Kentucky Coffee Cocktail Recipe

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Kentucky Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Bourbon and coffee are the two key ingredients of Kentucky Although it is a very simple recipe, the addition of honey liqueur gives it a little bit of extra sweetness. This is a tasty cocktail that was crafted for whiskey drinkers and is sure to keep you warm during the coldest days. With whiskey and coffee, you’re in for a real treat. In many cases, the whiskey has overtones of vanilla or caramel, and some also impart a hint of cinnamon and spice.

In this recipe, Wild Turkey’s 101 Bourbon is paired with its American Honey Liqueur to bring out the natural spice and bold flavor of both products. Using Kentucky bourbon as the base, this drink celebrates the best of American culture. Dress it up with some whipped cream if you like, which will help to soften the flavors. You can, however, still enjoy a fantastic coffee when it’s left to its own devices, especially if you choose a dark and robust roast that’s been barrel-aged in bourbon.

Cocktail strength (from 1 to 10 scale)

The strength of Kentucky Coffee Cocktail Recipe is 3 out of 10.



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Nutrition (calories per serving)

The estimated calories of Kentucky Coffee Cocktail Recipe is 284 calories per serving.

Preparation time (minutes)

The time it takes to create Kentucky Coffee Cocktail Recipe is 5 minutes.


  • Irish Coffee Glass

Ingredients (ML/OZ)

  • 1 ounce bourbon whiskey
  • 1/2 ounce honey liqueur
  • 6 ounces hot coffee
  • Whipped cream, for optional garnish

Steps to Make It

  • Assemble the ingredients.
  • Pour the bourbon and honey liqueur into a warmed coffee mug or Irish coffee glass.
  • Fill the cup halfway with hot coffee that has just been freshly brewed.
  • If desired, serve with a dollop of whipped cream. Enjoy your meal!

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