Electric Citrus Juicers

The Best 21 Electric Citrus Juicers To Buy In 2021

With an orange juicer you can use at home, you can start on your five a day at once. Whether you need a countertop press, hand-held squeezer, or the best centrifugal juicer, here are our picks. Freshly squeezed juice sounds delicious, doesn’t it? We too. There are orange juicer machines on the market that make it so much easier as they squeeze and press not only oranges but other fruits as well. The best orange juicer machine is a more than useful addition to your kitchen, whether you enjoy an orange juice every morning or are just trying out juicing for the first time.

You need to choose the right tool for the job depending on many factors, including the amount of juice you wish to make, how much storage space you have, and the price. Our team researched the best citrus juicers on the market to help you choose the right one.

Types Of Citrus Juicer

Other than manual and electric juicers, citrus juicers can be classified into a few different types, based on their ability to function. Citrus juicers with a pulp control feature let you select how much pulp will be used in your juice. The citrus juicers having a spin function feature operate closely like centrifugal juicers and make use of the pulp to make the most juice possible. As well as being the most expensive one, it is also the most popular. In a citrus juicer, a reverse reamer is used to ensure that the most juice can be extracted from the fruits. In addition, it also leaves behind the residual pulp, which is rich in fiber.


Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

It's a significant step up from your manual juicer to use the Cuisinart Control Citrus Juicer. The juice maker does the work for you, but you can also customize the amount of pulp to be included in your juice. Whether you like more fiber in your diet or have guests who prefer no pulp in their juice, you love the freedom to control the amount of pulp. You can set the pulp level for your kids' drinks to a minimum. Juice with pulp isn't as appealing to them, so you can set the amount to a minimum when preparing it.



  • Controls the pulp.
  • High-quality build up.
  • Have clogs.

Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Power, Easy Clean Extractor Press Centrifugal Juicing Machine

Juicing with the Mueller Austria Juicer is the best juicer on the market. Cleaning it is easy, and it can be put in the dishwasher. Also, since your fruit can fit within the extra-large chute, you don't need to slice it beforehand. In this way, you are able to separate the seeds from the juice and break the nutrients down to a cellular level, so that your body has immediate access to them. Using this machine for the juice cleanse week will ensure you can make enough liquids for a day.



  • Duo-speed settings are available.
  • Comes with the warranty of 2-years.
  • Seeds are separated from the juice extract.
  • Noisy.

LUUKMONDE Electric Citrus Juicer

With the citrus squeezer, you can select the right pulp size with the pull-tab on the handle. It can provide only pure juice or mix with more pulp or both depending on your taste. two sizes of cones, which allows you to use one juice machine to squeeze all citrus fruits. It features an increased motor that is quieter and uses an updated gear system. It also has a stable base that makes the juice cones not sway when in use.



  • Innovative product.
  • Compact and sleek design.
  • Pith isn't get crushed.
  • Complaints of defects.

BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer

One of the top performers on Amazon's bestsellers list is the Black+Decker Citrus Juicer. Easy to use and easy to clean, it's easily portable and easy to store. These toys are safe to use by even kids, as they contain no sharp parts. Juice is extracted with maximum efficiency by auto-reversing cones. In addition, the clear juice container has easy-to-read markings and is equipped with an adjustable pulp control that can be collected in the pulp basket for use as compost or for baking. It also has a removable pulp basket that can be used for baking or composting. In addition to juicing, the container doubles as a pitcher for easy service. Juice can be served directly without having to be transferred. In one case, an Amazon customer made 15 quarts of juice with 99 grapefruits. Juicing that intensively can be very beneficial, so if you're into it, you should get it soon.



  • Time-saver juicer.
  • Safe for use even for your kids.
  • Gives a great efficency.
  • Noisy motor.

Pohl Schmitt Deco-Line Electric Citrus Juicer

It's hard to believe how efficient this juicing machine is for its price tag. With the pitcher design, you can save time from dishwashing at an affordable price. Their motor is 40% more powerful equipped with dual-purpose cones, a large 34oz juice container, and non-slip feet. In addition to the auto-reversing juicing cones, a fixed filter that can control the amount of pulp helps you extract maximum juice from your fruits and vegetables. Those looking for a juicer on a tight budget will love this effective machine.



  • Classy look.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Easy to use and saves a lot of time.
  • Fragile.

