Wine Glass Racks

The Best 21 Wine Glass Racks To Buy In 2021

Even though wine glasses have the same fragility as ordinary glasses, because of their design, they are even more fragile. Therefore, they should be stored in a way that provides some form of special treatment. The manufacturers have recognized the need for wine glass racks, and they have developed new products to meet that need. Because the different models on the market offer different features, choosing from the many models available to choose the best wine glass rack is a daunting task for any customer. After having tried most wine glass racks available on the market, I have found one that meets my needs. It’s important to remember that wine racks can be used for much more than just displaying wine bottles in the corner of the kitchen. Apart from its functional purpose, it should also look sleek enough to display your prized wine bottles, wine glasses, and wine accessories. In the market there are a number of wall-mounted and wooden wine racks that are worth considering. The following is a list of the best of the best to assist you in making your decision.

Best Wine Racks Buying Guide

You will need to think about the size and capacity of your wine rack based on how many bottles are going in. Whether you drink wine casually or have a large collection of wines, go with a rack that will fit the specific number of bottles you have. If you are or plan to be a wine collector, opt for something with a large capacity instead. In addition to capacity, the size of the wine rack depends on the number of bottles. You need to ensure the wine rack you will purchase has ample space in your home. The larger it is incapacity, the bigger it will be in size. A wine rack’s style or design is very important to a lot of people. Even though this may not be as applicable to all wine racks, it is nonetheless an important factor to take into account when choosing one. Choose from a wide variety of designs from colored to wooden to rustic. The wine rack should be chosen in accordance with the style and colors in your kitchen or bar. The materials used to make wine racks vary, but wood and metal are the most common. The wine bottles weigh enough to be supported by both of these durable baskets. It still matters what material the rack is made of when it comes to its design. A wooden table provides a more natural appearance, while metal creates a more elegant look.


Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack

Commercially welded metal makes up the wall-mounted Sorbus wine rack, which is strong, durable, and easy to clean. Black color is finished on the rack for an added touch of class in your home bar or kitchen. Additionally, you can attach it to the wall easily. A wine rack like this is the one you're looking for if you're looking for something pretty straightforward. is plain and minimalist, sans any color or design.



  • Have the capacity to hold 9 bottles.
  • Bottles are to be stored horizontally.
  • May get bend.

Anna Stay Wall Mounted Wine Rack

It's not only possible to hold wine bottles with this wall-mounted wine rack, but you can also stash your wine glasses and corks in the built-in containers on the rack. There are also six different wine charms included in the set, so you and your friends can enjoy them. In my opinion, this is the best wine rack to choose from if you want to be useful in several ways. This rack has everything you could possibly need in it, including wine bottles, glasses, corks, and charms. This wall-mounted wine rack was mentioned by an Amazon customer as being sturdy and high quality. Easily mounted, the rack can hold full bottles of wine and stemware and is strong enough to hold them both. There are corks on the tray, but they aren't as visible as they could be. Additionally, she painted the letters "WINE" in different colors to make the rack stand out.



  • Comes with six charm decors.
  • Also have a cork tray.
  • Integrated wine glass holder.
  • Liable to get bend.

Rustic State Smith Wall Mounted Wood Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Holder Stemware Rack

Thanks to its sleek design, the Rustic State wall-mounted wine rack saves a lot of space. In spite of its size, you can still combine your wine bottle and glasses without having to worry about them rubbing against one another. The rack comes with a strong ledge and screws that enable you to install it without the help of an expert. Small enough to fit thin walls or small spaces, this wall mount is just as stylish as it gets.



  • Capacity to hold 4 wine glass.
  • Assist multi-functional ledge.
  • Ledge is flimsy.

SODUKU Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack

With the Soduku wall-mounted wine rack, you will receive a finished product made of premium wood and metal iron that isn't rusty and durable enough to keep the bottle and glass from wobbling, tilting, or falling over. There is a maximum capacity of five bottles and four wine glasses for the sleek rack. All the hardware needed for mounting is included in the package, so mounting is not complicated. This wine rack is made with both wood and metal for added strength, so durability would not be an issue with it.



