3 Brush Glass Washer Review

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Easy to use 4.7 
Suction power 4.6 
Value for money 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.5 
  • Perfect for cleaning shotglasses and highballs.
  • Clean after usage to keep out bacteria.

Questions & Answers

The answer is yes, I use it almost daily. It can be used on all types of plastic, glassware, and cups. The material is great for bowls and containers of all sizes.
8x8x3 is roughly what it is.
It's just a matter of pulling up on the device. This breaks the suction and it comes off the sink.

Selected User Reviews For 3 Brush Glass Washer

A durable material (5/5)

A small electric dishwasher that would be behind the bar at the place I work will not be purchased by the bar. The person they're paying for it already has the ability to do this, so why do they have to pay for A simple to use system. After a month of use, I have found that the suction cups have formed a strong bond. When I used the bristles the first time, there were a few wiry hairs coming out. Yet, a single one hasn't been noticed since then.

Angela Dawson - 16/02/2021
Despite using it for less than 30 days, it broke (2/5)

A sink brush broke after less than 2 months of use, not even due to user error. As the owner of a busy bar, we don't even hand wash all of our glassware. It's not uncommon for sink brushes to last for years. Two months at the very least.

Victoria Valdez - 04/02/2021
This is a must-have for any beer lover (5/5)

Whenever you start having problems with your dishwasher breaking down your beer glasses, this suction cup mounted glass washer will save the day. Don't throw away collectible bar glasses just because they are smudge-covered with old soap crud. Use this trick and your collectible glasses will look like new.

Penny Colon - 20/05/2021
This is a perfect tool for doing dishes with one hand after having a severe stroke (5/5)

I have a paralyzed left arm. As a result, I can finally take over doing the I feel less guilty about doing one less chore for my wife and one less thing to make her feel guilty.

Blake Crane - 05/01/2021
When it stays put, it is functional (4/5)

There can be a lot of I have to unstick it a lot from the bottom of the (new stainless) sink, and one of the suction cups continuously pops out. In addition, it's a hassle to get back into the building.

Jaxon Hebert - 10/02/2021
It is exactly what I had been looking for (5/5)

We have a small taproom and these are the perfect solution.

Tripp Werner - 18/06/2021
I've never experienced such a bad suction before! As a result, it is hard to use since the suction power is weak (2/5)

It is somewhat challenging to use this system since the brushes don't stay in place when inserted into the sink, so holding them down while you try to clean a glass proves difficult.

Everett Sharp - 05/02/2021
The suction was great (5/5)

The vacuum cleaner has excellent suction and cleans the glasses beautifully. I have had it for a few months now and absolutely love it.

Asher McGuire - 12/01/2021