Sage Lady Cocktail Recipe

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Sage Lady Cocktail Recipe

A feature of this recipe is the use of fresh sage, often not seen in cocktails. It has great potential when paired with a sultry flavor like that of the mango used in the sage lady cocktail. In addition to fresh cucumber, Cointreau orange and peach bitters would be great to get a fascinating drink that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Sage Lady is a cocktail created with Absolut Mango Vodka that takes advantage of the fruity flavor of mango. With the fresh sage and cucumber mixed together with the fruity vodka, this martini offers a unique twist on the traditional cocktail.


  • One must make sure that it is completely smooth by using both a regular strainer and fine-mesh sieve to strain this cocktail. Your drink will become cleaner as it will remove all the bits of sage and cucumber.
  • It is possible to use an English cucumber in place of the typical slicer cucumber here, though you may want to consider it. It tends to be sweeter and less bitter than the more common variety.
  • Before mixing the cocktail, freeze the leaves if they begin to wilt and thaw them thoroughly afterwards.

Cocktail strength (from 1 to 10 scale)

The strength of Sage Lady Cocktail Recipe is 4 out of 10.



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Nutrition (calories per serving)

The estimated calories of Sage Lady Cocktail Recipe is 208 calories per serving.

Preparation time (minutes)

The time it takes to create Sage Lady Cocktail Recipe is 3 minutes.

Tools needed

  • cocktail shaker


  • cocktail glass

Ingredients (ML/OZ)

  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • 1 1/2 oz mango vodka
  • 1/2 oz premium triple sec
  • 3 slices cucumber
  • 1 dash peach bitters

Steps to Make It

  • Muddle the cucumber, simple syrup, and sage in a cocktail shaker.
  • Add triple sec, mango vodka, and bitters.
  • Fill it with ice and shake until well-chilled.
  • Strain it into a chilled cocktail glass.
  • Use a spanked sage leaf to garnish then serv. Enjoy.

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