Proctor Silex Alex's Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer Machine

With its innovative marketing, Alex's Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer Machine and Squeezer by Proctor-Silex is one of a kind. The proceeds are donated to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, which supports cancer research. In addition to raising money for cancer research, this wonderful product is a great promotional tool. A nesting reamer is included in this electric citrus juicer to accommodate small to medium-sized citrus fruits. The juicer automatically reverses when necessary to extract the maximum amount of juice. Measurement markings on the container make it easy for you to follow juice recipes. It collects the juice and releases it at the table for serving. the compartment that accommodates excess cord, so it can be kept out of the way and minimize clutter on your countertop when it's not in use.



  • Can be set-up easily.
  • Can be used for long time in a row.
  • Controls the pulp.
  • Occurance of defects.

Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer Squeezer

It is easy to use the Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer Squeezer, so if you have any arm or hand issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, you will find that juicing is easier. Drips are prevented by locking the spout in place. It has a double filter that allows you to pull out only the goodness. If you enjoy the purest juice, this is your juicer. Suction cups built into the unit keep it firmly in place. Pure juice is ensured by the filter within the filter to ensure no pulp is present, so you can drink it without any worry. This juicer will work for you if that's what you love about your juice.



  • Comes with an inserted filter.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Purifies your juice.
  • May get over-heated.

Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer Manual Hand Squeezer

Choosing the Drizom Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer is like choosing the juicing machine of your dreams. Your convenience is ensured by its simplicity of use and easy cleaning. With the screen attached, you can squeeze out more juice while having less pulp on your juice. You can also use these citrus juicers for other kitchen tasks, such as shredding vegetables and grating cheese. a silicone base that is anti-slip and non-marking, so accidents will not occur. Flip-tops save you your desk space while letting you store items conveniently. When working with small fruits, the 12-tooth reamer is designed to extract as much juice as possible, but when it comes to bigger fruits, the large 3-claw reamer is appropriate. When you're looking for a juicer that is efficient and doesn't cost you a lot in additional electricity costs, this one will do the trick. In addition to cooking and baking, the multifunctional design can be used for other purposes as well.



  • Completely BPA-Free product.
  • Superior build up.
  • Seeds may be seen floating on your juice.

Prepworks by Progressive Dome Citrus Juicer

An elegant addition to your kitchen counter, the Prepworks by Progressive Dome Citrus Juicer will work well in any setting. In addition to the juicer, a bonus measuring cup (dome) is included at no additional charge for an ultra-portable and efficient juicer. Citrus juices can be squeezed through the juicer if you use limes, lemons, and oranges. During the process of making your favorite fruity drink, you won't slip thanks to its non-skid base. Since it's made of heavy-duty plastic, you can just put it in the dishwasher. If you're thinking about making a lemon meringue pie, this large 1 cup capacity is a perfect size. This juicer is a great buy for those who enjoy having a small and efficient juicer. With a key lime pie, you can make juice or bake some goods.



  • Comes with an additional measuring cup.
  • Suitable for any size of fruit.
  • Can hold up to half cup of juice.

WantJoin Electric Citrus Juicer

It is equipped with two cones, the big cone suitable for large fruits including oranges and grapefruits, while the little cone is suitable for smaller fruits like limes and lemons. Starting and stopping is as easy as pressing one button. It is designed so that as much juice as possible is retracted and squeezed out. To start, press down on the handle, and to stop, release the pressure. The window can be unlocked to contain the juice, or the bottle can be raised and the juice can flow right into your glass.



  • Solid built-up.
  • Full stability.
  • Super effective.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • It's paint may get chipped.

Breville Die-Cast Motorized Citrus Juicer

With the Breville Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press, you can make juice in a short time. It is quiet compared to other electric juicers, so you can juice early in the morning. Made from stainless steel and brushed to a high shine, it's a pretty powerful citrus press. Its industrial-strength means that you can be sure this revolutionary active-arm system will make juicing an enjoyable new activity you can engage in on a regular basis. Breville's Die-Cast Juicer is a great product that takes the pressure off of the hands. You can make it work by pressing it down with your finger. Arthritic hands and people with trouble coordinating their hands will definitely benefit from this product.



  • Have a good speed.
  • Noise cancelation product.
  • Doesn't require extra pressure.
  • May get leaked.

Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar, Electric Citrus Juicer

Juicers like this are affordable, work well, and are easy to store in your kitchen cabinets. Regular use of it can make it last for three years. Aside from the fact that it's not very expensive, it's easy to use, doesn't take up much counter space, and fits on the kitchen cabinet easily. The machine boasts a 50-watt motor that can pull out a large amount of water quickly and quietly. With the interchangeable reams, you can pack limes as small as 1/8 oz. or grapefruits as large as 1 lb. In addition, you will be able to make your juice smooth with the included ream cap.



  • Contains a 50 watt motor.
  • Strong and fast.
  • Clogs drainage.

Homeleader Citrus Juicer

Its bottom is made from FDA food safety approved silicone which is anti-slippery. It can stand firmly in most kitchen environments. In addition to keeping the table surface free from damage, suction cups ensure the base remains in place. Having a drip-less spout means you can decide when you have enough juice and then let it flow, reducing the risk of spills and reducing the need to clean up afterward. The main body of the juicer is made from professional stainless steel brushed with a high gloss finish. Quiet motor but with a lot of power. It is easy to disassemble, so cleaning isn't time-consuming or difficult, and your juice is utterly pure and nutrient-rich. You won't be overwhelmed by the amount of pulp that's in the juice. Before everything is ready for use again, all you need to do is rinse everything with water.



  • Complete food-safe product.
  • It's Cleaning is easy.
  • Sturdy look.
  • Seeds may come in your juice.

Juiceman Citrus Juicer

People with a tight budget will love the Juiceman Citrus Juicer due to its affordable price. The juicer can be used to extract juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables in just a few minutes considering it is low-powered and compact. It has two juicing cones to juice both large or small fruits and an automatic reversing setting to ensure maximum extraction. The armrest is pressure-activated, so if you want a little arm workout in the morning, this is the chair for you. This juicer features a 40-watt motor that provides the perfect amount of power to juice efficiently. If you wish to bake, you can use the pulp for making muffins with high fiber levels. A pulp strainer is included so that you can separate the pulp from the juice before you use it. A juicer like this would be enjoyed by anyone who does not mind pulp in their juice. The pulp being strain off is not that big of an issue, and for the price, it's not that big of a deal.



  • Have two juicing cones.
  • Gets reversed automatically.
  • Completely user-friendly.
  • Makes a lot of noise.

Aeitto Masticating Juicer

During the manufacturing process, Aeitto juicers are tested or checked as many as 500 times to ensure maximum quality and safety. As an appliance supplier, Aeitto is devoted to providing its customers with the best appliance products and experiences possible. Aeitto's upgraded masticating juicer is equipped with two-speed settings, allowing for the extraction of a wide range of fruits and vegetables. As a result of Juicer Machines, juice can have a greater yield, and the juice retains its nutrients better and is less likely to oxidize.



  • No pulp is visible.
  • Best for large size eatables (fruits).
  • Easy to use and set.
  • Paint fades away easily.

Smeg Citrus Juicer

In my opinion, it is one of the most attractive citrus juicers out there it is a beautiful piece of kitchen equipment that one can keep on their countertop all the time and comes in a variety of colors. Its sleek design is not only appealing to the eye, but also it has a built-in sensor that turns on when you press the universal reamer. This means you can juice citrus fruits of any size in no time at all. A stainless steel strainer removes all seeds, as well as catching most of the pulp, leaving back just enough to give your juice some texture. The anti-drip spout flips down to release the juice and flips back up to stop it from spilling. During the off-season, the Tritan dome lid serves as a bowl for citrus rinds as well as a dust cover for the machine. Easy cleaning is made possible by the removable components that can be placed directly in the dishwasher (or can be easily hand-washed). Adding one to your kitchen will be a gorgeous and useful addition.



  • Attractive.
  • Superior quality product.
  • Noisy.

Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer

Vinci's Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer is the most advanced citrus juicer available on the market today. Press the juice button once the fruit is placed at the reamer, sliced in half, and on the reamer. Juicing reamer uplifts and extracts the maximum quantity of juice from fruits automatically in just a few seconds, with no need to hold or manually squeeze them. Due to our pressure-sensitive technology, we can recognize the thickness of the rind automatically to deliver the best juice without any bitter flavors added by other machines that scrape the rind with the reamer.



