Antarctic Star Ice Maker Machine Review

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  • Low noise level.
  • Self cleaning mechanism.
  • Slow producing of ice.

Antarctic Star Ice Maker Machine Product Description

This Antarctic Star ice maker makes ice at a fast rate and with tremendous power. Using about 26 pounds of ice per day, the device makes six to thirteen cubes per batch in about six to 13 minutes. It will not be a problem to run out of ice in the As it runs at less than 45 dB, there won’t be a disruption of your entertainment. The Antarctic ice maker uses sanitary materials that do not produce any odors, to ensure your safety and health.

  • A Narrow Range of Ice Making Capabilities Antarctic Star Ice Maker is a very narrow range of Ice Making Capabilities. Batches of ice cubes are made using about 26 pounds of ice per day, and the cubes are made in about six to thirteen minutes. Ice cubes will keep drinks cool even when the weather is hot. During summer, you can enjoy drinks and beer with ice. To use a machine for the first time, please let it stand upright for four hours.
  • ECONOMICAL DESIGN- This countertop ice maker machine has a low noise level, quickly cools and consumes little energy. It has a copper zinc aluminum fin condenser, and a 21g R600A This product operates at less than 45dB, which means you're not going to be disturbed as you watch television. A safe ice maker made from food-grade material that doesn't emit odor, exclusively for your health and safety. Stylish ABS shell it is easy to clean and durable.
  • It is equipped with an intelligent LED display which informs you when it's time to add water, it has an alarm display and automatic shut-off. If you remove the ice cubes from the machine, the ice-maker will automatically It is possible to choose from two ice sizes. The only thing you need to do is plug in the mains and add water before clicking start. For easy observation, there is a large translucent window. Additionally, it comes with a removable ice basket and scoop, which makes it easier to transfer ice cubes from your drink or bucket to your cup.
  • A portable and compact device that only takes up 13 ounces. (D)*9, 9 9. Inch (W) x (H) is 5 x 13 inches. The mini ice maker is convenient, portable and compact in size. The ice maker does not require any permanent installation, making it extremely user-friendly. The compact design makes it easy to clean, control, and transport. It has an outlet at the bottom and a drain plug, making emptying the unused water a snap. The materials are perfect for camping, boating, gatherings, and taking RV trips . Also suitable for kitchens, homes, and offices. Summer party ideas that are perfect for the season.
  • In the unlikely event that you have a problem with this safe and portable ice maker machine, we offer a 45-day return policy. If you have any questions, please contact We provide technical advice and customer service to our clients for the duration of their lives.

Questions & Answers

Dispose of all removable parts in a sink filled with warm water and white vinegar. It does not take much time, maybe 30 minutes!
Despite the lack of thoroughness, this cleaning is not all-encompassing. A small portion of water is run through the ice chamber initially after you add water to the chamber. This is to flush out light dust particles from the chamber. It still needs to be emptied and the water area cleaned with a dry cloth once it has been emptied.
Bottled water is great, we use it every day.
No matter what, I wipe it out once a week. It has not given me any problems at all, it works better than the icemaker in my refrigerator, and I have a high and low.

Selected User Reviews For Antarctic Star Ice Maker Machine

In refrigerator icemakers can be replaced by this excellent alternative (5/5)

You're making a great investment by buying this. This worked well for me. The program can be easily used. The space is being saved. I love the taste of ice. It comes in any size, so you can even pick smaller or larger The water we use to make it is distilled. The movie is well worth the money.

Brennan Klein - 03/08/2021
A simple, fast, and quiet way to turn on your computer (5/5)

The program can be easily used. A quick way to make ice. This product is compact (hardly takes up space on the counter). Tastes like an ice cube and looks like one too. It is only the sound of ice cubes falling into the container that can be heard. Despite that, it does not make much noise. Excellent product! I would highly recommend it to anyone!.

Tadeo Rogers - 31/01/2021
I like this machine (5/5)

It is a neat little machine. This feature reuses water, so there is no water supply or drain needed. You just need to fill the reservoir below the ice holding basket and turn the machine If the water level gets low or the ice begins to overflow the basket, the water pump shuts itself off. Whenever the basket needs ice, I use it directly from it. I simply leave it running consistently, 24 hours a day. When the water level in the basket drops (a result of both ice melting and the ice I use), simply add some more water to It goes on the kitchen counter at the bottom of the fridge whose ice maker hasn't worked in The app works great, it's very convenient and it's easy to use The cost of replacing the refrigerator's ice maker would be much higher than this.

London Anderson - 16/01/2021
It's the cubes that are individual! Neither frozen nor encased Ice is continuously made with the help of this icemaker during the summer months when the garage is used exclusively (5/5)

I like how the cube suze works and how it works. The two exist as separate entities and does not freeze together as they have in other cases.

