Bar Glass Washers

The Best 12 Bar Glass Washers To Buy In 2021

Many beverage serving establishments, including bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, lounges, coffee shops, and lounges, have high turnovers of glassware that must be cleaned as quickly as possible. Maintaining your glassware in a clean and sanitized state, according to local and governmental standards, and always ready for the next customer is one of the benefits of owning a dedicated washer. It specifically washes various types of glass, including beer mugs, wine glasses, and cocktail glasses, as well as tumblers and other cups .

This provides the perfect balance of gentle water flow and pressure needed to remove dirt and grime from the glassware. To last and perform well, a commercial glasswasher needs to be tough, easy to use, affordable to clean, and easy to maintain.

A glass washer can save you 25%-30% per wash by reducing water usage, chemicals and labor costs. Perhaps you’re wondering why the glassware can’t just be washed in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes. Despite the fact that they might appear similar, a dishwasher and a glass washer are two separate appliances.

The following are the reasons: Even delicate glassware can be damaged by dishwashers. Glasswashers are designed to care for even the most delicate pieces of glass. The fragility of delicate glasses will cause them to break in a standard dishwasher, so it is recommended to wash them by hand instead when a dishwasher is your only piece of ware washing equipment.

There are other glass washing machines that can clean and sanitize up to 2000 glasses per hour, which is perfect for hotels, bars, and restaurants with high-volume service. The longer the washing cycle is, the better the glassware will be cared for. Glassware may wear over time if dishwashing is done at high temperatures. Glasswashers use lower temperatures, mild detergent, and a short cleaning cycle to better maintain your glassware.

The glasswasher does not leave streak marks on the glassware Because they use mild detergents, the glasswasher does not leave streak marks on the glassware. It is crucial to use stronger detergents for dishwashers since they are designed to clean a variety of tableware and cookware.

Benefits of Using Commercial Glasswasher

The Capability to Quickly Wash Glasses With a High Degree of Efficiency

There are countless glasswashers on the market, but most are very efficient, and can clean most types of glassware in just a few minutes (on average, it takes two to five minutes for glassware to be completely clean). Fast and efficient processing of payment transactions is extremely beneficial in a busy bar, club, or lounge where a spike in alcohol consumption can take place at any time. The glasswasher can be set up quickly if you run out of clean glassware. Once you start the cycle, you will have fresh glasses in a short period of time.

Reduces the Risk of Glassware Being Damaged

Dedicated commercial glasswashers are very popular with businesses because they can actually wash fragile glass in an extremely gentle manner, minimizing the possibility of breaking it. The typical dish cleaning machine may pose a significant threat to some fragile glassware – such as wine glasses – by chipping or breaking the glass. As a commercial company, this risk of chipped or broken glassware is unacceptable since it presents a risk of serious injury for your customers.

Optimal Positioning Can Be Achieved With Compact Options

The market for commercial glasswashers today features a wide array of variations, each with a different feature set. However, most commercial glass washers are compact in comparison to traditional dishwashers and designed to sit neatly under the counter or on top of the counter. In this case, space is usually not an issue – if your bar would benefit from a dedicated glasswasher machine, you are almost certain to find one that fits.


Bar Maid BRS-975 Center Brush

Bar Maid Corporation is among the world's leading manufacturers of portable five brush electric glass washers, and the BRS-975 Center Brush is a genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement part that fits Bar Maid BRS-975 Electric Glass Washers. You can rest assured of reliability, durability, and performance by using genuine OEM parts. It has been approved by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and can only be used for the intended purpose.



  • Simple and easy to use
  • Durable and eco-friendly
  • Equipment may vary in the usage

Commercial Triple 3 Brush Bar Glass Washer for Sink with Suction Cup Base Kitchen

A unique brush set consisting of two short brushes and one long brush is perfect for scrubbing all kinds of glass sinks, both low and deep. A sturdy suction cup enables a good grip, allowing the brush to be mounted securely. The faster and more secure way of washing glasses saves a lot of time and is so much easier. Amazing how quickly you can wash many cups at a time. The brush is made of thick PVC material and is made to last. It is heavy and durable, ensuring a long life.



