Adoric Ice Sphere Maker Review

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Easy to use 4.3 
Easy to remove 3.9 
  • Uses slow freezing technology and the ice melts slowly.
  • Large trays that make super sized trays.
  • Made from safe and BPA free silicone.
  • Easy to use.
  • It comes with a tong for grabbing the ice.
  • It's expensive.

Adoric Ice Sphere Maker Product Description

Double ice sphere molds from Adoric are unique in design and utilize insulated materials to help water freeze slower to reduce bubbles, cloudiness, and cracking, resulting in crystal-clear ice balls. Water is poured into a rectangular plastic box, into which a two-sided, food-grade silicone mold is then inserted and filled with water. It is an alternative to filling individual round molds or a tray with a funnel. In order to help the ice freeze slowly, these parts are placed in an insulated casing prior to freezing.

The translucent ice balls can be separated from the mold after approximately six hours, revealing two shiny, transparent ice balls with an approximate diameter of 2.36 inches. This is a stylish and cool outfit. I love it because it’s so simple. The only thing to remember is don’t overfill on your first try. Don’t let the top freeze. When it freezes, it will pop off. Over all, it is a fantastic product.

  • An ice cube tray equipped with advanced slow-freezing technology is designed to make the ice spheres crystal clear and of a higher quality.
  • Two ice balls can be made from one ice ball tray. Three perfectly round 36 inch balls at a time. The large size allows the ice to melt slowly and keep your drink cold for Drinks such as cocktails, brandy, bourbon, and scotch go well with this beer.
  • Made of 100% food-grade silicone and free of BPA, this ice ball maker is made with safety in mind. Ices made this way are odorless thanks to the well-sealed construction. The nonstick surface makes it easy to pull ice balls out of the bowl without sticking.
  • Once you get two perfectly clear balls that are easy to make, fill up the ice cube trays with water and put them in the freezer for 6-8 hours. Easily cleaned with a smooth silicone surface, the dishwashing machine is safe to use as well.
  • You'll find a round ice cube tray as well as a matching tong, which is convenient to hold for getting the large ice balls out.

Selected User Reviews For Adoric Ice Sphere Maker

This is exactly what I expected (5/5)

The ice has been in my possession for a few days and I have made two batches so far The total number of spheres is four. the device does exactly what it's supposed to do. It is quite easy to make these spheres and they are very clear. The problem with this is that it takes up a lot of freezer space (considering you get only two spheres) and the instructions state that it takes 24 hours, not 4 In the description, it is noted that there are 6. Each time, I have frozen it in the freezer for the full 24 hours without any issues. I did not have any issues getting it out of the foam container, nor did I have any trouble getting After freezing the spheres, I put them in a zip lock bag and placed them back in the freezer. When you want to use them for a party, you'll need to build up an "inventory" because it takes a while to make ice. I do, however, find that it produces two large, uniform, and to a very high degree, clear spheres about.

Canaan DAVISON - 09/03/2021
This is a neat When you make enough for a party, you should begin making it early (4/5)

The texture of the soup does not change after freezing. You have to keep the outer foam layer as well as the outside of the plastic form dry otherwise it will be very difficult to separate It is necessary to run hot water over the plastic form holder to get out the non-round.

Iris Solomon - 05/07/2021
You can see crystal clear (5/5)

In three tries, I was able to find one that would produce very clear balls, but this one works. We would like to be able to make more than two at a time. Also, we would like to be able to choose from You can get clear ice balls in this one if you want.

Rohan Flowers - 20/04/2021
The ice I received from the maker my neighbor has is much clearer than that provided by other makers that claim to make clear ice (5/5)

I tried another brand purchased from Amazon that was less expensive and easier to use, but it did not produce clear ice at all. The test results of this one were much better than the other one after a week of side by side testing This is the clear winner. The ice balls are a bit harder to get out, but it is worth the effort. This is a great book! The experience of drinking bourbon on the rocks gets a whole lot better.

Alejandro Sellers - 11/02/2021
The clear cub maker is great (4/5)

I have added another great item to my whiskey collection. This is an excellent cube maker. I have not been able to get clear risers made by another maker because it only takes 24 hours to make. Clearing out ice that has formed at the bottom is another chore. This is taken care of by hot water.

Raya Berry - 20/05/2021
You can see crystal clear (5/5)

Sphere ice mold is the first item I have purchased, and I am very pleased During that period of time, 24 hours passed While it took hours for the product to solidify, the result is incredibly clear. . . no cloudiness at all. I like this ice mold a lot.

Darwin Marks - 04/01/2021
The use of the site is difficult (1/5)

There are a lot of obstacles to deal with when using this ice mold. A very difficult part of the process is removing the inner mold.

Brynn Fritz - 02/08/2021
Clear as a bell (5/5)

It comes out very clear when the balls of ice are fried. In the bottom there are some leftover big square cubes that aren't clear (they're not supposed to be clear), but they're also useful.

Valentin Strickland - 24/05/2021