A Bar Above Mixing Glass Review

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Easy to use 5.0 
Giftable 4.9 
Value for money 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.5 
Durability 4.4 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Durable glass built.
  • Affordable.
  • No accessories included.
  • Small capacity.

A Bar Above Mixing Glass Product Description

There are no weak seams to break during your shift due to the seamless construction of this glass. The glass is made by hand and is designed for strength and beauty. The dishwashing load can be washed in a residential or commercial dishwasher. While stirring, the flat, heavy weighted base keeps the bowl solidly in place. The sides of the glass are straight and it meets the weighted bottom at the perfect angle for your spoon to glide effortlessly around the surface.

  • This 550ml / 18oz size was hand selected by a career bartender as it allows for one or two cocktails while feeling very comfortable in the hand. Compatible with all standard Julep and Hawthorne.
  • NO MORE BROKEN GLASS These are built to last! The seamless construction eliminates the possibility of weak seams ripping or starting to fall apart A piece of hand-blown glass is built to last for a very long time. Safe to use in dishwashers at home and in commercial kitchens.
  • It stays steady in place solidly while you stir with its heavy weighted base. THE NEW FAVORITE This is our best-seller. This glass' sides are straight and meet its weighted bottom at just the right angle to allow your spoon to glide around the glass effortlessly.
  • From the beginner to the pro Whether you’re mixing your first Manhattan or mixing your 1000th Martini, this glass is the perfect choice for stirring any Get a cocktail stirred like a Sazerac, Negroni, or a Martinez! Any back bar, home bar, or mise en place would look great with this classic design.
  • We carefully crafted and packaged these glasses in a beautiful box that would make a perfect gift (or keep it for yourself.

Questions & Answers

550ml, or 0.01 ounces, can be held in the glass. There are 55 liters in it.
A rough measurement of its outer diameter would be approximately 3 inches. There is an interior diameter of approximately 3 inches and a length of approximately 5 inches. I am 25 inches tall.
China seems be the country.
The Mixing Glasses on this page are made of lead-free crystal.

Selected User Reviews For A Bar Above Mixing Glass

Mixing two adult beverages has never been easier! I was looking for a mixing glass for a while (5/5)

I saw this one and it looked nice, and it had nice reviews. We also own other items from the same manufacturer and are satisfied with them. Though it's a bit smaller than I thought, I find that it makes two adult size beverages perfectly. probably would have been good for more people, but only two of us are here. Despite being pretty thin at the top and sides, it's pretty sturdy overall. This product feels good in your hand. I would highly recommend it, and I will immediately get a replacement if this one drops. Invest in it and a long-handled bar spoon and you're good to go!.

Sincere Dunn - 17/01/2021
The mix of two martinis or manhattans is perfect for 2 not shaken martinis (5/5)

For such a low price, the mixing jar looks so nice in comparison to my other crystal that is much more expensive. In addition, it's just the right size for two drinks Martinis or Manhattans are what we drink in our case. You may wish to order a bartender's strainer and long-lasting corkscrew as well You can also use a stemmed spoon. Moreover, you may like to watch The Martini, an Amazon Prime movie Here is an iconic cocktail to get you inspired.

Charles Goldberg - 21/03/2021
You will have an easier time pouring with this well-designed device (5/5)

One or two drinks can be made with this size. I like the way my Oxo strainer fits, and the bottom area has a curve that helps with.

Gerald Weeks - 01/07/2021
A broken device that could not be used (replaced by the company) (4/5)

I was pleasantly surprised when I took this product out of the box. It broke after I placed it into a plastic drying rack after being hand washed. I got to use it once but never got the chance There is no guarantee that this item will withstand being stirred with a metal spoon or even being washed and it won't even be able to withstand being tossed in the dishwasher. Edited -*br>*br> Despite the faulty one, the seller sent us a replacement one that works fine. It's okay to set it upside down on a drying rack, just don't turn it upside down.

Oaklynn Jacobson - 16/07/2021
The bar in your home should be of top quality (5/5)

You can now enjoy mixing drinks from a Japanese style mixing pitcher at your home. You like going out at a trendy spot and are keen on making your drinks just like the mixologists there. The size is good to make up to two cups Here are 3 cocktails that require stirring then strain effortlessly into your glass.

Gloria Barron - 20/02/2021
The value is excellent (5/5)

Making cocktails at home has been a tradition for me for several years, and I've been very reluctant to add another mixing glass to the mix. My mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It has made a difference to my results since I've been using this glass for two weeks. Although heavy, this cup is sturdy and well constructed, and it can be held easily even when we're fully chilled. The purchase price was definitely worth it.

Sunny Foster - 09/06/2021
Your bar will not be complete without this! I'm glad I bought this mixing glass - it's a real thing! In good bars, I've seen identical ones (5/5)

Weighted bottom makes stirring easy (hade a hard time doing it with two hands) and dripless pour spout means no waste. By using this mixing glass, I've noticed an improvement in overall taste and quality of my martinis, and it's made preparation much easier for me.

Emanuel Espinoza - 09/05/2021
The quality of this product is very high (5/5)

The mixing glass I have is awesome. Due to the fact that this is the first one I own, I cannot compare it to anything similar, but it is well made and has a substantial weight to it Stirring it with one hand does not give it any movement. It is large enough to hold several drinks at the same time, and looks nice as well. When applicable, this is a far superior method of mixing than using a shaker or in a pint glass.

Kyrie Riley - 01/03/2021