  • Unique shape helps cleans up the very inside of the glass
  • Usage may differ on the pressure applied.

Glass Cup Washer With Double Bristle Brush for Bar Kitchen Sink

The storage and use of these products is easy. With this tool, you can clean both the inside and outside of the glass. It cleans the bristles thoroughly and makes cleanup easy. A perfect amount of glue sticks to the sink's bottom. You can use two brushes to clean them quickly by unscrewing them. Glasses can be washed with ease without scratching them with this sink attachment.



  • Perfect for highbball glasses
  • Length helps clean up shotglasses way easier than basic dishwahers.
  • Length not applicable to tall glasses.

White Double Side Bar Glass Brush Washer Cleaner with Suction Base

The suction cup allows for the brush or sponge to securely attach to sinks. It can also be disassembled and installed without any tools. Its PVC body and PP bristles make it extremely durable and ensure a high standard of cleanliness. The product is BPA-free and toxic-free.



  • Unique second brush helps cleans lipstick stains easier
  • Easy-clean with preferred cleaning pressure
  • Durablity differs on the usage intended.

New Star Foodservice 54484 Triple Brush Bar Glass Washer - 3 Brushes - Suction Base

A firmly attached suction grip base and three bristle brushes make this glasswasher perfect for use in busy bars and restaurants. This appliance effectively cleans glasses.



  • Length allows tall glasses access for thorough cleaning
  • Bristles are perfect for cleaning out leftover garnishes
  • Length is not applicable for shotglasses

3 Brush Glass Washer

Brush thoroughly cleans glassware for busy bars and restaurants with 3 bristle brushes. Attaches to sinks using the suction grip base.



  • Perfect for cleaning shotglasses and highballs
  • Clean after usage to keep out bacteria

BonBon Commercial Grade Triple Brush Bar Glass Washer Cleaner with Suction Base

The tough, durable PVC Plastic Base has 3 nylon brush bristles and it's retained on the countertop with edge suction cups. The nylon bristles are curved towards the ends to scrub your glass edges firmly Keeps the Glass Cleaner securely in place on the counter.



  • Perfect for cleaning wide-bottomed glasses
  • Avoid putting up extreme water temperatures while using

Adcraft GW-120 The Redhead Upright Electric Glass Washer, 115v

A Redhead Glass Washer, upright, electric with (5) brush heads, (4) 7" brushes, and (1) 8-3/4" brush on rubber feet, with brass bearings and nylon gears inside the base, with a 1/3 HP motor. It features 3 amps, 115 volts, 1 phase, a 7-foot cord, and NEMA 5-15P certification.



  • 5 brush heads will allow you convenience through quick pace of working in a busy lane of customers
  • Avoid contacting the machine to water,cleaning intended for the brushes only.

Carlisle 4046103 Sparta Triple Glass Washer, 8", Black

Plastic is the only material used in the construction of the Sparta plastic handle triple glasswasher from Carlisle. In sinks or on countertops, the positive-suction base makes it easier to seal out moisture and provides more stability. Unlike regular bristles, the dome bristles are densely filled and resist frequent use and extreme temperature changes, keeping glasses from cracking or chipping. In addition to cleaning pilsner glasses, hurricane glasses, and standard glassware thoroughly and safely, the machine also does a good job of cleaning cup holders as well.



  • This quality-made brushes avoid chipping and breaking glasses through temperature changes.
  • Durability may differ from usage.

