Brandy Snifters

The Best 21 Brandy Snifters To Buy In 2021

As one of the most famous classic spirits in the world, Brandy has a huge fan base. Despite its incredible novelty value on its own, it would even be more thrilling if put in an excellent brandy snifter. A brandy snifter imparts a sense of experience, especially when you have to hold it and swirl the spirit inside. Below are some of the best snifters to choose from. Due to cognac’s status as a type of brandy, we have included some of the new brandies in this category as well. You can’t go wrong with brandy, especially on a cold night. Here are five of the best snifters and glasses you should have on hand in winter. The taste of cognac is perfect for when it starts to cool down, whether you sip it on its own or mix it into a cocktail. I have rounded up 15 snifters that are sure to set the tone for a cozy evening.

What is Brandy vs What is Cognac?

The Cognac is merely one brandy, but only some Brandies are Cognacs. me explain… Cognac is a specific type of brandy produced in the region of Cognac. The only other wine that could be produced in Champagne is Champagne. The only place in France where you can produce cognac is in the Cognac region. An oak barrel is used to age and distill Brandy, which is made from grapes or fruit-like wine. It is somewhat similar to wine, in that most brandy is a very specific type of wine that would not be suitable to be drunk as a drink. There should be a high acid content along with a low level of alcohol and residual sugars in the wine. As the wine is gently heated in a still, the alcohol evaporates with it, as does the water of the wine. Once the concentrated extract has been cooled and condensed, it is matured in barrels made of oak before being sold.

What Makes a Good Brandy Snifter or Cognac glass?

A proper brandy snifter glass is needed to direct the scents to the right side of your nose, mouth, and palate in order to fully appreciate the complex flavors and aromas. In terms of brandy and cognac glasses, the snifter glass is by far the best and most common style. The large bowl of a snifter allows aromas and flavors to create a more intense experience for the drinker. Because of the significant change in radius between the rim and base of this brandy snifter, I really like it. The aromas in a glass of brandy have had so much time to expand that just taking a whiff before you drink will make it easier to notice all the complex flavors.

What makes Cognac Different?

Cognac is distilled in copper pot stills using grapes grown in the region. In contrast, brandy is distilled just once, whereas Cognac is distilled twice. After maturing in oak casks for between 10 and 15 years, the spirit is then bottled. To create a product that is consistent and desirable year after year, the Cognac houses blend older and younger brandies. You can see from the examples above how complex cognac is, and that it demands a special glass to enjoy that complexity. The reason why one doesn’t drink cognac and brandy from a typical open-ended glass is that they don’t naturally mix.

Best Brandy Snifters Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider before buying the best brandy snifter, so to help you decide which is best for you, here is a list of factors to think about. Depending on the material, a brandy snifter’s durability may be affected. Glass and crystal are two of the most common materials. Its durability and resistance to cracking and chipping make it more attractive for some, so they choose it. In addition, they have more sparkle, so they make the glass seem more attractive. Nevertheless, many people tend to steer clear of lead-based crystal since it is quite poisonous. The development of a lead-free crystal paved the way to substitute lead oxide for barium oxide, zinc oxide, or potassium oxide. Make sure you familiarize yourself with your preferred material before you buy a snifter. The clarity of the glass can enhance the experience of drinking, as can the appearance of the snifter. Since crystal has a much greater degree of transparency than other materials, it is the perfect material for providing transparency. A brandy snifter must be able to hold at least 6 – 20 ounces of liquid. Although it is rarely filled to its full capacity, most brandy bottles have a small amount of brandy in them. Since snifters are designed according to the way they are placed on flat surfaces, the contents don’t spill when placed sideways. There are many options when it comes to brandy snifters when it comes to price. The price varies according to the quality of the product. If you want to spend lavishly, there are many choices. The cost of using snifters for a large audience can be reduced if you plan on using them for a large group. Pick a snifter that is right for you, and make sure the product is worth as much as you are prepared to spend. Its design does not measure a brandy snifter’s quality only by its material or its usability. The look or design of the object is also an important factor. A bowl may be different, or the stem may be shorter, or the whole form may be different. The stem of some snifters is even removed. You need to spend time searching for a brandy snifter with a stylish design, such as ones with diamond cuts or patterns on the bowl, if you are into aesthetics or if it is for purely decorative purposes.


