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The Best 13 Bar Mats To Buy In 2021

The damage that drinks can cause to your furniture is well known. A spill or the perspiration coming off a bottle or a can can stain your furniture, damage wood, and cause mold and mildew to grow. To make sure your cave comes equipped with everything needed to entertain guests without compromising your furniture, make sure it’s fully furnished and durable.

There are very few differences between modern bar mat designs, with the only difference being the materials used to make them. By far, silicone is the best choice, since it maintains its shape well, does not dry out or crack, and is dishwasher friendly. A Top Shelf Bar Supply Service Mat and a Robbins Aria Kitchen Trivet are good examples of such products. The former has a large liquid capacity and is well-sized for use in a business. Using the latter is more practical if you are serving cocktails at home, or you are baking pies; the silicone is also ideal as a heat-resistant pad for hot pans due to its high-temperature resistance.

A good quality bar mat is perfect for all bars and restaurants where drinks are prepared and served. spills and drips were soaked up with absorbent material, however, these became damp quickly and could produce toxic fumes. The most recent designs use rubber, vinyl, or silicone and are made of rows of uniform prongs, which allow for maximum airflow and provide a well for the liquid to collect. A non-slip surface also provides a stable surface for the glasses. In this ranking, we selected a variety of different styles that would be appropriate for commercial businesses, like bars and coffee shops, as well as for the home.

Types of Bar Mats

There are 3 types of bar mats:

  1. Rail Mats – A rail mat is placed on the bar’s edge to allow the bartender to mix drinks on it. Besides being long and able to hold ample liquid, they are also strong and durable. By dispersing the liquid across their surface, they prevent overflow.
  2. Interlocking Bar Mats – The interlocking bar mats can be linked together. They float above the bar, and they do not gather spills like rail mats or service mats. You can hang your bar tools on them to dry, making them ideal for use as drying racks.
  3. Service Mats – Originally laid on the bar, service mats are put down on the bar to provide service. During cocktail hour, bartenders place their drinks on these mats so they can easily pick them up and serve them. Rail mats are typically less spacious than service mats to handle large orders of drinks and wine.

Bar Mat Materials

Bar mat materials has three kinds. The PVC bar mat (most popular), rubber, and silicone bar mat. 

  1. Silicon – High absorption capacity is one of the advantages of silicon bar mats. You can protect the surface of your bar with these since they are highly durable and will not burn or scratch. A rubber bar mat is not as elastic as a silicone mat, which can be used for freezing and baking. A silicone surface provides natural anti-skid and shock-proof properties due to its high viscosity.
  2. Rubber – It is difficult to deform rubber bar mats after they have been deformed. Their excellent response to heat and cold, and good elasticity across a range of temperatures, make them ideal for use in some environments. Chemically, they are not resistant to most chemicals, even though they are excellent electric insulators.
  3. PVC – A PVC bar mat can eliminate noise, act as an electrical insulator, and leak little water vapor or gas. The thermal stability and impact resistance of these materials are lower, and they become brittle after extended use and changes in temperature. Additionally, the production of PVC has a negative impact on the environment.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bar Mats

  • Dimension/Size – As far as bar mats are concerned, there is no standard measurement. Before shopping for clothes, it is essential to know what size you are looking for since most manufacturers offer customization.
  • Quality – As far as bar mats are concerned, there is no standard measurement. Before shopping for clothes, it is essential to know what size you are looking for since most manufacturers offer customization.

During the process of making cocktails, a bar mat is primarily used to collect spills. Bar mats do not come with our home bartender starter kit, but I consider them to be an essential tool for many home bar settings. If your main focus is building cocktails in the kitchen, a bar mat can double as a place to dry tools and glasses. In case of spills, a heavy-duty bar mat might be worthwhile to pick up if you have a small bar in your home or go on the road with your show.

You shouldn’t buy cheap mats with logos on them just because they’re cheap. Check if your chosen brand has a high-quality, heavy-duty bar mat if you are a fan of that brand. find that many brands go to a lot of trouble to create a great bar mat that the bartender will love. These mats are often given to bars for free but must be useful bar mats since bars often are paid to advertise a particular brand (or at least encouraged by their brand ambassadors to do so) and are paid to advertise it.

The designs were different for different purposes, so we selected our favorites. Here’s the list for our best pick.


Mixologist Technologist Glass Mat

These Mixologist Technologist Mini Glass Mats (about $12) are available in four different metallic colors. The frames are made of a very soft and flexible material that can easily grip surfaces and stops glasses from sliding.



  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Color not consistent

Bang Tidy Clothing Bar Runner Mat

An ideal gift for any bartender is the Bang Tidy Bar Runner (about $17) made from rubber matting with absorbent top material. With a durable printing process, it won't peel off or fade and can be custom-printed with the name of your bar.



  • Washable with a machine
  • Limited soak up
  • Thinner than the usual bar mats/">mat

Top Shelf Bar Silicone Bar Service Mat

With the Top Shelf Bar Supply Service mats/">mats/">Mat (around $33), you'll never have to worry about your food getting contaminated, as the silicone construction makes this product superior to rubber, which will curl and warp. This wine glass features elliptical prongs that hold the glass steady, as well as deep borders that provide good spill and liquid capacity.



