Aervana Wine Aerator Review

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Fácil de montar 4.8 
Sabor 4.7 
Fácil de usar 4.7 
Ideal para regalar 4.5 
Fácil de limpiar 4.5 
Durabilidad 4.1 
  • Improves the taste of wine.
  • Ease of use and cleaning..
  • It has a unique design.
  • Package includes six batteries and user manual.
  • It's expensive.

Aervana Wine Aerator Product Description

one of the best aerators out there and deserves to be included on any shortlist of the best. Powered by six AAA batteries, this push-button wine aerator requires six AAA batteries. You can use this device to crack open up to 200 bottles of wine. Connect the aeration tube to the device and then open a bottle of wine. Insert the tube into the bottle and gently press down. Once you have positioned your glass underneath the spout, you are ready to drink. You’ll get instant aerated wine with a full range of flavors and aromas, at the touch of a button. In the same way that the Aervana works, it is also easy to clean. Then slide the Aervana in, tube first as usual, into a wine bottle that has been filled with water. A stream of water will be dispensed after you press the water button. Immerse the device in water but do not submerge it.

There have been positive user reviews of this wine aerator, but there have also been complaints about the product’s longevity, especially about build issues after one to two years of use. It may not be the best wine aeration device out there, but you’ll receive a convenient and user-friendly solution that’s worth considering.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The perfect amount of aerated wine is automatically delivered to your glass when you press a button.
  • The system is fast, easy to use, and clean. You don't need to elevate the lens or wait for it to spill.
  • There is one large air contact surface in the aervana process, allowing for better oxidation rate than any other aerator.
  • There is only one aerator that maintains the sediment at the bottom of the bottle and does not put it into the glass.
  • It comes with two tubes, 6 AAA batteries, and a user manual for aervana electric wine aerators.

Selected User Reviews For Aervana Wine Aerator

The product listed above is not recommended for purchase (please read)

As a result, I seem to be not the only one experiencing sudden stops. I could not have been happier with how well it worked when it did. With this $100 bar decoration, I now have a great decoration for my bar. It is the connection of two wires to the contacts on the switch that are tiny and corroded, to the point where they burst. As well as the battery contacts, they were corroded. The best way to clean it is not to use water. It is recommended that you do not submerge yourself in water for cleaning. Did we mention it? (No, we didn't) It tells me somebody knew about the vulnerability of the electrical circuit before it was ever made available for retail sale. In my opinion, it does the job but will not last. Mine was a gift for my wife, so it was beyond the return policy. Take the responsibility of being a victim seriously. This should be helpful, I hope.

Finnley Bonner - 03/05/2021
The design is horrible

Tip the bottle without protection and you won't be protected. Suddenly, our unit stopped working so we sent it in for warranty. We were shocked to find out that while this device is intended to handle liquids, it is not sealed to prevent any damage to the unit from liquids, which of course is not covered by As a result, here is the reply Please allow us to inspect the defective Aervana unit you sent us. During the inspection, we found significant corrosion, verdigris and rust under the top cover, which resulted in the unit shorting Here is a photo you can use as a Only water or wine can get into the top of the unit if it has been allowed to get in when cleaning or using the unit, or if it was knocked over while attached to a bottle of wine. Normally, water or wine cannot enter the top of the unit. Due to the fact that the Aervana is an electrical product, it cannot be washed or knocked over because the liquid will leak into the top and short out the device. The verdigris on the product is not the result of battery corrosion. * Please note that this is a case of user error and is not covered by the.