  • Unique design.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Handy and easy to clean.
  • Requires extra pressure.

Philips HR2775 1-Litre 25-Watt Citrus Press Juicer

It is a sleek and compact design that allows you to juice with it every day. In the eyes of the consumers, its features, including a drip-stop at the sprout and a massive jug capacity, make it an attractive product. It has a jug capacity of 1 liter, consumes 25 W, and operates between 220 and 240 Volts It has a pulp selector option, and comes with a double cone equipped with drip-stop technology and cord storage or organizer. We offer a warranty of 2 years from the manufacturer.



  • Great grip.
  • Sleek and easy to use.
  • Extra-power motor.
  • Loud and noisy.

Festa Electric Citrus Jucier

Having a Festa electric citrus juicer in your kitchen is a must. Portable, convenient, and easy to use, this unit offers all of these features. Fresh oranges and fruits can be easily squeezed to extract juice with this product. I like how easy it is to assemble, clean, and operate the juicer. With the juicer, you get a juice collector, strainer, and squeezer. Made of plastic, it's lightweight and easy to carry. There are 12 inches by 12 inches by 15 centimeters in the product.



  • Time-saver.
  • Super fast and electrical.
  • May get defected easily.

Braun Multiquick 3 J300 800-Watt Juicer

You might find that the Braun juicer is just the perfect device to help you make a healthy breakfast in a flash. It's attractive and eye-catching. Easy to use and store. With a compact and sleek shape that enhances its elegancy.



  • Attractive and easy to use.
  • Pulp control feature is available.
  • Extra-power is required.

Taurus Citrus Legend 85-Watt Juicer

You can now juice various fruits with one of the newest arrivals on the market. With its silent motor, the Taurus Citrus Legend 85-Watt Juicer (Silver/Black) is considered to be one of the best citrus fruit juicers in the world.



  • Compact design.
  • User-friendly juicer.
  • Trendy.
  • Time-consumer.

Related Questions & Answers About Electric Citrus Juicers

Remove all parts of your juicer, and then soak it in a cleaning solution after use. Once the parts have been cleaned, take the brush and scrub all the deposits off them, then wash them under running water so any excess cleaning solution gets washed away. To remove the parts, wipe them gently with a dry cloth. Replacing the parts will now be a difficult task. Towards the end of the cleaning process, use a solution of 1 part water to 1 part vinegar if there are components that have been coated with minerals.
There are now lemon juicers available in the market that can be washed in the dishwasher.
You should clean your juicer each time after use since that is the most important thing to do. The product will remain in good condition for many years to come if you take this action. After juicing fruit and vegetables, use a cleaning solution to clean the juicing equipment. One part liquid to one part vinegar should be used to clean your juicer if it has any metal parts. The juicer will be cleaned of all its deposits and pulp by this method.
The market flooded with a variety of juicers, so you have the freedom to pick the one that best meets your needs. Electric juicers tend to consume a lot of electricity, so it is better to go for manual juicers instead. However, you have to face disadvantages when you want to juice a large number of juices at once. The process will require a lot of manual work and is a cumbersome one.
Juice Fountain SL Cold Plus to be used with Blender. Choosing the right juicer can be challenging. This Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Big Mouth 2-Speed Juice Extractor features a large mouth and fast speeds. The Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel Slow Juicer Breville Big Squeeze.
There are many health benefits to regular consumption, including decreased inflammation, improved heart health, and reduced kidney stone risks. In addition, orange juice is also high in calories and sugar, so it's best to consume it in moderation. To cut down on calories and sugar, puréed 100% orange juice is best.
If you like making lots of lemonade or fresh-squeezed orange juice, an electric citrus juicer is excellent. However, they can be impractical if you only use some lemon or lime for a recipe.
It was invented in 1945 that the first citrus juicer emerged.
Juicers that use an electric motor work in almost the same way if you drink a lot of juice. In order to press a citrus half on the reamer, you turn the fruit; instead, the reamer does it for you.
Citrus juice is the perfect drink for cold weather, and this Philips juicer from the citrus press line is of the highest quality. With the cone-shaped presser, you can squeeze every drop of juice from the citrus fruits. You can rotate it in any direction for the best results. As well as the single cone, it has a double cone option for juice extraction from smaller citrus fruits.