Alchemade Hammered Heavy Gauge 5 Liter Copper Punch Bowl Review

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Alchemade Hammered Heavy Gauge 5 Liter Copper Punch Bowl Product Description

There are not many things as unbreakable as this. The hammered bowl by Alchemade is made from 100% pure copper, so it is ideal for a batch of Moscow Mules (aesthetically) or any other punch recipe. It holds approximately five liters of liquid and has a food-safe lacquer finish. Only serve cold beverages in metal bowls; Make sure to wash and dry this one by hand.Whether it’s for a party, wedding, or event, this Punch Bowl in Hammered Copper is the perfect size. The design is versatile and can be adapted to a variety of purposes. With the Highest Grade Materials and Premium Copper, Our Products Are Made To Last. Gift this as a housewarming gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift, or any other occasion you plan to give gifts to. With Alchemade, you can feel confident that we are on your side. During the first 30 days after you receive your purchase, you can return it if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

  • VERSATILE USE Hammered copper punch bowl perfect for entertaining at any event. Dimensions 7 3/4" H x 8 3/4" Dia. In spite of this, it can be utilized in so many different ways!
  • We Use the Best Materials With Beautiful Copper Designs. Our Products Are Made From the Best Materials With The Highest Quality Materials.
  • This Gift Would Be A Great Occasional Gift For Any Occasion Including Housewarmings, Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas Or Any Other Occasion!
  • GUARANTEEED SATISFACTION Alchemade is devoted to providing its customers with quality service. Feel free to return your purchase within 30 days if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Questions & Answers

The punch bowl in this size is the only one we have, but we have smaller copper bowls as well, like this one Go to http//www. The Amazon website. Visit The 5002 code A medium-sized business I had hammered.
A punch bowl of this size measures 7 inches high and 10 inches wide. This product is 25" wide.
Five liters or one liter can be put in it. There are 32086 gallons in this case.
There is a 5 liter capacity.

Selected User Reviews For Alchemade Hammered Heavy Gauge 5 Liter Copper Punch Bowl

The bowl is made of copper and looks very nice (3/5)

The bowl is made of copper and looks very nice. A small but! Copper Punch Bowl does not describe this item and it is not fair to the buyer to be called a copper punch bowl. There is a maximum capacity of two litters in a punch. The bowl will probably hold 1 litter at most. It is a large copper bowl with no ice. Call it what it is a large copper bowl with no ice. When the size of the punch bowl is needed, do not buy. Insufficient punch for the size of the hole.

Ana Conway - 30/05/2021
I promise you this is NOT heavy gauge copper that is pure at all (1/5)

This betrayal is so hurtful to me. As a seller in Vietnam, I have an online store. In Vietnam, I had to supply a very large chain of restaurants and bars with 10 of these bowl combos. I supplied these goods to a company that had just notified me of the worst complaint. After giving these materials the big words and trust about how good they could be, I just received this response from the company. As a result, the rose rusted Despite the fact that they did not use any chemicals, the gold coating came right off. This is what you can see on the The only thing they use to clean this blunt is a napkin and water. I may lose the next contract with the company if I go with this combination. If you don't want damaging your reputation, it is HIGHLY recommended that you do not buy this one.

Austin Wallace - 23/07/2021
This is a lovely punchbowl (5/5)

It looks just like the picture, but this solid copper Punch Bowl is even more gorgeous than it appears in the picture. This book is highly.

Alexa Shea - 01/04/2021
Make sure you only seek reviews once (4/5)

There is nothing wrong with the bowl. It is It is highly annoying to get the emails and notifications for checking it. I am taking that away from a point.

Eden FORSTER - 22/01/2021
Thank you for the copper bowl- I am delighted with it The quality of this product is excellent These are a perfect fit for Thank you for the copper bowl- I am delighted with it The quality of this product is excellent We are sure it will be a great fit (5/5)

A COURTESY NOTE Adding the ladle to the purchase will cost an additional amount - Please do not confuse this with the image of a product.

Aldo Curtis - 10/03/2021
Workmanship of the highest quality (5/5)

Materials of a very high quality This is a very easy to clean surface. In the gold tint, there is just a touch of red. Making a good job of it I like how the bowl looks where I placed it. My wife and I are very happy with our purchase.

Ameer Estrada - 30/01/2021
The bowl is made of copper of the highest quality (5/5)

With this high quality copper bowl, you will be able to serve punch or fruit elegantly.

Maverick York - 06/07/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

That was a great gift for Christmas!.

Maliyah Cole - 20/01/2021