Flynn Solomon - 10/06/2021
Keep your money in your pocket

In addition to buying some for myself and friends, I also bought some for family members. My favorite thing about it was how it tasted after I used My love of the game drove me to go on a (ultimately unsuccessful) Kickstarter campaign. Exactly why did the review get a bad rating? You won't be able to use this regularly due to the fact that it will fail on you 100%. doesn't come with cleaning instructions, but it seems you can't run water through it (which makes no sense since it's There is a gap in the top of the battery, which lets in water. I sent TWO of them back with the same problem, and the company's response was to send me a YouTube link with instructions on how to clean them (I would have preferred that to have come with the aerators) and finally offer me a discount on a new one. Is there a problem with the user? Without a doubt. In any case, the current incident would not have occurred if instructions had been given. Keep your money in your pocket. The cost of other WATER-PROOF electronic aerated fountains is much less, and they perform just as well. Besides replacing my gifts with the newer versions, I have also changed my settings to my preference. It's a surprise! All of them were crapped out as well. I was so disappointed.

Dallas Gilmore - 07/03/2021
I enjoyed this very much

I enjoyed this very much. I expected it to cost me about $400 for the first two Batteries inside the unit corroded than as a result of the corrosion. Despite my repeated inquiries, I have yet to hear To only work for two months is pretty expensive.

Persephone Morrison - 30/05/2021
A few times of using the program broke it for me, so I gave it such a low rating

A few times of using the program broke it for me, so I gave it such a low rating. There was a time when it worked. I thought it was awesome. We enjoyed the wine so much more than before, and it was quick and easy to do. takes six AAA batteries which I used to get me through about 12 bottles of wine, but all of a sudden the device stopped working when I tried using it again. However, I changed the batteries and it still didn't work. Since I am out of the return or replacement period, I am stuck with the $100 paper weight I bought.

Aliya Paul - 30/05/2021
I like the idea, but I'd have to redesign the part of the straw that connects to the I think this is a fantastic A similar one I received as a gift inspired me to purchase this one

Several weeks after it was received, an original unit broke at the point where the straw connects with the head. The only thing that holds it back from getting 5 stars would be the plastic point that is easily broken.

Aubrie Baker - 29/05/2021
I was very disappointed with the outcome, and the money was wasted

It was the gift I purchased for my husband for Christmas. I can't overstate how disappointed I was with the product. There is no reason why it did not aerate the wine- That was done so well, and we loved the ease with which the wine aerated and the taste of the wine. So it was even more disappointing when the product failed. The first time we used this wine bottle, we noticed that the two seams at the top began to leak. There was only a little leak, but it was significant. In addition, we saw that a lot of water leaked when we used it to clean a bottle of water (according to manufacturer's instructions). point, my husband removed the top and claimed that it was filled with liquid (after only a few uses). After taking everything apart, drying it, and putting it back together, he installed it again. When I was using it, I tried to keep the wine from dripping everywhere and kept a paper towel around the top. Just a few short weeks after Christmas, some of us were on the road again. It started working last night, but it stopped working completely last night. In taking it apart, we found the red wine had corroded the batteries from getting wet and causing them to turn dark as a result. We have a Vinturi, and my husband won't even want another unit. He will continue to aerate using the Vinturi by hand. This is a shame because it performed the function it was designed and manufactured for so well, but it is just poorly made and designed. There was a problem with straws breaking for others too, and at least that could be easily replaced- It is still, however, a poor The product came with many reviews before I purchased it, but since the positives outweighed the negatives, I made the purchase anyways. Perhaps one of these other options will work better for me, as I see a few other companies offer similar products. The unit I am reviewing would absolutely NOT be recommended for purchase.

Rayden Gomez - 03/05/2021
I was hoping it would be everything I expected

The original review (5 stars)*br>This thing is not only cool as heck, but it also does a great job of aerating the wine. We tested it against a regular glass and, after you open a bottle, you can tell that there is a difference. Since I have only had it for a few weeks, I've put a few bottles of wine through it, and I'm pleased with it so far I give it a five-star rating. Having read the reviews, it does not appear to have a long lifespan, but I am optimistic for now. My review will be updated if it breaks or does anything that would cause me to change the rating from 5 stars to anything else. I loved this thing every day it worked, but as of today, 6/4/2020, it no longer works. *Update(rated 3 stars)
I truly hate this thing now that it has ceased to work for me. According to the other reviews that complained about the short shelf life of this product, many of them were right.

Mylah Charles - 01/02/2021