Glassique Cadeau Cognac and Brandy Snifter

Taking a sip of it is a pleasant surprise. The bulbous bowl allows the complex aroma to gather, so each sip is a delightful surprise. A hand-blown brandy glass is seamless; this allows the brandy or other liquor inside to stand out. They are also made by skilled craftspeople, refining their quality. A set of four brandy snifters made of stainless steel, packed in an attractive box, is perfect for giving as a gift to any brandy or whiskey enthusiast. Among Amazon shoppers, one shared that her husband loved the gift she bought for him for Christmas. Her comments were high on the product's quality and personalization, saying she would definitely buy another one. she bought these glasses for her parents as they wanted a personalized cognac glass. Despite not having high expectations, she was pleasantly surprised as they were not too expensive. Besides being well applied and very meticulous, the brandy glass itself was in good shape.



  • Versatile in nature.
  • Have the capacity of 22 oz.
  • Packed in a giftable box.
  • Perfect for dish-wash.
  • Thin plated glass.

Luxbe Brandy Snifter

A handmade glass that can be used for whiskey, brandy, cognac, and even white wine. The tapered rim makes it easy for the liquor to reach the front palate so that the flavors and aromas can be appreciated to the fullest. Having a broken glass is no longer an issue when you're enjoying your favorite liquor. Low stems add a nice point of grip to the glass, so even if you are intoxicated, you can keep your glass in one hand.



  • Makes a good grip.
  • Trendy design.
  • Crystal-clear glass.
  • It's shallow.

Riedel VINUM Cognac Glass

These cognac glasses are made with high-precision manufacturing and are strategic in their design, which is aimed at improving the bouquet and enhancing aroma while limiting palate astringency. A flute-shaped bottle also has a small evaporation surface, which means the alcohol gets all the flavors it needs to evaporate.



  • Tall glass.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Carries great capacity.
  • It's expensive.

Schott Zwiesel Cognac Glass

As these cognac glasses are made from Tritan and free from lead, you can drink from them with confidence and admire their clarity without having to worry about health hazards. A bowl of crisp, clean lines gives the glass a cool geometric look and, at the same time, enhances any drink inside. With their large liquor capacity, this set of cognac glasses is perfect for guests who are generous with their drinks. As a result, you do not need to refill as frequently, making it easier to carry on a conversation.



  • Tritan lead-free crystal is used.
  • Safe for machine wash.
  • Maintain stability and balance.
  • Can't be held in hands for long.

Libbey Signature Brandy Snifter

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail uses these glasses as the official tasting glass. Their unique ClearFire glass composition produces bright and vibrant sparkles and excellent resistance, making them a perfect fit for any environment. By using this structure, the aromas are able to open up and be directed straight to the drinker, making every sip a luxurious experience. Apart from the beauty and functionality these glasses offer, they are also very convenient since they can be stacked and they can be washed. For people who want all these features, these are the best brandy snifters for them.



  • Easy to wash.
  • Superior in quality.
  • Have a short-life.

Juvale Cognac Glass Set

I love the way this cognac glass looks and feels, whether you are holding it or sitting down to drink from it. As their stem and base are thick, these glasses are stable while the rim is crisp and polished for increased comfort. Also, this glass does not specify what type of liquor it should hold, so whether it is brandy, whiskey, cognac, wine, or another, this glass will serve. You may want to consider the Juvale cognac glass set if you are looking for all-around glasses that won't let you down in style or function.



  • Awesome base.
  • Easy to rim.
  • Thin built.

Cuisivin Glendale Brandy Nosing Glass

It comes with a short stem and comes in an attractive tulip shape, making it a perfect cocktail glass for taking in bourbon, whiskey, or brandy. In this case, the surface area is large enough for the contents to be swirled to release the complex scents. connoisseur, then the Cuisivin Glendale nosing glass is without a doubt the best brandy snifter for you.



  • Comfy built.
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Makes a good swirl.
  • Bubbles may pop-up.

Bix Script Etched Glencairn Glass

With Bix Script, you can certainly have one. Having a lead-free shape and the right size for tasting and nosing brandy, it is the best tool for trying brandy. Let us know what letter and font you prefer, and we'll make you one. You can give it to someone you love, a friend, or a relative who's fond of brandy. Don't forget to grab them one, so you can share a toast together on special occasions.



  • Great for the purpose of gifting.
  • Engraved like a monogram.
  • Expensive.

