Beer Fridges

The Best 21 Beer Fridges To Buy In 2021

Besides being an intoxicating beverage that can be enjoyed with friends and family, beer is so much more. A thousand years of art and craftsmanship have gone into the making of this epicurean delight. Brewing beer is one of the earliest human endeavors that is recorded in writing. In this way, beer has developed from a beverage quaffed at the local tavern or guzzled in front of TV sports to a pastime that is at least on the same level as wine. Brewing beer at home is a fun and affordable challenge for many beer lovers, who can add a little flair to a tradition that dates back thousands of years. When you want to share a tasty beer with friends and family, whether over a hearty barbecue or while playing cards at poker night, during the Super Bowl, or to drink away the summer heat at a backyard barbecue, it’s time to add a beer fridge to your kitchen. The personality and quirks of each beer are different. Storage under exact, specific conditions is the best way to preserve its quality. If it is stored next to lettuce and milk, it will not achieve its full expression. Further, you might not be able to store enough beer in your refrigerator for an entire party, especially a dinner party or a BBQ where you’ve already been stocked up on other foods. You can find a beer refrigerator that fulfills your needs at surprisingly affordable prices. The chances are that there is a beer fridge that fits your space regardless of how much space you have. Further, modern beer fridges are equipped with a number of features, which will enhance any decor scheme with form and function.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beer Fridge

The bar fridge is a basic appliance, but different models come with a variety of storage, cooling, and organization options. If you want to store cold drinks and snacks, it is important to choose a fridge that meets all of your needs. Bar fridges are available in various sizes, and one of the most important factors to consider is the size. The purpose is defeated if it doesn’t have enough room to store things. In case you only need to store a few drinks, a smaller bar fridge, like a 42-liter mini bar fridge, may be sufficient. However, if you need a lot of cold storage room, look for a larger bar fridge, such as 190 liters. When viewing the doors of the bar fridge, you should take note of which way they open. This is especially important if the bar fridge will be located in an area that is difficult to reach. Right-hinged and left-hinged models are available, so you can choose one that is right for you and your needs. Even some fridge brands have reversible doors, which can be more easily adjusted using additional rehinging components. In spite of the fact that many bar refrigerator doors are opaque, they may feature clear glass so that you can see what’s inside your fridge before you open it. In some glass door bar fridges, the front of the unit is heated to prevent condensation from growing. The top mount Fridge compartment also offers freezer space. As for doors, a bar fridge is available with two doors or in a single door variant with two doors. The interior lighting of your bar fridge can enhance the appeal of its design and make it easier to see what is stored inside, while also giving you the chance to showcase your food and beverage selections. Lighting in the interior of your fridge can be very helpful, especially in low light. It’s a pleasant feature to be able to divide and make more room for different items of food and drink with adjustable shelving. Among the various shelf types that are available for bar fridges and brand types, durable tempered glass is one of the most common. Some refrigerators, however, have wire rack that allow for better air flow within the fridge as well as metal bottle racks for storing bottles simply.

Bar Fridge Style: Retro Bar Fridges

If you intend for your bar fridge to become a key component of your bar area, rumpus room, or entertaining area, you may want to make sure it blends with the area to the best extent possible. Bar fridges can tie an area together and provide the perfect complement to the decor, so choosing the right style is imperative to a successful overall design. There is a bar fridge to suit every aesthetic, in multiple colors and finishes such as black, white, and red. The retro looks good too. Husky and Smeg, for example, have a line of bar fridges that are inspired by the 1950s. Retro bar fridges boast an attractive, vintage appearance in combination with modern cooling technologies that make them ideal for home bars and outside dining areas.


NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler with Glass Door

The right beer fridge can make all the difference between a beer that is at the right temperature and has the right taste and one that doesn't. No matter if you buy a dedicated beverage refrigerator or a mini-fridge, the most important factor is a consistent, cold temperature that keeps your drink within the ideal range. NewAir Can Cooler provides a great solution to this problem while still providing room for storage too. This multipurpose cooler keeps beer, sodas, and wines at a cool 34 degrees Fahrenheit for up to four hours. With a chrome slide-out rack and five adjustable hooks, the interior is highly customizable. There are seven thermostat settings to help set the correct temperature for the best results. In total, you can store 126 cans of beer or soda and around 23 bottles of wine with the 3.4 cubic feet that it takes up.



  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Always remains in-demand.
  • Can be used to store extra stuff.
  • Cooling fan is liable to get defected.

