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The Best 12 Shot Glasses To Buy In 2021

“A shot glass” is a form of glass designed originally to measure spirits or liquor that is either consumed straight from the glass (a shot) or poured into a cocktail (a drink). In addition to being the name for a type of shot containing an alcoholic beverage that is typically consumed quickly, in one gulp, a shooter is also known as a shot cup. Popular souvenirs and collectibles are shot glasses decorated with a wide variety of toasts, advertisements, and humorous images, especially as merchandise for breweries.

Shot means a drink of alcohol and has been used since the 17th century; a shot is believed to have become a word in the U.S. when referring to a small quantity of spirits. It is indeed possible to go wrong when picking glassware for shooting. There are elegant coupe glasses for mixing cocktail classes and elegant rocks glasses for sipping whiskey, as well as quality glassware for shots. We advise that you don’t just pick up trinkets from tourist shops around the world as your shot glass collection.

Types of Shot glasses

Rounded shot glass

Unlike regular shot glass, rounded shot glasses have thick walls that curve down, leaving a gap of 10 centimeters between the lip and the bottom rim.

Cheater glass

For those who are wary of heavy drinking, these glasses are perfect. If you are an establishment that wants to fool their patrons into believing they are being given more than they actually are, then you are in the wrong. Due to their sturdy bottoms, they seem like plain shot glasses, but they’re only half as strong as a regular shot glass.

Tall glass

Shot glasses with a tall profile are narrower, but also taller.

Pony glass

A pony glass holds only about 30 milliliters (30 ml) of fluid at a time but is typically used when mixing drinks. Fluted shot glass – shot glass is a type of shot glass that has a basic fluting featured on the base.


Ozeri Moderna Beverage & Espresso shot glasses

The double-wall design suspends beverages securely with an inner wall, while the glass has an outer wall that provides a contemporary aesthetic and protects beverages from hand heat. With this innovation, the glass is especially suited to serving frozen drinks and espresso shots in the morning. In addition, there are hand-blown dimples on the side of the glass to make it comfortable to hold. Glass shot glasses made of heat- and condensation-resistant borosilicate glass protects contents from the cold. Each shot glass holds 2 ounces of liquid. Besides being microwave and freezer safe, the glass can also be cooled or heated.



  • Available at a lower cost
  • Stylish appearance
  • Durability is really high.
  • There are no more than four sets available.

Mikasa Copper shot glasses

It is common for Moscow Mules to be served in copper mugs infused with ice to keep the vodka-based drinks chilled. This pair of copper shot glasses by Mikasa are excellent for this purpose, though they are also great for any shot requiring cooling since the copper construction keeps drinks ice cold for a longer period of time. Serve shots or drinks out of the chilled shot glasses by simply placing them in the freezer. There are two glasses in this pair that have a capacity of 2 ounces and are 2.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall. Besides being solid copper with a nickel lining, the BPA-free glasses must also be hand washed.



  • It's ideal for trying out your favourite liquor.
  • Copper was used to create
  • It's simple to clean with regular detergent.
  • Is a little pricey

Schott ZwieselTritan Pure shot glass

One of Schott Zwiesel's most appreciated glassware brands, the elegantly-designed Tritan Pure shot glass offers a slightly wider bowl and an elongated profile that puts it at the top of the shot glass competition. In addition to its slightly narrow top, the shot glass surfaces allow complex aromas of spirits to flourish. Made from dishwasher-safe, chip-resistant glass, each shot glass is made in Germany. Every one of them holds 3 ounces and stands 4 inches tall. It is important to remember that these glasses are somewhat thin and delicate, making them more prone to breaking.



  • Tritan crystal glass is used to create this stylish design.
  • For a geometric style, use clean lines.
  • The product can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The durability of the product is an issue.

Novica shot glasses

Javier and Efren, Mexico's leading glassware artisans with more than 30 years of experience in glass design, handcraft each of these Novica shot glasses. Each of the glasses has a cheery, colorful rim that accentuates the weighty, thick and sturdy glass, making it a practical choice for shots as well as salad dressing and soup. Due to the fact that they are hand-blown, the shot glasses naturally differ slightly in color, size, and shape, making each one odd. These glasses can be put in the top rack of a dishwasher, but handwashing is recommended. Each glass measures 3 by 2 inches and holds 3 ounces of liquid. The glass is free of lead and toxins.



  • Authentic in every way
  • Product that is certified
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship
  • Because it is constructed of glass, extreme caution must be exercised when using it.

JoyJolt shot glasses

There is no doubt that slamming the glass down is one of the most satisfying parts of taking a shot. The JoyJolt shot glasses are designed for just that. They feature an extra-thick base that protects against breakage and reduces spills-these are nearly unbreakable glasses. In addition to feeling and looking stylish, the sophisticated design is also sturdy to hold in your hand. The square shot glasses also contain a 2-ounce capacity, making them ideal for measuring out alcoholic beverages. These glasses cannot be stacked, so you will need to take note if you need to save space. Each glass measures 1.75 by 2.5 inches and can be placed in the dishwasher.



  • A traditional heavy-sham design
  • Suitable for use by the pool or in the garden.
  • Safe to put in the dishwasher
  • N/A

Sparq vodka shooter set

Sparq's shot glasses boast a Scandinavian design and a function that are comparable to that of its Danish counterparts. Each of the glasses is carved from a single piece of soapstone, making them able to conserve heat for much longer than a regular glass would. In addition to cooling drinks without diluting them, the soapstone is also a natural aerator. If you wish to serve your drinks in the fridge or freezer, place the glasses there first. Then pour a shot into the shot glass and use the rustic wooden serving tray as a vehicle for transporting (or, if not running, you can store the shot glasses in the caddy). You can easily clean them by simply putting them in the dishwasher after you're done sipping. The glasses measure 3.7 by 3.7 by 4.5 inches and have a capacity of 2 ounces.