  • Superior quality wood is used.
  • Metal-iron build up.
  • Screws may get loose with time.

JACKCUBE Design Rustic Wood Wall Mount Wine Rack

In addition to its high-quality rustic construction, the Jackcube wall-mounted wine rack can hold up to 12 wine glasses and hold five bottles. It is easy to install the rack as well. Go with this brand if you want a wall-mounted wine rack that is simple to install and doesn't require any tools. One customer commented that this wall-mounted wine rack was easy to assemble and mount. makes it easy to store multiple wines and champagne glasses in it. A rack holds five bottles, silicone stoppers, and corkscrew well, and it has all held up for years.



  • Four bottles can be hold.
  • 12 wine glasses holding is it's capacity.
  • Drilling holes are inaccurate.

Mocoum 6 Pack Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Mocoum's wall-mounted wine rack is made from high-quality and durable iron that is strong enough to support the wine bottles without any risk of them falling over. As it comes with only two holes where you can screw it to the wall, installation is also very easy. The table can be placed anywhere as long as the surface is flat since it does not have a board. A pretty simple display like this can be placed anywhere you see fit. Furthermore, there is no need to assemble anymore.



  • Provides you with six metal wine holders.
  • Superior quality product.
  • Champagne bottles can't be kept.

Southern Homewares Nine Bottle Wine Display Simple Storage Wall Rack

With this mounted wine rack from Southern Homewares, you can store nine bottles of your favorite wine or champagne. The wine holder from Southern Homewares has a stylish design that fits into small spaces and can be used as a wine container or even a piece of art. It is no longer necessary to struggle with installing your wine rack thanks to this wine holder. Customers mentioned that they needed space for their storage closet and were searching for a simple wine bottle rack. The fact that the parts were difficult to put together did not deter them from giving it a shot despite some negative reviews. They said that the wine rack assembled nicely after the pieces were mounted.



  • Have screws within.
  • Slender and sleek in design.
  • Fragile.

Del Hutson Designs Floating Wooden Wine Bottle Rack

In addition to bamboo, the Del Hutson wall-mounted wine rack is crafted with holes of a unique shape to ensure that the bottles will remain stable. The wine glass holder can hold five wine glasses, a larger capacity than many other brands on the market. Two accessible storage spaces on the side allow you to keep other wine-related items, such as corks and wine openers. Whether you are looking for a wall-mounted wine rack that holds more wine glasses or an adjustable wine glass holder, this is a good choice.



  • HAve the capacity to hold 5 wine glasses.
  • Can get assembled easily.
  • Wood-used in it is fragile.

Mkono Wall Mounted Wine Shelves Rack

There are two racks included in the set and they hold a total of six bottles of wine and five wine glasses. A great example of a retro and classic style, the table is made out of steel and wood. Additionally, it also comes in a slim design, making it ideal for homes with tight spaces. With this one, you'll be able to store both your wine bottles and glasses on two separate racks.



  • Build up of steel and wood.
  • Supports multi-functioning.
  • Drilling holes aren't accurate.

GWH Industrial Wine Racks

Featuring reclaimed wood and industrial iron, the GWH wall-mounted wine rack can hold bottles up to 750 ml. The two-layer shelf features a multifunctional storage layer for books or decorative plants on the first layer. This rack also includes six stem glass holders so you can use it to store wine glasses or mugs. Owning a rack like this will please you if you like wine racks with good height and are not just flat. Amazon shopper, who selected the wine rack, reported that it is a classic, wall-mounted piece that takes her wine and coffee station to the next level. It looks good in her kitchen, and she likes the fact that it is sturdy. As well, the screws that came with the package were used to install it correctly on the wall.



  • Comes with a double-tier shelf.
  • Can hold upto 6 stem glasses.
  • Screws are bit fragile.

True Align Wall-Mounted Rack

With the True Wall mounted wine rack, you can easily pick up the bottle of wine you want to drink from an open frame, making it easy to choose and get the wine that you like. You no longer have to open some cabinets since you can just take them out immediately. Additionally, the finish is made of black wrought iron for a more sturdy and sturdy appearance. A wine rack such as this one is ideal for people who wish to accommodate their wine bottles and other things such as kitchen tools and bathroom necessities. It is a wine rack, but its design allows it to work as a display rack for anything.



