Amscan Assorted Color Plastic Margarita Glasses Review

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Value for money 3.4 
Durability 3.3 
Sturdiness 3.1 
  • Features stylish colors.
  • Can hold a lot of liquid.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Suitable for parties.
  • They feel cheap.

Amscan Assorted Color Plastic Margarita Glasses Product Description

It is easy for cocktail parties to use margarita glasses because they have dazzling colors that include red, blue, green and purple. Their captivating designs are sure to increase your guests’ drinking urge when they see you serving them. Twenty ten-ounce plastic margarita glasses are included in each package.

  • There are 20 margarita glasses included.
  • Ten ounces can be held in this bag.
  • Round base and decorative wide rim of traditional margarita glass form this detachable water glass.
  • A great addition to any party, whether it is for adults or children.

Questions & Answers

As long as the rim is intact, they can hold salt.
A total of four of them exist. The following dimensions are 5 inches wide.
In my opinion, dishwashers are not a good idea. My guess is that they would crack - I found it to be not very robust.
The ounces are not clear to me. They do come in two pieces, but they aren't separate There are a lot of flimsy materials in them. The last time I bought these plastic margarita glasses, I hot glued the two pieces together before my party. It may seem ridiculous, but I hot glued the pieces together before my party last year. I have seen the bottoms of my plates crumble when people hold them. The problem with putting a glass down without a base is that it's almost impossible to do. You can crack them if you put too much pressure on them while assembling them. There IS a cost to buying them. The next time I buy them, I will purchase Take two of each and glue them together. If you plan on using them just once, throw them away afterward.

Selected User Reviews For Amscan Assorted Color Plastic Margarita Glasses

The price is cheap, but the job gets A taco Tuesday theme was the theme of my husband's birthday party, so I bought these (2/5)

The prices are very low, a few were cracked when I received them, but I had to use them that day because the party was that evening. I wouldn't expect to be able to use them repeatedly for a theme party, but they would certainly do the job for a theme party. There is a possibility that the bottoms will fall off and the cups will crack, but if you only want to use them for a theme party and then discard them, you won't find a better deal.

Kyng Baxter - 17/07/2021
There is room for improvement in packaging (2/5)

Getting the cups today was great The glass was broken on some. With the way they were packaged, I am surprised some of them made it through without breaking. A few things caught my attention right away regarding the packaging box the box looked re-used In the past. The rest of the box is held together by a single piece of tape wrapped around it. In addition, the box did not include any padding or protection for the cups to prevent damage. There were holes and tears in the box. It was crooked, bent and dinged. It would have been nice if they had put a label that said "fragile" somewhere so handlers would take notice. They didn't even provide a shipping inventory or invoice Although I haven't used them yet, I hope to do so soon. However, the plastic of the item is of pretty poor quality. After spending time with them once, I cannot see myself reusing them There isn't worth the time and effort it takes to clean them and then to store them in my garage or kitchen. In a time crunch, I have to have these cups quickly for an upcoming event. I wish I could return them, however. There is no reason for me to purchase from this seller again, and I do not recommend getting your stuff.

Keenan Weber - 06/04/2021
There are many cheap plastics on the market (2/5)

Plastic is thin and cheap, and it is thrown away The packaging indicated that I would be getting one plastic piece which could be reused. I thought they would be more like items you would find in an inexpensive I don't think they can be found at a party supply store that you toss after a single When we put them together, several of them cracked. The bottom of the bowl had to be thrown away, I couldn't take the chance that a guest would pick it up and the bottom would come I don't know why I wasted my The limo arrived a day later than promised, which threw me for a loop since I was leaving for out of town the next day and needed them for a party I was going to host there.

Adalynn Marshall - 19/06/2021
I like it (5/5)

It's so cute to have these cups. Often times, the bottom of the feet can come off even though they are easy to install. In order to secure the bottom, you'll need to push it. The wind was not able to blow them away, but they held up well against it. They felt small to me, but this turned out not to be the case. You can store a lot of liquid in it.

Jack Bennet - 12/02/2021
My margarita bar at a bridal shower was a great success (5/5)

I used this for my margarita bar at a bridal shower and it worked perfectly. Comes in two pieces and I hot glued the bottom to the glass just in case, however, I honestly do not think that it would have come off regardless, i just took extra precautions to protect myself. Plastic quality is good, none of them broke since I bought them and they held up well! I.

Creed Butler - 10/01/2021
Stylish and sturdy plastic glasses with a good size and color (5/5)

During my rehearsal dinner, I gave each guest a pair of these glasses as a favor. It was fun to fill them with candy and the bags stayed sturdy and colorful. put a drop of super glue on the adhesive side of the cup when attaching it to the base so it would stay together while being transported. What I wanted was exactly what I got. There is no such thing as a small one. recommend using it for margaritas or if you want to decorate your table.

Amir Decker - 26/05/2021
Very cute, but very fragile and easy to break (2/5)

There are so many cute features about these glasses, but unfortunately they do not seem to be made well. There are two pieces (the base and the glass) that are meant to be It didn't take much for the glasses to crack just from assembling them. They were too easily cracked and were too expensive for me to use because I bought them for a Cinco de Mayo party. It would have been too bad if margaritas had gotten all over the Ultimately, I used a few that didn't crack to hold limes and candy and they did look really nice, but I don't think they'd hold up to being used all night, and they will definitely have to be tossed after a few uses.

Belle Simon - 26/02/2021
We served these at our Margarita Party and they were a big hit (4/5)

Party favors like these are good for any occasion. Different colors make the world a more interesting place. Since we have so many of the other 2 left, we seem to have been most popular with the red and blue. It seemed as if some of the bases might come loose, but they never did. As well as holding a lot, they store a lot more. This is what you need if you are having a margarita party. It is great to have them.

Daisy Salinas - 13/05/2021