Danby DBC026A1BSSDB Beverage Center

It's easy to find an affordable beverage cooler without losing control over the temperature as you would with more expensive products if you're willing to sacrifice a little bit of space and capacity. Beer and beverage refrigerators for the budget-conscious are a great investment for storing cans of drinks and only cost a fraction of what their premium counterparts do. Danby Beverage Center's size is such that it offers 95 beverage cans of space in 2.6 cubic feet, the smallest in its class. It is still powerful enough to cool house to a temperature range of 42.8F to 57.2F at the same time as it takes up a smaller, more restricted interior space. There is a manual thermostat in place, which means you can choose the precise temperature you want at any time.



  • Comes with a LED light.
  • Great capacity.
  • Glass used is fragile.

Danby DAR044A5BSLDD Compact Refrigerator

With the relaxation time coming, how about a cold beer? With an appropriate beer fridge, you'll be able to store some refreshments in your cave. However, if you want to keep snacks and other non-alcoholic refreshments cool, a mini-fridge with some room for a few cans or bottles may be the better option. It has eight dedicated can/bottle holders, as well as six glass shelves that can be adjusted to different heights for displaying additional beverages or snacks. While this compact fridge has not the most space for beer cans and bottles, it has enough space for all types of drinks and snacks. You can also store an assortment of alcoholic beverages in a customizable setup in order to accommodate different brands and container sizes.



  • The door is made up of spotless steel.
  • Modern and solid look.
  • Door may get dents.

Chefman Mini Portable Black Personal Fridge Cools

When you're on the go, it's hard to keep any beverage cold. It is especially difficult to sell beer and wine since many people are very particular about the temperature at which they like them. In order to keep drinks cool and to keep party guests happy, a portable fridge that is powered by a wall or car outlet will provide a great experience without having to be tethered to the house. Whether you're camping, picnicking, or just wanting to keep a few beers cold while on the go, the Chefman Portable Fridge is a good choice. It has six beverage cans or small snacks as well as temperature settings down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be powered via a standard wall outlet or 12V car plug. In addition, you can use the fridge as a warmer for foods and beverages that are on the other side of the temperature range. This is the perfect fishing jacket for cool days.



  • Elegant look.
  • Perfect for travelling.
  • Offers great portability.
  • Not suitable large beers.

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can Capacity - Mini Bar Beer Fridge

In spite of having space for 3.6 cubic feet of contents, the NewAir Beverage Cooler maintains an amazingly small profile and fits through the smallest of doorways. With only 35 dB, it is one of the quietest compressors in the market, allowing the air conditioner to cool to a chilly 34 degrees Fahrenheit. The NewAir mini beer fridge can easily be tucked behind a bar, but if you want it to stand out in plain view or be integrated into the design of your kitchen, this unit has pleasing proportions and is available in matte stainless steel and black finishes.



  • Modern look.
  • Accurate for home, office, travel, and dorms.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Noisy.

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

The Whynter 33-inch beverage refrigerator will chill your beer quickly! It uses brushed stainless steel and a slick door handle for easy operation. This chiller can handle the chilliest of chilling tasks with temperatures ranging from 30 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. comes with an LED lighting unit you can turn on and off by hand, which makes it a beer fridge you could keep in your bedroom during the night without waking you up. The door is clear, so you can tell if you need to stock up at a glance.



  • Offers mechanical temperature control.
  • Integrated fan.
  • Glass border are build up of stainless steel.
  • Costlier.

Vremi Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Located on top of the mini beer fridge, you can easily see a thermometer readout on the top of the display door, which is framed in matte stainless steel. You can rest assured you have programmed the mini beer fridge to the proper temperature. Auto-defrosting is also a feature of the Vremi beer fridge.



  • Sleek and compact in design and shape.
  • Comes with LED light feature.
  • Thermostat is digitally controlled.
  • LED may fuse.

Bossin Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

The four different sizes of beer fridges offered by BOSSIN address any space and capacity requirement - 1.6 cubic feet, 2.9 cubic feet, 3.2 cubes, and a whopping 4.5 cubes. Integrated double-pane glass protects your precious beverages from UV rays in all of our models with transparent doors. Additionally, to being a great beer fridge, the larger models of the BOSSIN beverage refrigerator are also perfect for wine storage, with variable temperatures, ample space, and blue lighting to prevent bottle damage. With all of its beers fridges, BOSSIN also offers one year of hassle-free service.



  • Offers accurate temperature for your beer.
  • Spacious.
  • Glass may get smoky.

