A Bar Above Premium Vintage Double Cocktail Jigger Review

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Easy to hold 5.0 
Easy to clean 4.9 
Accuracy 4.8 
Easy to use 4.8 
Easy to read 4.6 
  • Seamless weld for clean lines.
  • Food-grade stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Spacings on each measurement are not that accurate.

A Bar Above Premium Vintage Double Cocktail Jigger Product Description

It is manufactured from 304 stainless steel to make sure that it will last even when it is used by a commercial bar with high volumes. A polished steel jigger with precision engraved measurements can be used effectively even when it is not painted. Moreover, this jigger has no extra finish or color, so it will not chip or rust. From 0.25 oz. up to 0.75 oz., and so on, you’re free to work on different size amounts. Its wide mouth makes pouring easy without spillage or mess, which is another great feature about this jigger. Furthermore, the broader base also keeps the jigger from falling when it is in use. Moreover, this tool can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • Design with a contemporary flair - Designed specifically for a career bartender, the cocktail measuring jigger has everything a bar needs to measure & create the perfect cocktail. The ergonomic design of this bar jigger provides superior comfort, and a quick and easy way to gain street cred the second you pick it up.
  • We've spared no expense to make a cocktail measuring cup made of stainless steel 304. With a polished stainless steel finish, the new bartender jigger lasts a lifetime. Made from heavy-duty materials and guaranteed never to rust, crack, or break.
  • You can pour with confidence with this cocktail jigger. These precision-engraved lines of measurement tell you everything you need to know to make delicious cocktails. We mark the product in 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz, 1 1/4oz, 1 1/2oz, 1 3/4oz.
  • It doesn't matter if you're the fastest bartender in the world, if all you're doing is wasting drinks. This alcohol measuring jigger is perfect for your fast and accurate alcohol measurements. In addition, the straight edge lip contributes to that balanced cocktail's appearance and reduces liquor waste.
  • This bell-shaped jigger has a wider mouth and lower back to prevent spillage when on the weeds. This is the perfect tool to use when you're in the weeds, or when you need to handle it well in the weeds.

Questions & Answers

Measures about 2 inches across on the 2 ounce side, and 1" across on the 1 ounce side.
With bell jigger, We can see the lines with the glass on the 2 oz, and the lines on the 1 oz are harder to see, but the 1 oz has the small bell, and the 2 oz has the big bell. A beautiful bell jigger, much better than a shot glass with markings on the outside and with markings on the inside.
There are measurement lines on the inside of Each of the smaller lines measures 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, and 3/4 ounce, while the whole cup is 1 ounce. Across the bottom of the cup are ruler lines measuring 1 ounce, 1 1/4 ounce, 1 1/2 ounce, and the whole cup weighs 2 ounces.
Jigger is a Japanese style jigger made in China, although it was designed in Japan.

Selected User Reviews For A Bar Above Premium Vintage Double Cocktail Jigger

I like this for people who do not need the small measurements on the inside (3/5)

I thought this was a very nice jigger to behold. It is solid in the hand. The finish looks great and the 1 oz and 2 oz sides appear to be accurate enough in their measurements. There are a few things wrong On the inside, there are supposed to be lines 1 and 2. The dimensions of the box are 25 ounces and one pound. You are way off with the 5 oz, etc. Anybody reading this who has a basic grasp of physics can see that they are wrong by looking at the picture. In case there were any doubts, I measured again. There are the 1 oz and the 1 tsp. It is too low to have 25 oz lines. Here are three reasons why. In numbers 5 and 1, there are six. A good rule of thumb is 75 lines. It's the line with the 2 oz. The smallest size of the bottle does not exist, and filling it to the brim would require more than two ounces. It wouldn't be a big deal if you went over 2 oz when you filled. A little bit of strength is what I like in my drinks. If you have to buy this product to get 1/4-ounce measurements, you probably need those measurements to be precise as well. That's definitely not the case here. Items like this are being returned to me.

Memphis Le - 23/06/2021
I love this to the extent that I can't stand the measurement markings, which are not precise (3/5)

Although I hate that I'm nitpicky enough to complain about this, part of the point of spending money on something nice like this is that everything should work perfectly. The inner markers for quarter ounces are also not at all accurate - the spacing is too close together and I don't trust it. As the vessel gets wider at the top, some of the lower volume intervals are closer together than some of the higher volume intervals, which is the opposite of what would happen with a vessel that gets wider over time. In other words, if you measure 1, it means that you can perform a regression analysis on the data. In either case, you will have less than 25 oz, or when you measure one you will have less than that as well. The amount will not be as small as 5 ounces. It seems to me that if you are going to spend the time and effort to make these precise, engraved markings, you might want to do it more carefully.

