Akeplon Manual Topless Can Opener Review

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Easy to use 4.1 
Giftable 4.0 
Value for money 3.9 
  • Super easy to use.
  • Sleek and simple.
  • Short-life.

Akeplon Manual Topless Can Opener Product Description

You can use the Akeplon can opener for your kitchen, bar, dinner, party, outdoor barbecue, etc. The can opener is an easy-to-turn knob that makes opening cans a breeze. With a sharp, 420 J2 stainless steel cutting wheel, this can opener is sure to get the job done. The can opener is made of durable materials and comes with ergonomic handles that ensure a secure grip while using it. It’s easy to clean the beer can opener, just wash with water and let it dry naturally. A can opener, which is comfortable to carry and easy to store, is an artifact of opening canned goods.

  • The Akeplon can opener is a new type of beer drink opener that has a unique design that can produce a safe and efficient way of removing the tops of cans and smoothing off the edges of cans. It is my belief that the Akeplon can opener will be your best choice if you wish to pour out the liquid easily, add ice cubes or lemon juice, or any other additions you wish to make.
  • Pull the U/C can opener parallel along the can opener edge, keep the can opener positioning plate close to the top edge of the can opener, gently hold the can opener, and keep to clamp both ends of the can opener and rotate (usually rotate more than 180 degrees, 3 seconds per can).
  • In addition to being lightweight and durable, one good feature of Akeplon is that it is small, compact, and portable. A keychain can also be attached to the hook so it can be hung on the keyring or stuffed into the pocket.
  • The Akeplon Can Opener is made of high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly materials that are sturdy and strong. Here at Akeplon, not only do we offer high-quality products, but we also back them up with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any problems.

Questions & Answers

Definitely not necessary, but it's a nice touch. You can gently rotate the can by holding it in your hands.
If you can punch through the can with it, then I would think so.
There's no problem with it going by circumference since openers go by that.
The answer is no. If you are not careful, cutting your lip on the can can cause severe injury.

Selected User Reviews For Akeplon Manual Topless Can Opener

This opener is far better than the one used in the leading banks (5/5)

Using this takes up less space than most other solutions, is easier to use and more practical and does the job more efficiently The following names are dropped by way of sorry It is the first round of the Draft Top. In contrast to other products, this one does not require much pressure. I haven't sprayed all over the can or crumpled it like other products do. I find this one to be just all around better because you don't have to push the probably gross outside cap down into your refreshments. Was he really thinking that would be a good idea?.

Rylan Mason - 18/05/2021
This product has a sharp drinking edge, so do not buy it (1/5)

I've wanted one of these for a while. I've finally got it, and it works perfectly. Despite this, it doesn't cut the lip but cuts under the lip, leaving a razor sharp edge that makes it unsafe to drink directly from the can and recommends drinking from a straw. What I expected was not what I received, should've Purchases should not be made.

Edward O’NEILL - 29/06/2021
Easily cuts through materials (5/5)

A simple to use system. So far, I've only tried it with full, unopened cans, and I'm not sure how it would work on empty ones. You should let some air out of the squeeze at the beginning to avoid spraying, as I did on the The cutting edge is clean and without a I am able to drink from the cut edge without any issues. *Update The can can be cut from an empty bottle with the same results, just be careful not to put too much pressure on the can, causing it to crush.

Emma Pittman - 28/04/2021
It works as it is It was more complex than the other products that I had tried before (5/5)

This fascinated me because other products I tried were much less Since this is so simple and easy to use, I am surprised I was unable to find this one earlier. Other designs crush the cans as you try to open them, and the shards of the metal end up in your beer or other beverage. Unlike the other cans, this one leaves an edge that is smooth as stated. However, it is sharp, so you need to be extremely careful when drinking directly from the Taking the lid off of this design actually allows you to drink from the opening very Other brands require you to push the lid into the can, and that defeats the purpose of being as hygienic as possible. It is a great value for the price as well. In contrast, this 2 pack is nearly $8 while the others are nearly $25.

Sean Krueger - 07/03/2021
It is much more effective than its The thing we love is this! is way cheaper than the hyped up competitors, works the same way, leaves no shavings behind, and does not leave jagged edges behind (5/5)

There is a lid that can be removed so the lid is not dropped into the can when it is removed, and you get two for this price! Oh, and it is easy to use, as well.

Dorian Howard - 29/04/2021
That is a really cool Although the reviews are not great, this film is still pretty great (4/5)

It worked for me after following the directions. Don't touch the bottom of the can if you don't want to dent it. The title claims the edges are smooth, but that isn't really what it says. A few of the edges of the rocks are jagged and sharp. If I had to drink it out, I would be very cautious. I am very satisfied with the product as it worked as advertised.

Travis Castaneda - 10/02/2021
I love how it works (5/5)

In a nutshell, Interested to see what all the fuss was about, I went online to find out what the fuss was There's no need to worry. When the top of the lid is removed, you will realize that it is a very sharp lid. Surely there must be a way for this opener to dull the edge of the lid some way. I wouldn't recommend this can opener for children under about 8 years old. You should be safe if you're cautious. Clumsiness is a common attribute in children. I found it to be pretty interesting.

Josephine Gentry - 16/04/2021
The quick and easy way to work! I have tried similar products and found them to be awful (5/5)

It was clear that even the most expensive ones didn't satisfy me, as they claimed you get what you pay for. Great product, and for the price, I must say Perfect! Very fast and easy to use, and I expect to get a lot of use out of them. As I didn't realize there was a 2 pack in it, I should have read more. One complaint I would like to voice is that the edge is a bit sharp. It is a drink to be used with caution, but I still plan to.

Jolene Gillespie - 29/06/2021