Antarctic Star Mini Fridge Cooler

Designed for space conservation, this budget-friendly, 60-can mini-fridge by Antarctic Star comes in a style as pleasing to the eye as it is to use as well. A tuxedo black mini beer fridge with a quiet compressor and cooling power up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit is a stylish addition to any bar or restaurant establishment. An airtight door can be attached to either side of this compact beer fridge to add a layer of convenience.



  • Thermostat is totally adjustable.
  • Comes with thick glass door.
  • Makes a lot of noise.

Kegco K309SS-1 Keg Dispenser

It is impossible to satisfy some beer lovers by supplying them with large-capacity cans. Some beer lovers require a kegerator in order to enjoy their favorite beverage. With this black stainless steel digital beer keg cooler from Kegco, you'll be able to serve your guest's beer to their hearts' content while earning your bartender bragging rights. The Kegco kegerator can hold one full-sized keg, as well as up to three homebrew kegs with Cornelius ball locking systems. The unit is mounted on caster wheels with reflective surfaces to blend with any decor. KegBrix has two spouts, a drip chamber, and chrome guardrails so it will look nice at cookouts and sports nights, and it will also be the perfect option for homebrewers.



  • Supports deep chill function.
  • Offers extra space.
  • Dispenser is liable to get break.

EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD 24 Inch Wide 142 Can Built-In Outdoor Beverage Cooler

When your beers are your babies (albeit babies who thrive at low temperatures), you want to store them the right way. The EdgeStar built-in holds 5.3 cubic feet behind a rust-proof stainless steel door that flawlessly maintains temperatures as low as 34 degrees. Cool air circulates within a robust body made of heavy ABS, without the use of cold plates, as a result of an Embraco compressor, a much more efficient and even heating approach. This mini beer refrigerator is ETL-certified and has a pro-quality design.



  • Comes with the glass shelves and integrated lock.
  • Suitable for outdoor trips.
  • Needs extra-care.

KUPPET Retro Mini Refrigerator

The Kuppet is a 3.2 cubic foot beer fridge that includes a mini-fridge and a mini-freezer, so you can store your beverages from the fridge to the freezer, as well as the temperature you want them to be at. If you want to keep beer and wine at an ideal temperature, and vodka or tequila at sub-zero temperatures in the freezer, this is the perfect solution. Kuppet is an energy-saving appliance designed to meet HIPS standards and is approved by ETL. The appliance is backed by a 30-day return policy and comes with a 1-year worry-free service agreement.



  • Best choice for classic design lovers.
  • Available in unique red and sea green color.
  • Over-sized.

WYZworks 30L Stainless Steel Refrigerator Semiconductor Beer Cooler Fridge Black

A compact beverage cooler with 1.7 cu ft of ice storage capacity from WYZworks utilizes a water membrane cooling system to disperse heat quickly for efficient cooling. You can protect your beer from sticky fingers by locking the WYXworks semiconductor refrigerator with a key, so you never have to worry about thieves stealing your bottles and cans.



  • Sturdy attractive look.
  • Thermostat is adjustable.
  • May take time in cooling.

ROVSUN 2 Door Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

Enjoy stainless steel appliances, then ROVSUN has reproduced that look with their 2-door compact refrigerator/freezer, which also happens to be a beer fridge. In addition to 2.2 cubic feet of refrigerator space, the unit has a cubic foot of freezer space that is ideal for freezing vodka glasses, steins, dessert glasses, and frosting cups. The powerful refrigeration power of this beer fridge maintains beer temperatures even at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can fit just about anywhere and keep beer extra cold.



  • This beer fridge is UL certified.
  • Customer friendly product.
  • Old-look.

Kalamera 24 inch Beverage Refrigerator - 175 Cans Capacity Beverage Cooler

Kalamera makes a beverage cooler with a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet, but its star is its 4.4-cubic-foot model with plenty of room for 37 bottles of wine, or 126 cans of beer, and a reversible door that measures temperature. From the monitor and the touchpad, it's easy to control the lights as well as to adjust the temperature one degree at a time. As a result of its low vibration, the no-vibration compressor keeps beer cold at a low sound level.



  • Single-zone beer fridge.
  • Have temperature memory.
  • Small-size.

TAVATA Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

If you're serious about keeping beer fresh, this professional-grade wine fridge by TAVATA can be repurposed to store beer bottles and cans, as well as homebrew and beer cocktail components. This matte stainless steel beer fridge is as timeless as they come, equipped with clear doors that reveal wood-accent shelving. It also has an ETL-certified compressor that operates with 25% greater efficiency than standard compressors, making it among the greenest options on the market. It is easy to examine the products with the shelves that pull out. It also features zone cooling, which makes it possible to store beverages at different temperatures in different sections of the fridge. This unit is easy to use because it features a digital temp monitor and a digital control panel. as a free-standing unit or as a built-in unit.



