The Cocktail Top 40

Article by Punch   October 23rd 2018

Every week, a list of the 40 biggest songs in mainstream music comes out with a mix of huge stars, one-hit wonders and songs that are bound to get stuck in your head. It got us wondering what a cocktail version of the Top 40 would look like. What drinks are the biggest hit-makers and what can we learn from them?

To get a better sense of what’s popular in the cocktail world right now, we surveyed 40 bars across the country to find out what customers order the most, both on- and off-menu. The results yielded few surprises, with off-menu calls for the Old-Fashioned ruling all across the land, as well as an unwavering interest in spicy, mezcal-based drinks. Notably, in addition to the rise of agave spirits, bourbon is definitely still having its moment.

Also, when it comes to the popularity of a drink, the name is sometimes as much of a factor as the spirit, either out of familiarity or because it’s the namesake cocktail of the bar itself.  But, as you’ll see, there are some outliers where you would not expect them.

Here, 40 bars from across the country and the most popular drinks they serve.

BlackTail | New York

Most popular on-menu cocktail: Mojito
Most popular off-menu cocktail:
Unsurprisingly, for a bar that takes its inspiration from Prohibition-era Cuba, the Mojito is the most-popular menu item at BlackTail, while the Old-Fashioned also remains a prevalent call. “We are known for bringing classic cocktails to the modern palate,” says bar manager 
Jesse Vida.

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