Brilliant Highland Brandy Nosing Glass

A German brandy snifter with a bulbous body and a tapered mouth, these tulip-shaped glasses are suitable for maximum swirling to release nuances and complexities of the brandy. There is not much of a change in temperature because the stem is still not very short so you can still hold it. Enjoy your brandy drinking experience to its fullest by using the finest tasting glasses, and the Brilliant Highland nosing glass is one of the best options out there.



  • Trendy stem.
  • Completely comfortable and light-weighted.
  • Have a great content capacity.
  • Water scratches may appear.

Libbey Signature Kentfield Brandy Glass

With a broad and round bowl and a stabilizing flat base, this is another glass from Libbey that is ideal for enhancing brandy and whiskey. Furthermore, the stem has a seamless transition to the bowl, contributing to the glass's clear appearance. You might want to try the Libbey Signature Kentfield brandy glass if you want to switch things up from the standard Glencairn or curved glass.



  • Have a good stability.
  • Superb brilliance.
  • Over-sized.

Neman Brandy Snifter

It doesn't matter if you're an expert brandy connoisseur or not; you'll appreciate the texture offered by these glasses. Although it may seem unconventional for a brandy glass, it's quite effective and enhances the liquor's flavor. Besides providing enough surface area to swirl and smell the alcohol, it also allows for swirling and sniffing. You can add these brandy snifters to your glassware collection for an added touch of elegance. If you wish to buy them, do so for yourself or as a gift to someone you love.



  • Carries good balance.
  • Have 7 oz. capacity.
  • Attractive Russian cuts on it.
  • May get chipped easily.

LAV Brandy Snifter

With a sturdy and well-made glass, you can enjoy every sip of brandy. With the classic brandy snifter design, all the aromas are captured in order to enjoy a more complete taste experience when it comes time to drink. As a result of the bowl's curve, you will be able to comfortably hold the glass while drinking, so you will feel at ease during the drinking process. If you want to drink liquor such as brandy, you can use this glass, but you can also use it for sauces, cocktails, or desserts. As it comes with six brandy snifters in one set, you can utilize a few of them for beverages or any other application you wish.



  • Versatile in nature.
  • Can be washed in machine.
  • 13 oz. is its capacity.
  • Can be cracked easily.

Spiegelau Premium Brandy Snifter

The tall and beautiful brandy snifters will give you a sense of style. The great brilliance of its crystal is due to the lead-free crystal glass used in Europe. With such a large bowl, the liquor can be swirled thoroughly, so all the complexity in the drink is enjoyed to its fullest. Additionally, the flared rim is very smooth, so it is very comfortable to drink from. Whether you have a specific preference for drinks or not, these brandy glasses are a good option. There is practically no alcoholic beverage they cannot improve, and they never fail to be impressive.



  • Have the capacity of 9.5 oz.
  • Elegancy in design.
  • Lead-free crystal build up.
  • Unbalanced and expensive.

Luigi Bormioli Brandy Glass

These brandy glasses are made of lead-free glass and exhibit exceptional brilliance that captures the golden hues of the liquor. It is also ensured that these come out with fine and smooth ridges so that they can be easily sipped throughout the night. We like the stems on these brandy snifters because they are neither too long nor too short. If you like this feature, don't forget to check out these glasses.



  • Crystal-clear.
  • Economical.
  • Unstable rim and edges.

Libbey Brandy Snifter

In addition to several brandy snifters offered by Libbey, this one stands out for its iconic shape and sturdy construction. This one is also suitable for professional settings like bars and restaurants, apart from personal usage. use it to make brandy, whisky, and cognac, as well. Although you can also engrave these brandy snifters, so it makes an excellent gift for a loved one. They can be used as-is or as-a-gift.



  • 5.5 oz. is its content capacity.
  • have a wide bowl.
  • Opening is small.

Waterford Lismore Diamond Brandy Glass

I find it truly delightful when a brandy glass both accentuates its contents as well as serves as a source of radiance on its own. Take in the intricate patterns on the bowl and be mesmerized by the clarity that it provides. It is undeniable that these glasses are unique in that they are personalized and are also a joy to the eye and the palate. There is no need to look anywhere else for the best brandy snifters available for this purpose because you have found the best of the best.



  • There are diamond cuts on the glass.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Makes a good gift option.
  • Brand sticker may be missing.

Dragon Glassware Brandy Glass

In these fantastic brandy glasses with double-wall insulation, along with any liquor, it is rare to find brandy snifters with such insulation. Because of the design, you don't have to worry about your drink getting too warm, and at the same time, it allows the aromas and flavors of your brandy to shine through naturally. There are lots of ways to start experimenting with brandy snifters, but this would be a great place to start.



