The 8 Most Inventive Cocktail Menus in The Country:

Article by Liquor   June 22nd 2017

Many of today’s top cocktail bars don’t just impress you with what’s in the glass, they also aim to wow you with the sheer creativity of their menus and the way their drinks are presented and conceptualized. These are eight of the most inventive cocktail menus from across the country, from graphic novel thrillers to coloring books and art murals.


It was no surprise that the NYC’s BlackTail crew followed the same wildly creative menu approach they did at The Dead Rabbit. Here, your menu is a hardcover story, which you can purchase for $50, weaving an intricate novel-worthy tale centered on a narrator who immerses himself in all things Havana while encountering an Irish-American barman, the bar he runs and its patrons.


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