Kamryn Horne - 22/04/2021
That's awesome (5/5)

I appreciate you sending it to me. With this ice maker, you can just plug it in and have ice right when you need it. Beats having to fill As someone who uses a lot of ice a day, it was definitely a purchase well worth it.

Matilda Callahan - 25/02/2021
The insulation has not been installed (3/5)

A lot of overflow can occur The ice maker has no divider, so water can flow out the sides and fall below the edge of the ice bucket if you add water without first checking the level. This design differs from other models. It's actually the ice bucket which makes up the front top portion of the ice maker, seated on the sides of the reservoir, and the lid is made of the same materials as well. In comparison with other countertop bullet ice models on Amazon, this one has a very low level of insulation around the ice bucket. As a result, the ice melts very quickly in comparison to all of the other ice makers I have purchased (a total Purchasing this model was the result of being tired of the struggle to clean the gross buildup of mildew in the water collection bucket of the previous model. Although I was worried I might break it, this model has a lid that does lift all the way up (though I found it extremely difficult to open). Although I appreciate those smart features, I do miss my old one. The two Newair models I've owned (a 26lb model and a 49lb model) have both been good to me. In addition, I also had another smaller model weighing 26 pounds and a Wynter weighing 50 pounds. There are a few models that used thick housing and lids, and the bucket itself sat inside the housing, helping the ice to stay cool and slow It is very easy for the ice to become soggy from this water. Each of the cubes is different in size. As for the ice bullets, I use the large size setting, which is what the medium size was on my other ice makers. Making enough ice and pouring it into an ice bin in the freezer is what I needed to do to stay on top of things. Ice quickly becomes impossible to break into bricks due to rapid freezing. Therefore, an ice pick will be required. For people who use a lot of ice, this is not the model for them. In case ice melts rapidly, we keep a glass carafe with filtered water beside the machine so that we don't run out of it. This machine is about 2/3 as big as the one I had previously. Compared to the 26lb model, this is even smaller. It is the smallest one that I have owned and one of the smallest available on Amazon if you have limited counter space. There is very little footprint for an ice machine. On the other hand, if you have had mold or sludge build up in other machines, the cleaning features might make up for any insufficient In order for the cycle to complete, *br>*br> 30 minutes is all it takes to clean. The manufacturers of the larger machine should really take note of the design on this machine that will allow you to more easily clean the bucket collecting water. It is for that reason alone that I will continue to use this model. However, if one of the larger, better insulated models was to come with that same lid design fitment, I would ditch this one in an instant. Additionally, one benefit of the lid design is that, even in the fully opened position, the lid stays in place on its There was definitely a problem with lid slamming on all the other models I've In this room I have never experienced a higher or lower level of noise than those I have had in other rooms. A piece of ice falls on a hard plastic surface. It is going to make a lot of noise when it drops ice. It's something you get used to and we don't notice it any more. When you are not accustomed to it, it can be jarring. Contrary to other models, this one does not produce a lot of noise as it fills with water. When the water level is too low, it still makes a stressed sound it is trying to suck water, which is more common with this one than all the others that I have owned since the reservoir is so small (less than half the capacity). This machine makes ice quite quickly, and there is a red light to let you know when it is full, which allows you to keep the Unlike other models, it does not cause ice to melt faster. As soon as the reservoir is cleaned, the water drains extremely fast. In the models I have owned, it has been painfully slow. The model that holds 50 lbs is better than ice trays, but not as good as the ones that hold 50 lbs. We gave the lid four stars on the basis of its ease of use and how far it opens. I gave this a 2 star rating because the overflow of water has caused a lot of water to overflow and the insulation is poor. I give it a 3 out of 5. You should consider it if you need a small ice maker with a small footprint (for an ice maker) and don't want to drink sludge from mildew that has collected in the water collection bucket due to being unable to clean it properly.

Beau James - 18/04/2021
A Year After It Was Purchased, It Was Broken! This has been sitting in my suitcase for less than a year now and it does not operate (1/5)

Once the unit has made a batch of ice, the Ice Full indicator will turn on. I have tried resetting the unit, including unplugging the unit, but the Ice Full LED continues to be lit. Ice does not make any sense. I've gone through a cleaning process and I get the same result. In less than one year, I should be able to get my money back.

Kye Sellers - 06/02/2021
The ice machine is a nice little device (5/5)

It does what it is advertised to do. I don't hear too much noise from the motor. The mini refrigerator emits heat, so it keeps things cool. As a small space heater, I keep it in my kitchen. This unit arrives very well packaged, but make sure to remove all of the tape, including inside the freezing chamber (as shown in the photo). There would have been no way to tell there was tape inside if I hadn't looked.

Denver BROWNE - 13/06/2021