A Bar Above Professional Julep Strainer Review

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Durability 5.0 
Easy to clean 4.8 
Value for money 4.8 
Easy to use 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Easy to hold 4.7 
  • It is superior than the Hawthorne strainer since it can be modified to fit even larger shakers.
  • To efficiently leave smaller seeds and pulp from fruits, the holes are be smaller.
  • In comparison to other brands, it is rather inexpensive for its gold finish.
  • When pouring, there is no notch on which the glass can rest.

A Bar Above Professional Julep Strainer Product Description

A julep strainer that puts ergonomics, durability, and efficiency first is the ideal cocktail maker for any craft bar or home cocktail enthusiast. It is constructed of durable SS304 and built to last, even in the busiest cocktail bars. Regardless of the size of the mixing glass, cocktail shaker, or pint glass, the oval shape fits perfectly. A great strainer for stirred cocktails.

  • A popular choice for any craft bar or home cocktail enthusiast, this julep strainer was designed with ergonomics, durability, and efficiency in mind.
  • The bar is built to last, even behind the busiest of cocktail bars, because it is manufactured from sturdy SS304 metal.
  • Ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold for long periods. Looks good on any desk.
  • Perfect for general mixing glasses, cocktail shakers or pint glasses the oval shape is perfectly sized to fit any standard mixing You can strain your stirred cocktail with ease with this strainer!
  • It will not slow down service or delay your drinks - it will filter out ice particles in a timely manner, creating a smooth and delicious beverage!

Questions & Answers

There is a Julep Strainer that is compatible with that.
Made in China, this Julep strainer is a high quality product.
Dimensions About 3 inches wide and about 3 inches high The handle on the bag is 3" long.
It's not magnetic.

Selected User Reviews For A Bar Above Professional Julep Strainer

The mesh strainer can be used in place of this (5/5)

The spoon is fantastic. I wouldn't mind leaving this out on a little board. I think it's pretty. I had been using the mesh strainer to squeeze lemons and it had rusted. This worked just like a strainer. It was worth the price. Jars next to it appear to be small in the photo, but appear large in person. This cup is just large enough to let your hands rest on it, so you can squeeze the lemon with both hands.

Franklin Finley - 28/07/2021
It is good to see you! The picture shows what the item looks like (except for the A few months ago, I bought this product as a gift for my boyfriend, and he really appreciates I like the classic look of this one more than the ones with all the wiring on the sides (4/5)

It's easy to use, and we both like it better than the ones with all the wiring on the sides. It was disappointing to find out the box they came in had been smashed and torn a bit, unfortunately Buying this product was also because I liked the packaging (important since it was a gift), but overall that wasn't the most important factor the end result was good for both of us.

Mylah Le - 29/05/2021
It's a super nice strainer (5/5)

The stainless steel cocktail strainer is very nice and of high quality. This is a very good-looking and easy-to-use phone that is very large, heavy and feels very comfortable in the hand. Getting together with friends will be great, and I can't wait!.

Timothy Pope - 24/04/2021
This julep strainer is really ergonomic (5/5)

I really like the fact that it goes well with my mixing glass, it is easy to clean, and it is One thing that would improve it is if it were made all from one piece instead of being constructed from two pieces.

River Beck - 19/02/2021
A very good product (4/5)

As of now, it works ok, but is hard to hold, and it has not fit well into any of the glasses I have tried. The task is accomplished, but it does require some effort to accomplish.

Korbin Haney - 17/02/2021
Especially for the price, it's a great strainer (5/5)

The liquid in the julep is delightful. I can fit it into my mixing glass just fine. Exceptionally good quality, but the handle is a bit of a letdown. It is possible for the handle to bend, but every strainer I have ever seen bends similarly.

Brodie Barry - 12/03/2021
A high-quality product (5/5)

Here is a document I just received. I was so in love with it, it was somewhat heavy in a good way, and it was obviously extremely high quality that I had to write this right away. Reviews of a couple of other brands complained that the others were thin and flimsy. Here is what I want to tell shoppers- The best out there has to be this one. It is very good to have you here.

Madelyn Reyes - 23/01/2021
I really like the Julep Strainer (4/5)

I can use it to make classic cocktails. It's perfect. I've always had it in my mixing pitcher as if it was an integral part of the vessel.

Chase HARTLEY - 27/03/2021