7Penn Condiment Tray with Ice Chamber Review

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Easy to clean 4.5 
Value for money 4.2 
Durability 4.2 
Sturdiness 4.1 
  • Crystal-clear bar tray.
  • Deep containers.
  • Costlier.

7Penn Condiment Tray with Ice Chamber Product Description

Instead of putting salad toppings and garnishes in numerous plastic containers, organize your garnishes neatly with the Chilled Server Condiment Bar 4-Compartment Chilled Condiment Server with Lid from 7Penn. Organize fruits, olives, or toppings when a taco bar is being served, a potato bar is being served, or a build-your-own salad and pasta station is being offered. The benefits of this are that you can include something for everyone, which is ideal for mixed-generation audiences. The 16-inch square tray with a total length, width, and height of 5.9, 0.89, and 4.9 inches is the ideal size to serve cold food at a buffet, as a topping container or condiment tray for hot dogs, or as an ice cream topping tray. It is possible to store up to 2.5 cups of kitchen garnishes and foods in each condiment container. It is not the right product for boiling liquids or for use in the conventional or microwave oven.

  • Five times seven is seven. The sum of 7 x 2 is 70. Four 14-inch by four 14-inch sheets The size of this matrix is 5 x 7 inches. 1.2 cm) condiments tray can hold up to two condiments. This recipe makes 5 cups (590 ml) of soup.
  • Nine x four is equal to nine and four. Nine inches Sixteen by fifteen by three millimeters) This is a 25 x 5 x 1 design. A 2-inch (30. The number of x12 is two.
  • 3) with water and stash in the freezer overnight before use. The compartments are easily removable for resupply with condiments and ice as needed, and make cleaning easy.
  • is made from shatterproof acrylic material that's transparent to provide easy visibility of the ice and food contents even when lid is closed Lid is not airtight or removable but is top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • [Contents] Salad bar buffet taco bar party supplies package includes (1) condiment chiller, (1)

Questions & Answers

In short, yes. This is the case.
You won't find a notch here. There is no gap between the lid and the bottom of the container.

Selected User Reviews For 7Penn Condiment Tray with Ice Chamber

I found it to work well for my home bar, but the At a party, I used this tray for a home bar (3/5)

However, the lemons &amp the cranberries weren't as nice as I expected I suspect anything acidic would stain the plastic the next time it is filled with fruit. The oranges stained the clear plastic a foggy white. It won't matter when filled with fruit again, but it's likely to stain anything acidic. Besides this, it did what it had been advertised to do. It kept garnishes cold and covered while displaying.

Russell GIBBONS - 05/02/2021
An excellent value for the money (5/5)

A taco bar at my son's graduation party would not be complete without it! In the beginning, I thought it came smaller than I expected, but when party day came, I was pleasantly surprised at how much i was able to fit in.

Eli David - 11/02/2021
There was a problem with the lid (4/5)

Despite the fact that the lid is held on by a tiny acrylic nipple that broke off as soon as it was attached, everything else is perfectly fine. Too much hassle to return, so I'll leave the lid off when I use, too bad, I should have bought the one without a hinge, lol oh yeah, I did, but then I'd have to pay more for it.

Bonnie Olsen - 29/07/2021
The quality of the photo is low (1/5)

The description of the item states that it is of top quality but won't last. You can put the rack in the dishwasher. A single wash resulted in cracks in the plastic. This product is a nice concept, but the quality is poor. I returned it.

Clyde Cowan - 10/05/2021
I like the look and function of this! The display box feels durable and has made a good impression at family gatherings when we brought salad add-ins in it (4/5)

My guess was wrong as it is bigger than I thought it was. I should have checked the dimensions. I can't wait to make taco fixings with it!.

Josiah Hess - 02/02/2021
Buying this was a great decision! This is a really good product for the price (5/5)

I like the fact that I can place ice at the bottom of it, which is why I selected it versus another one that costs My intention was to purchase this for an event, but I will use it for holidays and other functions as well.

Jace Spears - 26/04/2021
The setup is fine, but it was broken when I received it (4/5)

An ice cream toppings bar would be awesome with this container! I used it for my cousin's birthday and it was great! I received a broken lid with mine, but it was not the fault of the manufacturer. I had to remove the entire lid, serve the toppings, and then put the lid back on, which is unfortunate since the kid didn't flip up and down. The fact that its broken when the order arrived isn't that big of a deal, but it would have been nice if it had not been.

Ronan Maxwell - 25/04/2021
Despite the plastic's flimsiness, it still works (3/5)

The corners of the building were broken when we arrived. It is thin and flimsy plastic, but it works for the purpose. Ice can be stored under the trays to keep the condiments cold.

Jamir Maxwell - 03/01/2021