Wayne Roach - 14/05/2021
Perhaps not the best choice for a home bar (4/5)

Great for professionals, less practical for regulars. Good product. If there is one thing that could be improved, I would say it would be the markings on the inside. Because the inside is so long and narrow, there are shadows that make it difficult to read It's especially important to pay attention to It does not reflect a defect in the product, but rather a defect in the Japanese-style jiggers. It is true that the lines on the jiggers were more apparent than on other Japanese style jiggers Also, since it is a taller, narrower jigger, the opening at the top is a smaller diameter, so you have to pour the alcohol with more care. In the case of speed pourers with a smooth controlled stream of 1/4" inch liquid, you will not encounter this issue, but with a standard open pour with the typical "glug, glug, glug" action, it can certainly be problematic. The style of the product here is not a fault, but the design itself. All in all, if you are a fan of Japanese style jiggers, this is an excellent product. For my purposes, a jigger with a wide mouth is best.

Davion McPherson - 11/06/2021
The first day, the crack broke in half (3/5)

It is hoped that replacement is not affected by the same problem. The stainless steel jigger weighs a lot however, when it was dropped on the first day the metal broke in half. A replacement is on the way from Amazon. The only concern I have is whether I will have the same problem. My opinion is that the design would have been stronger if it had been made out of one piece rather than.

Sage Frazier - 21/04/2021
I love this jigger less than my son who is a professional bartender (5/5)

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my son, who works at a bar. Within three months of prolonged use in a high-perfusion environment In fact, he is the one to give a five-star rating to the volume bar I would rate this product five stars across the board. It has clearly defined pour lines, has every ounce he needs, is heavy duty, has a great weight, is ergonomically great and is dishwasher safe for commercial use. It looks brand new even after he dropped it and stepped on it, and even threw it at a wall one night (don't ask). None of those are things he recommend doing, but he has still been able to drop it and step on it. The jigger he used was the best he had ever In reality, he has two, because the same, identical jigger was included in the five-piece bartending kit I ordered for him from this company, and he raves about that kit as well. I would say that this is great for anyone who needs to purchase a bartending tool, whether it is for home use or professional use. Buy it already, so you don't have to waste time looking. A better Japanese jigger will not be found anywhere else. All right everybody, I'll leave it at that. You can measure and mix your way to happiness!.

Zoie McClure - 31/03/2021
As with another reviewer, I'm broke too (2/5)

The way this is written is good. I loved it so much, I wrote a book about it This is what I did tonight, jigging until it broke on me. On the way to make a Mother's Day Aviation for my wife, I dropped it on the kitchen counter. Please note, the counter does not belong to In other words, it fell about 12 inches from my hand to the counter and completely broke in two, as demonstrated in the previous review. I was very disappointed by that. The item has been in my possession for nearly a year, and I don't recall dropping it, but that does not indicate a "quality product" as the description of the product suggests. Don't look at the same old thing.

Dulce Ramirez - 27/04/2021
It is reasonable to expect better quality for the money spent (3/5)

It is reasonable to expect better quality for the money spent. A cute product from the outside, even though the exterior is quite plain, and measurements are easy to make thanks to the engraved lines inside. Some engravings are darker and more prominent than others, while others are sloppy at best. However, my biggest complaint is that a couple of the engravings on the outside overlap with an engraving on the inside and, as a result, the measurement line engraving is obscured. If the engraving on the outside had been shifted down an eighth of an inch, that would have fixed the problem. A quick glance indicates that it reads "1/4" or "1/2" on the 2 oz side since the first "1" on "1 1/4" and "1 1/2" is not as prominent or bold as the second "1. As far as the quality of the engraving and the quality of the products are concerned, the $4 jigger I bought was similar to each other. As it stands, I think the quality of this product is below par for such a high price point.

Kamryn Sutton - 02/01/2021
This jigger is perfect for professional bartenders (5/5)

I am a great A jigger designed for professional bartenders. One meter is the length of the lines. The number five is one. It weighs 25oz on the 25oz side, and 1oz on the 2oz side. The number 75 is In addition to 5, there is This size is 25 ml on the 1oz side. It is comfortable This is all I need to know! It is much better than the jiggers provided at my place of work and I have been using it for a few months.

Ellis Pierce - 24/02/2021