. There is room for at least 5 750ml bottles of wine on the bottom shelf. I cannot stack more than three cans deep and five wide. I am not too bothered by the fridge's noise. Whenever it cools, you can hear it hum, but I never have trouble working next to it all day. This is a very nice addition to my man cave in general.

Briar Wade - 28/03/2021
It doesn't seem cool at all

It has been 2 weeks since we purchased the unit, and the air does not cool. It is nothing but trash. The customer service team texted me and asked me to send a video of the product's failure when I asked for a refund. My request for a replacement was denied once they realized it was a bad model. They advised to dump it and to reorder on Amazon*br>*br>Dump It doesn't even make sense to me what that means. I am updating The company messaged me on 12/31/2020 and proposed I take a $30 discount to remove Is that true? The same thing has been said in other reviews. The way you run a business should not look like this.

Fiona HOPE - 04/08/2021
This is perfect for The Office

I got it for our conference room and I love it. Vendors love it because it allows for easy access to their information Let's get them a few extra refreshments just to make them feel appreciated. I like the size and the quality of this shirt It's great that the front is clear, so they can see all the options we have. My life could not be more perfect!.

Rio Gould - 17/02/2021
Mini fridge that's perfect for small spaces! There is no need to worry about the size of the fridge or the LED light

It is perfect. I can now have a cool beverage at my desk right from my room because it fits under my computer desk. The ability to access the house fridge without going up to the kitchen is very convenient for me. This is a great place to stay if you like it cold! I contacted the seller when the shelf bent, and they were able to solve the problem for me! It was a pleasure doing business with you! Now that I have my product, I am very happy with the service I have received from you.

Aurora Downs - 01/06/2021
Great job, I love It has been over a month now that I've been using this baby and it has been great! I find the fit much better than I had anticipated

It's perfect for soda cans and water bottles, but I mainly keep Chobani yogurt and random snacks in my box. What caught my attention the most was the LED lights - looks.

Raven Lowery - 12/04/2021
This light is so beautiful! In order to please my grandson, I bought him a mini-bike He needed a fridge for his gaming room, and this one fits the bill

It's practical and looks cool - the best of both worlds.

Malachi Charles - 10/07/2021