Highballs, Frozen, Punches, Sours, Old-Fashioneds and Cocktails.

You walk with rhythm, speak with rhythm, eat a meal with rhythm… rhythm is in everything.


This menu celebrates the music of Cuba: its rhythms and dances, its distinctive instrumentation, and above all, its passion. Of course, all we can do is offer here a taster of the world’s most exciting music – accompanied by some of the world’s most exciting cocktails.





Highballs & Frozen Drinks / $18

Invented in Manhattan way back around 1890, the Highball – “the high priest of tall drinks” – remains today’s perfect convivial session drink. And for sheer ice-cold class, there’s still nothing better than a perfectly made frozen drink.



Cuban Rum Blend,
Lime, Mint, Soda

Rum & Cola

Cuban Rum Blend, Italian Amaro,
Cola, Champagne

Saving Grace

Mezcal, Sofrito, Lime, Grapefruit,
Cuban Style Ale

Gee Whiz

Cuban Rum Blend, Gin, Key Lime,
Cream, Eggwhite, Soda

Foul Play

Mexican Rum, Mezcal, Green Bell Pepper,
Passionfruit, Lime, Gentian, Soda

Power Struggle

Gin, Palo Santo, Mastiha,  Lemon,
Pineapple, Soda

Strawberry Daiquiri

Puerto Rican Rum, Strawberry,
Lime, Sugar

Pina Colada

Puerto Rican Rum, Pineapple,
Coconut, Lime

Miami Vice

Puerto Rican Rum, Pineapple,
Strawberry, Coconut, Lime


Punch / $18

One of the oldest mixed drinks, punch truly began to flourish in India, during the Age of Empire. Thereafter, wherever colonization was taking place, a simple yet elegant version based on local ingredients would soon be sure to follow.


Mary Pickford

Cuban Rum Blend, Maraschino,
Pineapple, Lime, Pomegranate


Cuban Rum Blend, French Bitter, Banana,
Apricot, Yuzu, Pineapple, Lime

Glam Rock

Cognac, Peated Scotch Whisky, Benedictine,
Lemon, Apricot, Peach, Almond

Cold War

Irish Whiskey, Rum, Cold Brew Coffee,
Coconut, Wasabi

Red Rag to a Bull

American Single Malt Whiskey, Irish Whiskey,
Redcurrant, Campari, Cacao, Lime, Mint

Bad Apple

Calvados, Jamaican Rum, Lime,
Pistachio, Grapefruit, Orange

Carte Blanche

Gin, White Armagnac, Orange, Vanilla,
Cream, Honeydew Melon, Almond

Driving Miss Daisy

Vodka, Pisco, Lime, Green Apple,
Kiwi, Dill


Sour / $18

Related to punch, the sour is simpler, snappier and shorter, with just three core ingredients: alcohol, citrus and a sweetening element such as sugar, honey, a syrup or fruit juice. It may be one of the oldest types of cocktail, yet somehow it’s always new.



(Traditional or Strawberry)
Cuban Rum Blend, Lime, Sugar

E. Hemingway Special

Cuban Rum Blend, Maraschino,
Grapefruit, Lime, Sugar

Spice Tree

Mezcal, Vodka, Lime, Tamarind,
Mango, Mint, Rose, Habanero

Stock Market

Sodabi, Bolivian Brandy, Raspberry,
Hibiscus, Lemon, Orange Marmalade

Rhyme nor Reason

Jamaican & Guatemalan Rums, Malted Milk,
Raisin, Vanilla, Macadamia, Egg, Cream

Guilt Trip

Gin, Rhum Agricole, Lemon, Soursop,
Fennel, Manzanilla Sherry, Egg White

Courtesy Call

Reposado Tequila, Genever, Lemon, Yucca,
French Bitter, Yellow Chartreuse

Whole Nine Yards

Scotch Whisky, Port, Guava,
Allspice, Lemon, Mascarpone


Old-Fashioned / $18

In addition to alcohol and sugar, the key ingredients of this quintessential American tipple are bitters and the all-important ice – which Cuban bars began to import from Boston as far back as 1815. These are vintage-style cocktails given a contemporary twist.


Fire Walker

Smoked American Whiskey, Caribbean Rum, Spanish Brandy, Ancho Chili, Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon

Tainted Love

Tennessee Whiskey, Cuban Rum Blend,
Banana, Pineapple, Coconut, Fennel, Suze

After Party

Peated Scotch Whisky, Cold Brew Coffee,
Sweet Vermouth, Green Chartreuse, Absinthe

Rhythm and Blues

Rye Whiskey, Helena, Douglas Fir,
Orange, Cocchi Americano


Cocktail / $18

Drinks in this category resemble an Old-Fashioned, but are softened by the addition of fortified wine. That basis offers a particularly subtle range of ingredients with which to create these refined, elegant and, yes, sensational drinks.


El Presidente

Puerto Rican & Venezuelan Rums, Mezcal, Italian Vermouth, Curaçao, Ancho Chili, Pomegranate


Cuban Rum Blend, Blanc Vermouth,
Verjus, Falernum, Lemongrass

Softly Softly

Gin, Dry Vermouth, Cedro Lemon,
Pineapple, Szechuan

Deal Breaker

Irish Whiskey, Fig, Rainwater Madeira,
Spiced Rum, Verjus

Blue Murder

Blanco Tequila, Mezcal, Manzanilla Sherry,
Yuzu, Seaweed, Blue Spirulina

Rumor Has It

Rhum Agricole, Träkál, Mango, Guava,
Almond, Melon, Amontillado Sherry

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