  • It's an open style rack.
  • Wrought-iron built up.
  • Material is fragile.

Riipoo Wine Rack Countertop

Designed to hold multiple bottles at once, the wine rack is made of natural bamboo, a strong, durable, and non-bending material. The material also has a smooth texture that is suitable for any kitchen or bar area. Besides the necessary tools to assemble this wine holder quickly and efficiently, it also comes with its own parts. There is no better wine rack to fit even in the corners of your room if you want a wooden one. One customer stated that the packaging is excellent. The main feature she appreciates is how easy it was for her to assemble and how quick it took her. Besides, it is slim enough to be kept anywhere since it is so easy to store.



  • Natural bamboo's are used in it's making.
  • Have the capacity to hold 8 bottles along with the glasses.
  • Have fitting issues.

Kamenstein Butterfly Countertop Wine Rack

A butterfly design is added to this wooden wine rack to give it a stylish and contemporary feel. With this design, the bottles can be displayed horizontally, which prolongs the freshness of the wine. In addition, its size makes it highly versatile. Changing up your wine rack is a great way to spice things up. Opt for this stylish wine holder if you want to introduce a new addition to your kitchen or bar area. Our Amazon customers lived next to a number of wineries and vineyards and needed a way to organize their collection of bottles of wine. She purchased two of these butterfly racks and arranged them on their wall unit. As a result, the slings fit perfectly and almost appear as if they were built into the frame.



  • Supports horizontal storage.
  • Ideal-weight.
  • Butterfly look design.
  • Screws doesn't make a good fit.

Beyond Your wine rack of pine wood

A wooden wine rack that holds 72 bottles of wine is available from Beyond Your Thoughts. In addition to its capacity, this rack in our list is stackable, so there is no need for screws or nails to assemble it. Additionally, the wine bottle holder has a thicker finish to keep your wine bottles from falling to the ground. It is a wine rack that you would love to own if you are a wine collector. It has a 72-bottle capacity which is not to be taken lightly. Apparently, Amazon shoppers found this wooden wine rack to be easy to assemble as long as they had a rubber mallet handy. The wine rack has a tight fit and doesn't wobble. In addition, she said that the floor isn't level, but that this rack is still durable.



  • Build up of pure pine wood.
  • No requirement of screws.
  • Complaints of getting wrong parts.

HASAGEI Wine Rack Countertop Wooden

With a smooth texture and a natural fragrance, Hasagei wood wine racks are made of wood logs. In addition to its aesthetics, the shape of the item is shaped like a diamond. Additionally, it is foldable, so you are able to bring it out whenever you want and keep it when needed. Despite its size, it is still able to hold six bottles of wine. There is also another stylish wooden wine rack that is the best choice for someone who does not wish to mount the holder themselves. They commented that this was exactly what they were looking for in a wine rack, being small and functional at the same time. Their favorite thing about this is that they can put it wherever they want without thinking much about the space it takes up.



  • Can be folded.
  • Logs are used in it's making.
  • Low-capacity.

Ferfil Wine Rack

Ferfil is an environmentally friendly wooden wine rack that holds up to 10 bottles that are designed for two bottles at a time. You can use this foldable wine rack if you're always on the move but still love drinking wine. It is lightweight and can save you a lot of space in your home because it is foldable. The wooden wine rack is very durable and has a lot of space-saving features, according to customers. It is also convenient that they do not need to build it anymore because it is already built.



  • Sleek and can be folded.
  • Solid build up.
  • Not suitable for large bottles.

HOMECHO Bamboo Wine Rack

In a five-tier rack, the Homecho wooden wine rack can hold up to 20 bottles of wine. The sleek design still makes it fit in the corners of your kitchen, pantry, or cellar even though it can hold as many bottles like this. It is made from the highest quality bamboo and finished with a lacquer finish to give it the appearance of being smooth, durable, and odorless. Featuring a good number of bottle holders without being too bulky, this is your best bet if you want a rack that holds a lot of bottles. This wooden wine rack has received a positive review from consumers who said the hardware and tools provided made assembling it easy. Even with a full load on it, it has a sturdy construction that does not wiggle. However, the spacing of the shelves still permits the double stacking of the bottles. He said the shelves could have been more compact.



