Anchor Hocking Bourbon Glasses Review

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Fácil de limpiar 5.0 
Robustez 4.2 
Fácil de sostener 4.2 
Durabilidad 4.2 
Excelente inversión 4.0 
Ideal para regalar 3.0 
  • Proper in terms of weight.
  • Makes a good grip in hand.
  • It's a smoky ones.

Anchor Hocking Bourbon Glasses Product Description

It is an easy plus for us that these bourbon glasses will last for a decade with regular use. Such a claim should be believable for a robust and reliable product such as this one. When reliable performance, durability, and an affordable price are among your top priorities in a bourbon glass, this is the perfect one to buy. This top contributor on Amazon says that he is pleased with these bourbon glasses, although it took him longer than normal to receive them due to a broken transit part. Nevertheless, having used a taller style of these glasses for ten years, he is confident in their quality and durability. An additional buyer noted it was thick enough to withstand a fall and perfect for cocktail making.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The set includes 4 crystal glasses that are manufactured in the United States.
  • It can be put in the dishwasher.
  • 10 people can sit at the table. One pound and five ounces.

Selected User Reviews For Anchor Hocking Bourbon Glasses

A must have for any sexy Julian fan

Run ran fits the liquor just right in these. A must have for any sexy Julian fan.

Jaxen Patton - 16/05/2021
Those glasses are really great

I love them. There were two unsuccessful attempts before I managed to get 4 glasses (it would have been better to label the outside of the box as fragile or glass This is probably due to the fact that the box was thrown Despite the delay, the wait was worthwhile. It was originally part of a taller set when I bought it a few I have owned several pairs of glasses over the years, and they are all still in use. They are definitely more sturdy than any other glasses I've had before Despite the weight and solidity, they feel sturdy and heavy. It's such an awesome pattern as well An art-deco design with a classic feel. As such, when I needed a smaller pair of glasses, I was glad to see there were still frames in this pattern which looked just as good as the larger ones I bought ten A mixed drink and orange juice at breakfast are the perfect size for them.

Audrey Mills - 26/07/2021
A beer glass owned by Trailer Park Boys/ Julian

These glasses are similar to those used by Julian in The Trailer Park Boys, so we bought them. Even Mr. Lahey could not accidentally break them since the case is very sturdy and the glass is thick and strong. These feel excellent in your hand. They'll pair well with a drink of Rum & Coke and a crispy Dirty Burger.

Jenesis Patel - 28/06/2021
Are these factory rejects or a result of poor quality control? My disappointment was that I had been so looking forward to getting these but they took so long to arrive

Our only complaint was that the seams on the glasses were very rough, regardless of their weight. The glasses are mostly in good condition, but a few are distorted. There are some flaws, but it would be great if not for them. There is no way we can overlook this. Somehow I feel like I am looking at As a result of the price we paid, I expected more. There was a set of 16 we bought and we are returning all of them.

Oakleigh McDonald - 27/06/2021
There's no point in cleaning it up

For everyday wear, it has a good look. Ensures that it doesn't tip It is the perfect size and has no During shipping, these items are broken over and over again, so I have to return them. This is the first unbroken set that I've ever had. if you want them, buy them from prime. They will chip over time if you use them over the years. Most of the time, we use these as little I AM NOW- When the latest set arrived, it appeared to be in good condition. This was exactly what I did. I put them on the top shelf A majority of the samples were defective however, one sample was not A crack appeared in one of them, while the other two were very Recently, Anchor has experienced many problems. It's a local company. The quality of these products has declined. I don't know who to buy from, but I will never do it.

Julia Bond - 20/01/2021
An elegant style that stands the test of time

Since I purchased my first set of Anchor Hocking glasses more than a decade ago, I have been a fan I have not been disappointed by the durability and sturdiness of the product. They are warm and elegant in a manner that has a classic feel to it. The product is excellent and I will certainly buy it.

Emery White - 07/07/2021
I won't be too tough on this

I have some ruff and tumblers to show you. My glasses have a great fit in the hand, and have a considerable amount of heft so children may have a hard time adjusting to them. They are heavy bases that are sturdy and thick sides that make me believe I'll own these glasses for a long time. I have to say that I am happy with my purchase. The sixth update has been posted I got a big fat crack through the bottom of one of these glasses after washing it the second time. I found no signs of chipping and the glass had never been It looks like it was cracked by the heat of the dishwasher. Even though the crack is not all the way through, and the glass does not leak, I had to take it out of service for fear the rest of it will crack as well. The disappointment in this product caused me to knock 2 stars off my original 5 star rating.

Antonio McIntyre - 17/05/2021
This is not perfectly round, but has a slight oval shape

Before purchasing the 10 oz. , I purchased the 5 We wore glasses and lived in Due to a problem with two of them, I ordered a set of four. Just now I washed them for the first time. Looking at them now, I see they do not have You can just see a tiny bit of an oval shape in the glasses from above. A very strange thing happened. There's no doubt about it These The hassle of sending them back is just not worth it to me. Other than that, they seem fine, but the shape is a bit off-putting. This is not something I recommend buying.

Aziel Mueller - 23/05/2021