  • Keep your whiskey and other alcoholic beverages cold without diluting them with water.
  • Simple to Use
  • It's a great gift idea for pals.
  • The issue of availability is a worry.

Gmark Heavy Base Shot Glass Set

No matter how fancy your drinks are or whether you're just having plain tequila or some fancy layered drinks, this classic shot glass will inspire your creativity. As the base is heavy, it supports the glass and prevents it from tipping over easily. A shot glass of your favorite liquor can fit perfectly in each of the four 1.5-ounce glasses included in this pack. You need a shot glass that is durable enough to last a long time? These right here have heavy bases that can withstand tip-overs as well as dishwasher pressure. It is not cheap despite the affordable price it is sold for. Moreover, he noted that the glasses are perfect for serving shot glasses.



  • Glasses come in a set of four.
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Not strong enough

Fred Doomed Crystal Skull Unique Shot Glasse

Fred shot glasses pay homage to the Skull of Doom, claimed by Mayan legends to have the power of life and death, as well as the ability to heal or smite and create miracles. But the glass does not claim these characteristics, just looks good. You can also keep 2 ounces of your favorite liquor inside of it. Then you should take a shot at this shot glass if intrigue is on your mind. Interested in gory conversation starters? If so, then the tagline "are you man enough?" will make a great starting point. This glass makes the perfect drink serving container whether you're celebrating Halloween or not.



  • This item is made of borosilicate glass.
  • Comes in a brightly coloured package
  • Glass that is brittle

Perfect Pregame Collapsible Shot glasses

A food-grade stainless steel shot glass for Perfect Pregame, the Perfect Pregame shot glass is proven to be durable, long-lasting, and hygienic. With the collapsible glass, there is no need to worry about space and you can use it anywhere. This portable device can hold 2.5 ounces despite its small size. It contains just 0.5 oz of liquid, rather than 1.5 oz as usual. You can take your shots anywhere you want if you own collapsible shot glass. It can be risky to drink or share a bottle of liquor with friends with COVID-19 in effect. For that matter, you might want to take some precautions a notch further by bringing your shot glass. The Perfect Pregame is all about being fun, and these collapsible, stainless steel shot glasses will allow you to enjoy yourself. These shot glasses are a great way to spice up your drinking setup, whether you use them around the house as novel drinking accessories or take them on the road due to their small size and large capacity.



  • Ideal for outdoor pursuits
  • Collapsible
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Does not include lids or caps

Nansch Measuring shot glasses

Nansch shot glasses have measuring markings on both sides and are sold as a set of two. Furthermore, it has heavyweight glass that allows a clear view of the contents for accurate pouring and precision. Glass is weighted at the bottom so that it won't tip over or make a mess. The measuring shot glass is the real deal when it comes to shots since it does more than just serve or measure. The shot glass comes in a box of two and is a great gift idea for any occasion. This shot glass has permanent markings that won't fade or wear off over time. It is easier to measure and transport smaller amounts without them spilling with a measuring cup than with a measuring spoon. Its weighted base also helps keep it from tipping, which reduces mess even further. Its heavyweight allows a clear view of contents for better control and accuracy whether you are preparing breakfast, making cake, mixing a pitcher of margaritas or other cocktail recipes.



  • Constructed with heavy-duty glass
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Measurement markers fade fast.

Barbuzzo 50 Cal Cool shot glasses

This pair of ceramic shot glasses is shaped like a shining gold 50 caliber bullet casing and will make the perfect addition to your home bar or collection. As well as bearing a lovely appearance, the glass is also able to hold a good amount of content. The liquid in question. The 2-ounce shot glasses are fashioned after the casings of 50-caliber bullets, making them the perfect addition to an enthusiast's home bar or a thoughtful gift for a veteran. Keep yours in prime condition by hand washing them with mild liquid detergent and burnishing them to remove any water spots.



  • It's made to look like a bullet casing.
  • Crafted from ceramic
  • Finished in electroplating
  • After some time, the gold paint wears off.

Milliard Premium Himalayan Shot Glasses

Adding Himalayan salt to your tequila shots is another way to make them extra special. The exquisite color of a Himalayan salt-carved glass creates an extra touch of uniqueness to your shots. They are not real glasses, but with proper cleaning and storage, they will last for 100 uses. They are the perfect shot glasses for those who like to have something that lasts. The 6 glasses you get for less than $22 are already a great deal. In addition to being great for collectors, these are also very appealing to the eye.



  • Adds a salty flavour to the beverage
  • Hand-carved
  • Made from a single block of salt
  • After some time, it can cracks

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In the United States, there is no standard size for a single shot, except in Utah, where a shot is defined as 29.6 ml (1 US fl oz). A standard size is considered to be 1.25 to 1.5 fl oz (37 to 44 ml) elsewhere in the U.S. In the U.S., it's like a double shot. There could be as much as 2 fluid ounces in the container.
"A shot glass" is a form of glass designed originally to measure spirits or liquor that is either consumed straight from the glass (a shot) or poured into a cocktail (a drink). The term "shooter" is also used to describe an alcoholic beverage served in a shot glass and generally consumed quickly, in one gulp.
It is known that "shot" meaning drink of alcohol has been around since the 17th century, while alcohol specifically as a small drink of spirits has been used in the U.S. for many years. This has been the case for at least a century. As far back as the 1940s, the term "shot glass" was widely used.
I have answered 8 correctly. If you are converting between shot and cup, we assume you are doing it manually.