  • Offers large and wide space.
  • Trendy and attractive.
  • May not liked by every beer lover.

Kismile Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

It is hard to believe that up to 126 cans can fit in such a small area. It's easy to see at a glance the benefits of double-layer tempered glass as it protects wine from UV rays as well as maintains the optimum humidity level for sensitive wines. The low-noise compressor and multi-channel lights allow the unit to be moved anywhere you want, from the garage to the parlor bar to the kitchen to the bedroom. In addition to an easy-to-use touch-panel control system, the Joy Pebble mini beer fridge also has a digital readout that will allow you to keep careful track of how your beers are being stored.



  • Temperature can be controlled electronically.
  • Comes with a perfect rack for wine.
  • Shine may get dull.

COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler,

A cooler with a sporty, happy look can make a significant change in the "sleek and chic" aesthetic of your fridge. The COSTWAY 120 can beverage cooler has a fun and friendly design with a "Hey!" feel. As well as the one-year quality warranty, Costway also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of their clients.



  • Suitable for multiple case cans and bottles.
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat.
  • Extra-large in size.

BOSSIN Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with Smoky Gray Glass Door for Soda Beer

No matter how much you like beer, there is a BOSSIN beer fridge to suit your needs, from the 1.6 cubic feet beverage chest to its beefy 4.5 cubic feet. The refrigerators have vibration-free, low-noise compressors, blue lighting, and clear glass doors. Even at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the refrigerators offer significant cooling capacity. BOSSIN's beverage cooler is equipped with industry-leading smart-cooling technology, which automatically returns your beer refrigerator to the desired temperature regardless of power failures. With a 1-year worry-free warranty, all of BOSSIN's beer fridges are backed up by the company.



  • Ideally weighted.
  • Doesn't make much noise.
  • Glass may get chipped.

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

With 120 cans of standard size fitting inside of the freestanding beverage fridge from HomeLabs, its capacity is large. Featuring a powerful air conditioner and a super-quiet compressor, the unit delivers excellent performance in single-zone mode. In addition, the model comes with an additional temperature sensor to activate auto defrosting. Amazon has given the book a rating of 4.5 stars out of 800.



  • Trendy electric beer cooler.
  • Offers extra capacity.
  • High-maintenance.

Haier HC27SF22RB 2.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

A budget-friendly mini-fridge from Haier that happens to include a half-width freezer compartment that comes with ice trays is a great option that offers the same excellent performance as a top-range model at a fraction of the cost. The size of this mini fridge has been a big draw for customers - specifically, the fact that it fits a number of beverages and snacks, yet it easily slides under most desks. It means you'll never go hungry (or thirsty) as long as you have this stylish appliance nearby. You can even keep a few frozen meals or delectable desserts in the compartment's four-by-nine-inch dimensions, so satisfying your sweet tooth has never been so easy. It is hard to deny the value you will be getting by investing in Haier's mini-fridge, but a lot of customers reported minor dents upon receiving new units-so make sure you thoroughly inspect your product once it has arrived.



  • Mini-freezer of short length.
  • Level legs are adjustable.
  • Low-capacity.

Related Questions & Answers About Beer Fridges

Beer Frosters cool your beer to a frosty 23 F, allowing it to be the coldest fridge available today. When you drink a beer in this frigid weather, the water condensation on the bottle and can freeze and gives you that frosty finish you prefer.
As a result of the survey's data on the distribution of beer fridges and its data on energy consumption, Young estimated that 65% of older beer fridges consume 1165.7 million kWh of energy annually - about the amount consumed by an average US suburban home each year.
Be sure to check out the features of the chillers. The safety lock, temperature display, self-closing doors, and dual temperature zones are all features you should look for in appliances if you have a large budget.
A great option for collectors of small batches of beer. Small but mighty, this mini fridge can store up to four bottles of beer at a time, six 12-ounce cans, or six 12-ounce cans of soup.
A year and a half to two years. The quality of properly stored, unopened beer generally remains at its best for about 6 to 8 months in the refrigerator, although it is still generally safe to consume after that point.
This process takes about nine hours. However, if you have the time and patience, you can get your beer or other canned drinks cold in the refrigerator in about nine hours. Then, you can enjoy something cold in the afternoon by putting it in during the morning.
Generally, beer fridges are set at 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius). If you are drinking an American Lager or a Low Alcohol Beer, this temperature will be ok, but for every other type of beer it will be too cold.