  • Food safe silicon material
  • Durable and flexible
  • Top of the class quality
  • Limited color option

BARsics Rubber Bar Service Mat

In addition to being 24 inches long and wide enough to comfortably hold a pint glass, the Barsics Counter Top (about $29) is constructed of thick rubber. Featuring a square cutout at one end, it stands half an inch high and is perfect for holding a bottle or water jug.



  • Sticks to surface well
  • Easy to clean
  • Small to use in commercial bars

Chillake Rustic Burlap Coffee Bar Mat

Chillake Rustic Burlap Coffee Bar mats/">mats/">Mat is an amazing addition to your kitchen or coffee shop, at 16 inches wide. For added protection, it has a waterproof layer, while its outer layer is made from jute, making it durable as well.



  • Color wise
  • One side print
  • Washable by hands

BooTaa Bar Flexible Service Mat

It is approximately 2 x 1.8 feet made from easy to clean durable nontoxic rubber. There are two sizes, the larger being finished in red, while the smaller is shown in black as part of a handy twin pack



  • Great size for spills
  • Large enough for commercial use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in only one color

Talisman Designs Countertop Cocktail Bar Mat

Whether you're entertaining guests at home or simply relaxing with a cocktail, the Talisman Designs Cocktail mats/">mats/">Mat (about $24) are versatile options. Featuring a textured spill mats/">mat on one side and a removable cutting board with an integrated rimmer tray on the other, this cutting board is designed to fit perfectly into the hand.



  • Non substantial cutting mats/">mat

Robbins Aria Heat Resistant Bar Mat

Made from heat-resistant silicone, the multi-purpose Robbins Aria Kitchen Trivet (about $19) can be used around the house for a variety of purposes. 18 inches in length, it is not only great for mixing cocktails but it is also good for resting pans and utensils while they are hot.



  • Easy to clean with water and soap
  • Variety of colors
  • Quite thin

ZHL Thick Bar Mat Pad

Four mats and four coasters are composed of food-safe PVC in this ZHL 8 Pack (about $28). While the mats are available in a variety of sizes, from long and narrow to rectangular, the coasters range in size from nearly 4 inches wide to nearly 8 inches wide.



  • Bottom is non-slip
  • Can be easily roll for narrow storage
  • Not safe with dishwasher

San Jamar Bar Mat

Versa-mats/">mats/">Mats are available as a single 12" x 12" mats/">mat or as a pack of 12 (around $5). The mats interlock, making it easy to join multiple mats together, and are easy to cut, so they can be placed in any location in any room.



  • Prevent slippage with it's slick design
  • Easy to clean
  • Cannot absorb spillage

S&T INC. Rubber Bar Mat

This mats/">mat is designed to sit flush on a counter or tabletop and has raised edges for additional spill-proofing. A non-slip base keeps the mats/">mat in place even when wet and the mats/">mat rolls up compactly for easy storage.



  • Comes in set of two
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard to lay flat when rolled up

Gasare Silicone Placemats

From Gasare, you can get a large, versatile silicone mats/">mat that will protect your kitchen and dining counters. Despite being able to prepare food on top of the mats, the mats are designed with nonslip backing that keeps them in place. Several colors are available, and the mats can also be cut to fit around small appliances and faucets.



  • Can withstand high temperature
  • Easy cleaning
  • Not dishwasher friendly

Youtensils Dish Drying Mat

With its extra-large size of 18" x 21", the YouTensils mats/">mat provides a stable surface for dishes to dry on. A slightly raised edge on the mats/">mat helps hold back water runoff, while the mats/">mat is made of food-safe FDA-approved silicone. Users can either hand wash the mats/">mat or place it in the top rack of the dishwasher. The mats/">mat can be easily rolled or folded for convenient storage.



  • Comes with a scrubber
  • Easy cleaning
  • Washable with dishwasher
  • No holes to drain water
  • Can be easily stained

Related Questions & Answers About Bar Mats

Rubber mats that line the edge of the bar rail serve as bar rail mats. Pouring, mixing, and garnishing cocktails are done on these as the bartenders pour, mix, and garnish.
The dishwasher or glass washer is not the best place to wash your bar mats. When used in conjunction with severe mechanical action, these machines have high caustic levels that can damage the fabric and can even cause a separation of the rubber from the fabric. It is also advisable to avoid using high-pressure washers.
If necessary, you can hand wash your bar mats in warm soapy water and then rinse them.
In addition to the natural rubber, the bar mat also has recycled rubber which you can wash in a washing machine. After cleaning it, leave the bar mat in the sun or a ventilated place to dry out.
A bar mat is mainly used to hold glasses that are wet, prevent spills, and protect the surface of the bar. In addition, spills can be contained in the mat itself instead of on the bar or on the floor, reducing cleaning time. The liquid is easy to empty into the sink when they are lifted out.
The material is durable and thick, and it can withstand the bustle of a busy bar.
The dirt, grit, and debris accumulated within your mats pile must be removed as soon as possible.
Drinks and are not going to slip and slide when they are on bar mats.
On the edge of a bar can be found a bar mat, which is made of rubber.