  • Bamboo build up.
  • Can hold up to 20 bottles.
  • Wood may get chipped.

Soduku Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack

Bamboo and metal combine to create the Soduku wooden wine rack, a sturdy and durable wine rack. A rustic wood grain design on the back of the bar can go with any theme in your kitchen or bar area. This brand is the perfect choice for those who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with an extremely heavy wine rack. This wine rack was praised by one of our customers. Two of them were purchased and one was stacked on top of another. She likes how straight the sides are and how it stacks. She says the rack is stable enough.



  • Doesn't require any assembling.
  • Rustic wood is used in making it.
  • Not suitable for big size bottles.

Display Gifts Wine Rack

Display Gifts' wooden wine rack holds up to 36 bottles of wine, thanks to the use of dowel pins to secure the pinewood wood together. Made from pinewood, it's made from dowels and has a finish that matches the wood's natural color. You can assemble this rack with very little effort since you don't need any screws. Here is a wooden wine rack that is an excellent choice if you need a rack that can hold exactly the right number of bottles. Among Amazon customers, one said that the wine rack is much more solid than he anticipated. It is a wine cooler specifically purchased for storing his wine that will no longer fit in his refrigerator. In addition, he suggested that since the product is made out of pine, using a wood conditioner would be recommended to help ensure even stain absorption.



  • Pine wood is used.
  • Screws aren't required.
  • Wobbly.

Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack

Sorbus wood wine racks are produced with high-quality bamboo that will work and look great in any bar or kitchen setting. Furthermore, there are two horizontal shelves and two freestanding surfaces that can be placed on top of countertops or tables. This is the best choice when it comes to a ready-to-use wooden wine rack that will arrive at your home within a short timeframe. The Amazon customer is not a drinker, but he wants to store bottles of wine when he buys them from time to time. So he decided to buy this wine rack. As he saw it, the wine rack was similar to a coffee table with art books.



  • Foldable.
  • Natural bamboo build up.
  • Sleek and compact.
  • It's not sturdy.

Homfa Bamboo Wine Rack

Featuring bamboo construction and two slatted shelves for books, cups, and plants, the Homfa wooden wine rack is a comfortable way to store and display wine. Besides, 16 wine bottles and six wine glasses can be stacked inside it. It is the best choice for those who are looking for a wine rack that also doubles as a display table. In addition to holding your wine bottles and glasses, the shelves can house magazines, books, and other decorative elements. The customer comments that this wine holder stands out from other ones she's seen. The entire process of assembling the furniture took them only 10 minutes. The fact that it can hold 16 bottles and six glasses make it attractive to her as well.



  • Multi-purpose rack.
  • Attractive look.
  • Build up of natural bamboo.
  • Instructions are not included with it.

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The product can be found anywhere and from any retailer, whether it is a supermarket or online retailer.
You can store glassware in a dining room or hallway by using a wine cabinet or buffet. It is typical for hanging racks for wine glasses to be made from wood. The metal wine glass racks can be matched to any decor and are stylish. Take your wood and cut it. 7.5” square dowels are the right size for this project. Then glue in it. The poplar boards should be glued to the square dowels. It does not need to be painted or stained. Painting or staining your wine glass holders will make them look nice. Space should be determined. Put all the pieces together.
Vertical space is saved. An over-the-bar wine glass rack that hangs from the ceiling is the ideal solution for displaying your wine collection. A wine bar that is instantly available. Due to the fact that this rack holds wine bottles, it can be used to set up an impromptu wine tasting space anywhere.
In general, wine glasses are 6-10 inches tall, but specialty glasses are slightly shorter or taller. Wine glasses of all colors are often about a half-inch taller than those of white wine. In addition to smaller bowls, they often have larger ones to concentrate the aromas of the wines. Around 8 inches tall is the average height of red wine glasses.
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