Amerigo Whiskey Bourbon Glasses Review

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Easy to hold 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Giftable 4.6 
Durability 4.5 
Value for money 4.4 
  • It comes in a stylish wood-made box.
  • Makes a good fit and grip in your hand.
  • Low in terms of capacity.

Amerigo Whiskey Bourbon Glasses Product Description

For this glass set, what makes it desirable is the luxury gift box made from wood and chilled stones. The gift box keeps the glasses protected and dust-free, regardless of whether it is purchased for personal use or as a gift. With the addition of the chilling stones, this whiskey glasses set is perfect for those who like their bourbon strong and cold. The buyer bought the set on Amazon as a gift for a friend, and he plans to buy more as Christmas gifts for his friends in the future. An additional customer also commented that he loved the bourbon glasses, and the chilling stones were great for keeping the beverages cold since they do not dilution them.

  • You'll enjoy each and every sip of your favorite drink with this impressive whisky rocks gift set.The glasses keep your drink untouched by ice, so you can enjoy every sip. You will ALWAYS enjoy your last sip as much as you did your first one.
  • SIMPLE STORAGE WITHOUT MESS - Simple storage comes with a premium wooden box (not cheap or made of light wood) and a free carrying pouch with the logo embroidered on it. In addition to its three awesome BENEFITS listed above, this whisky stones set of wood box also provides one more benefit It is an awesome addition to every home's décor. In addition to that, if you buy Chiliing Rocks by Amerigo, you'll also receive a free EBOOK called The Art of Whisky as a special bonus.
  • Give the best gift idea EVER. Do you want to give a gift which will be unique and memorable forever? Upgrade to "Top-Shelf" by giving a special gift coupled with "Top-Shelf" service. You won't ever forget your present when you present this graceful whisky stones gift set by Amerigo!
  • GLASSES FOR WHISKY, SCOTCH, GIN, AND OTHER SPIRITS - A nice crystal whiskey glass will make you enjoy drinking whisky, scotch, gin, and other spirits more. With the AMERICO whisky stones and glasses gift set, you'll get two whisky glasses, with their original glass body making it easier to appreciate the color of the liquor.
  • GUARANTEES OF SERVICE - If there is a defect in the Amerigo whiskey stones and glasses gift set, you are entitled to a 100% refund or replacement. Please contact us within 24 hours and we will respond as soon as possible. If you enjoy whisky, or you'd like to impress your drink-loving dad/husband/grandfather/best man/male friends, this exclusively crafted chilling stones and glasses gift is the perfect choice for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and are always interested in hearing from you.

Questions & Answers

Thank you for taking the time to ask a Design and manufacture takes place in Europe, but the assembly takes place in China, at our longstanding partner Our factory is one of our time partners.
It is sent automatically within one working day after the order has been delivered.
. Rinse ice cubes thoroughly with whiskey to ensure they are sterile. 2. You need to dry the cubes and put them in the freezer for at least two days There are three hours in a day. Cold granite cubes or ice rocks should be placed directly in a glass, and then the beverage of your choice should be poured over them to create a perfectly chilled The fourth point. Easily store the reusable drinking stones in the freezer after each use, by rinsing and drying them after use. The purpose of Chill Rocks is not to cool drinks as quickly or as much as ice. They are meant to provide a mild chill to drinks instead. Temperatures are between 8 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit In order to protect the taste while maintaining quality, we should use a thickener.
Diane, thank you very much for your question! About 24% of the crystal is lead, making it Have a wonderful day.

Selected User Reviews For Amerigo Whiskey Bourbon Glasses

It is a fantastic gift that is a reasonable price to give (5/5)

I gave these as a gift to a friend and they were well received. The box was very nice, and the glasses were very nice as well. I thoroughly What you see/have described is exactly what it is. There are no problems with the whiskey stones inside the bag and they work fine. Giving a wooden box as a gift looks nice and classy. The elegant whiskey stones from Amerigo are the perfect gift for friends and family. Xmas is right around the corner, and I plan to buy a few more sets for my colleagues. Do as you are told and please your loved one as well.

Matteo O’CONNOR - 03/05/2021
Despite minor imperfections, this item is great (3/5)

The 2 I ordered are on their way, and 2 more are on their way. I received one set in which one of the glasses looks as if it has water marks on it. The item may be While both are excellent, the inside of the cubes could be put together more nicely. It seems a little cheap to me. The mesh or cushion thing that sits on top of these cubes Be sure that you open and push down the box to help make it more presentable if you are gifting. Accordingly, I purchased two more when I saw The price is a bit steep, but you can't really complain I am posting this information for your consideration. If I ever need to buy gifts again, I'll buy this.

Samara SHARPE - 31/07/2021
There is nothing impressive about it (2/5)

Says impressive, but there is nothing impressive about it. There was a small tear in the wood at two places. The outer box was not affected. Over the protective plastic on the glasses was a twisted piece of plastic and there were stones stuck where they weren't supposed to be. All of this shows a lack of quality control and carelessness. In case it wasn't too close to something I wanted for my secret santa party, I would have returned and gotten something completely different.

Sawyer Sampson - 14/02/2021
This is a great gift idea, with good glasses and stones (5/5)

This is a great gift for any whiskey drinker who doesn't appreciate their spirits being It comfortably holds four shots and the stones will keep it cold longer than ice. *br>*br>The box construction is comparable (and even better) than most cigar boxes and adds a nice touch to it if it's.

Giuliana Ellison - 30/06/2021
I think this set would be great for those who are new Buying this set for my brother-in-law who is just getting started in the whiskey world was a great decision (5/5)

I love the package that it came in - it's so beautiful. My $30 is very fancy for what I paid for it. His complaint is that it waters down and I had to get him some stones for him, which came with two nice glasses. It makes him feel fancy now! There will be some of my friends who are getting into this as well that I will buy this for. That is definitely a neat.

Baker Braun - 18/01/2021
I think so because- As far as I am concerned, you get what you pay for with glasses (3/5)

They have imperfections on the rim, which is likely the most significant component. You should definitely consider buying a more expensive set which is perfect for a serious connoisseur. In the unlikely event that this was not my husband's first set of whiskey glasses, he would likely be disappointed with the quality of the It would have been nicer to have tumblers that were smoother and more beautiful. Regardless, I'm going to give him the granite cubes anyways since I believe he'll like them.

Sabrina NORTH - 06/04/2021
The box is broken and the glasses are sticky (1/5)

As it was a gift, it was delivered on the day I intended to give it. A crack ran the width of the shipping box. When I opened the box, I saw that the entire wooden box had been damaged. As soon as I opened it, the glasses were covered with something sticky. My shopping for a gift was somewhat hurried, as I had to get to the store right away. I am devastated!.

Legend GRIFFITHS - 24/07/2021
Good value for the money (3/5)

I would not want to keep the display case on the kitchen counter, it seems like it missed quality control. Even though the glasses and stones are cheap, they are pretty decent. The quality of the item isn't right, which might justify an extra $15 for something better.

Kendall Sullivan - 03/07/2021