Anna Stay Wall Mounted Wine Rack Review

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Easy to assemble 4.9 
Durability 4.8 
Easy to install 4.7 
Giftable 4.5 
Value for money 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.3 
  • Comes with six charm decors.
  • Also have a cork tray.
  • Integrated wine glass holder.
  • Liable to get bend.

Anna Stay Wall Mounted Wine Rack Product Description

It’s not only possible to hold wine bottles with this wall-mounted wine rack, but you can also stash your wine glasses and corks in the built-in containers on the rack. There are also six different wine charms included in the set, so you and your friends can enjoy them. In my opinion, this is the best wine rack to choose from if you want to be useful in several ways. This rack has everything you could possibly need in it, including wine bottles, glasses, corks, and charms. This wall-mounted wine rack was mentioned by an Amazon customer as being sturdy and high quality. Easily mounted, the rack can hold full bottles of wine and stemware and is strong enough to hold them both. There are corks on the tray, but they aren’t as visible as they could be. Additionally, she painted the letters “WINE” in different colors to make the rack stand out.

  • Custom Design - These exquisite wine holders are unique works of art made by artist Anna Stay that help you create lifelong memories with your friends while enjoying a good red or white wine.
  • A new bottle of wine is waiting on the Wine Time - a wine rack that stores your favorite brands and blends, your corks, and your wine glasses in one compact, smart.
  • Installation takes only minutes - At the click of a button, each wine holder can be installed in the kitchen, dining room, or elsewhere you wish to enjoy the freshest of wines.
  • A beautiful gift choice for wine lovers, this wall-mounted red wine rack also comes with four wine glass holders & a cork holder.
  • Gift box includes 6 wine glass charms plus decorative artificial grapes and leaves - The glass bottle holder comes with an elegant box of 6 fun wine glass charms. By attaching them to the stem of the wine glass, the charms allow you and your guests to never lose wine glasses again. The charms allow you to choose words of inspiration such as Love, Live, Laugh, Dare, Dream and Cheers for each occasion.

Questions & Answers

HI Thank you for contacting us. Yes, the wine rack includes secure mounting hardware for the rack. Enjoy your wine rack keep safe.
Amazon or the seller can provide more information.
You may not drink wine or drink from There is a set of charms included with the set of wine glasses.
Yes, the wine glasses do not come with the package.

Selected User Reviews For Anna Stay Wall Mounted Wine Rack

I highly recommend this charming, homey apartment! It's worth every penny! My mother is absolutely delighted with this gift that I got for her! With a wine color scheme in the dining room and kitchen as well as winery rugs and mats, this truly is a perfect match (5/5)

In addition to holding a few bottles of wine and four glasses, enough for a girls' night in or a glass of wine with dinner, this marvelous piece includes a small storage space for all of your corks. . . and what a beautiful decoration the piece becomes once it is filled! As you may suspect, the construction is not as weak as it may seem, as the container holds what is in it without feeling flimsy or fragile. It is a product I have no problem recommending and I hope it will take up residence in your home as well.

Gwen Cross - 26/05/2021
It was the perfect solution for my stand up wine rack on my bar bench in my kitchen where I was looking for some storage space (5/5)

My next search was for a more stylish and fashionable one Here is an interesting piece I came across. It looks beautiful, arrived much earlier than expected, and I am very happy with it. I installed it on the wall in no time at all. In addition to being sturdy, it's spacious enough for at least five normal sized bottles of wine. It is elegant and even arrived with wine glasses. The purchase is definitely worth it!.

Bodhi Case - 14/05/2021
I like it (5/5)

My kitchen looks great with it. Getting lots of compliments is great. Adding a few of these to the decor makes it really classy. Great job, I love.

Catherine McCann - 17/07/2021
You've done a great job! I needed a rack to hold bottles of wine and glasses of wine I regularly used, and this rack definitely fit the bill (5/5)

It also comes with cork storage, so it offers even more convenience. It's amazing how cheap it is and how great of a deal it is.

Lana Howell - 25/07/2021
Basically it's Okay as a product (5/5)

So I don't have much to complain about the design or build of it. I wish it were a little larger but it's in general a nice product. It went together well and One thing that I would critique is that the charms that come with the package are not sent until after you have followed the company on Facebook and shared In all honesty, this is a bit annoying since I was expecting to have everything organized. Plus, the page is private, so you will have to wait until it is approved. I paid for this but over all it was what I wanted.

Cheyenne Singleton - 16/03/2021
Display rack that looks great! This rack is perfect for displaying things! I love it! Stability is dictated by the anchoring of the unit into the wall (5/5)

The empty bottles were very heavy, and so I filled them with empty bottles. When I saw them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond as solar lights, I came up with the grape idea. With the built-in nightlight, it can be used as a night light during the day.

Alena Skinner - 25/07/2021
This teddy bear is adorable and sturdy at the same time (5/5)

Anchors are installed into the drywall in my kitchen to hold the rack in place. The rack is very sturdy and I am confident it will hold the four wine bottles and four wine glasses with no problem. It would have been nice if the tray could hold 8 wine glasses, but there isn't any room. This would not have changed my mind about the purchase, however. Adding that to my blue country kitchen makes it all the more beautiful.

Kenji Leonard - 10/05/2021
However, it is very beautiful (5/5)

Though this looks beautiful online, I was a bit disappointed when the package A seller keeps the package together with many plastic ties, so you can tell that the box was tightly sealed. A bend in the entire frame occurred as a result. Some of the parts can still be moved but the part where the bottles go in is too hard for me to bend back without damaging it. Apart from that, it is beautiful.

Simon Clay - 23/03/2021