Bar Maid A-200 Upright 5-Brush Electric Glass Washer, Multicolor

This glasswasher from Bar Maid's "A" series has a powerful motor that allows it to clean glasses more quickly. Using Splashguard, the operator and counter remain dry at all times. It can be installed quickly and easily in any sink. You also get crystal clear glasses and you are less likely to break them with hand washing. UL, CSA, and NSF Approved 11 gauge stainless steel meets ETL standards Installs in any sink and includes 5 spinning brushes. Ship weight is 46 pounds. A total of 30 pounds. The following information is weight: The average man weighs 27 pounds. A 1/3 HP, 110 volt, 60 Hz fan would be ideal. The depth of the 8" model is 8". A 12" height is suggested. The 18" model comes with one-year parts and labor warranty. This is an A-200.



  • Powerful motor to easily clean up glasses on a daily basis of cleaning
  • Use only the intended dishwashing liquids for quality ensuring performance.

BarConic 5 Brush Glass Washer

With this 5 brush glass washer, you will be able to take your glass sanitation to the next level. A 5 brush glass cleaner is designed with the same durable bristles and suction cup base, so it can easily clean more than one glass at a time. If you manage a busy venue where quick glass cleaning is important, then this type of glass cleaner will definitely be useful for your operation.



  • Convenient to work with on an everyday basis.
  • Bartender-friendly for a fast work pace.
  • Regular speed and temperature only

KissKleen Glass Cleaner Brush - Bar, Kitchen, and Restaurant Glass Scrubber for 2 Glasses - Wine Glass, Bottle, and Cup Washer to Remove Water Spots & Stains

A lot of restaurateurs know this all too well - pouring water and unloading the dishwasher, glasses that should be clean still have lip gloss and other greasy gunk on them. Likewise, lipstick residue on a glass leads to bad online reviews faster than anything else in today's new normal. KissKleen Glass Washers is the only glasswasher that is designed to clean 360-degrees inside and out, ensuring crystal clear glassware every time. Faster In comparison with less expensive glass washers, KissKleen's brush system is specifically designed to enable the handling of greasy residues on the entire glass. The result is a clean and sparkling glass that customers will appreciate, and their online reviews will reflect this.



  • Crystal-clear glasses everytime

Related Questions & Answers About Bar Glass Washers

With the help of an electric glass washer brush, you can polish glassware after it has been washed, or remove sticky stains like lipstick and fruit pulp. Models with durable bristles are also available. In addition to electric glass washers with sealed motors, you can also find models that are submerged underwater to improve cleaning efficiency. In addition to their suction cups or gripped bases, these items tend to keep them securely in place on the sink or counter. You'll be able to efficiently and thoroughly clean your wine glasses, champagne glasses, or beer glasses by utilizing a glass polisher or bar sink glasswasher in your establishment.
If you own a dedicated bar glasswasher, you can make sure that your glassware is sanitized as per local and governmental requirements. If you install an under-counter glasswasher beneath the bar top or counter, your staff will have a supply of clean glasses without the need to run to the kitchen back.
Glasswashers are mandatory, it is actually a breach of health and safety regulations to hand wash glasses.
Your user manual should contain instructions on how to proceed. In the absence of an instruction manual, you can guide yourself by reviewing the online manual. Scrub with a brush to get rid of the accrued dirt. Don't be too harsh on your appliance while cleaning it. Make sure that you use good quality detergent when doing this. Rinse the machine a couple of times with hot water. If there is clogging (if any), this will clear it. You'll get the most use and longevity out of your glasswasher if you keep it clean.
Keeping your glasswasher filter and drain clean once a month is the recommendation of Bob Vila, a house maintenance expert. You don't need any special tools to clean the glasswasher. Vila's three-step process makes the job easy. The glasswasher should be cleaned in the following manner.
In dishwashers, high temperatures are used to clean glassware, which can wear it over time. Glasswashers use lower temperatures, mild detergents, and short cycles to wash glass, which is much more gentle on the glass.
Washing should be done at a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius, and rinsing should be done at 65 degrees. At least once a day, check to make sure the equipment is set to the proper temperature for the two tasks. Your glassware will be damaged by too high of a temperature.