  • Dual insualtion.
  • Freezer safe.
  • Have the capacity of 8 oz.
  • Costlier.

Season STORY Large Brandy Snifters

The design of these brandy glasses is unique and unique because of their large size. This modern and unique design also aims to bring the drinker's senses fully alive by appreciating the flavor of the liquor in a whole new light. As they are made from premium materials, they are also expected to last a long time. Brandy snifters are the best for serving brandy in large glasses, so if you prefer them, choose these.



  • 22. oz. is its content capacity.
  • Superb for presenting.
  • Cleaning it is difficult job.

Waterford Lismore Brandy Balloon

A stunning design of intricate patterns and brilliance is included in this product. Moreover, its weight is ideal, making it easy for you to hold it comfortably in your hands. This glass is suitable for brandy, calvados, Eau de vies, etc. It may also serve as a decoration in your kitchen or bar. This brandy glass would be loved by anyone who enjoys brandy. If you would like to give it as a gift to a friend or family member, you could.



  • Elegant designing.
  • Ideal in weight.
  • Made up of lead crystal.
  • Over-sized.

Riedel Vinum Brandy Glass

Snifters are made to shape for the purpose of snifting brandy. It has a smooth, light texture, and it is very clear. Considering the quality of this product, it receives an A. is a little pricey, but if you consider its quality it is already a great bargain. It's worth it to invest in this brandy snifter if you have the budget.



  • Balloon-shaped and styled bowl.
  • Safe for dish wash.
  • Defects in build-up.

Fine Occasion Brandy Glass

The monogrammed crest on the brandy glass with an initial of your choice makes it an eye-catching feature. You won't only be pleased with the design, but you will be satisfied with the quality of the glass as well. In the end, it is this function that allows drinking to take place and makes drinking enjoyable. The personalized nature of this brandy glass makes it appropriate to give it as a gift or use it for yourself during any special event.



  • Comes with a personalized crest.
  • Have great Durability.
  • Proper gift item.
  • Shallow.

Related Questions & Answers About Brandy Snifters

The purpose of a snifter is to enhance the sensory experience of sipping brandy. Each sip of the brandy is served in a round, balloon-shaped bowl that lets the drinker smell the rich and distinctive aroma of the liquor.
Similar to wine glasses but shorter in size, a brandy snifter is a type of stemware. Brandy glasses are more commonly associated with aged brown liquors such as whiskey, bourbon, cognac, brandy, and other fortified wines, while they can also be used for any spirit or cocktail.
In order to get the most enjoyment from brandy, it should be served in brandy snifters (also known as brandy inhalers). brandy is served in a large bowl that allows the customer to swirl and warm the liquid, while the opening is tapered, so the aromas are directed to the customers' noses, which intensifies the flavor.
The most common type of aged brown liquor served here is whisky, bourbon, and brandy.
A concentrated aroma is formed as a result of evaporation. The wide bowl of the blender provides a large surface area, so the volatile, aromatic compounds will have room to escape.
Snifters (also called brandy snifters, brandy glasses, brandy bowls, cognac glasses, or balloons of Heroin) are a type of stemware, a glass whose base is wide and whose top is narrow.
Almost all snifters are filled to only a small amount of their capacity but can hold 180–240 ml (6–8 fl oz). The most common design of snifters is that they are designed so that they hold just enough liquid before spilling when placed on a level surface.
Whether you drink brandy the classic way or in a more avant-garde fashion, here is how to enjoy your glass. Make sure that the brandy is at room temperature when you choose it. It's best to give your brandy about an hour before drinking it if the bottle is still cold. a brandy glass while enjoying a brandy snifter is essential. There's no better way to completely enjoy the brandy experience. The shape of a snifter is intended to deliver the brandy's iconic aromas to your nose by guiding the brandy to the right parts of your tongue. No ice needs to be added to the brandy if you pour it into the brandy glass. As you warm the snifter glass with your palm, squeeze the glass between your hands. It's time to sniff now. Place the snifter so that the throat is at chest height and inhale lightly. If the drink is at a great distance or close to your nose, you are going to smell a different aroma. You can test the capacity of the brandy snifter by moving it to different distances. Finally, only drink small amounts at a time. Enjoy every bit of the drink with your tongue.
Almost all snifters are filled to only a small amount of their capacity, but can hold 180–240 ml (6–8 fl oz).