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Article by Hot Dinners   November 12th 2016

This new cocktail bar down in Battery Park opened just two months ago. And the reason it’s already creating such a buzz is the fact that it’s the second place from the Dead Rabbit crowd (No 1 on last year’s World’s Best Bars list). The concept is that of an American bar in Havana during Prohibition. The building it’s in, Pier A, has been here since the 19th century.

When you head upstairs expect a little slice of 1920s Cuba with a lot of rum-based cocktails on the list and all manner of great Cuban food to be had. While you’re wondering what to order, water comes along with a complimentary daiquiri – a nice touch.

From what we had, standout cocktails were the the Pineapple Milk – a punch, made with Puerto Rican Rum, Brandy de Jerez, Cream, Pineapple, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Cherry, Aromatic Bitters and a Eureka sour made with Panamanian Rum, Genever, Apple Brandy, Aperol, Sloe Gin, Rhubarb, Lemon and Absinthe.

On the food front we kicked off with cuban fries – plantain & yucca chips served with a salsa fresca ($10) and worked our way through the menu. Must-haves are the chicken lollipops with ancho chili glaze ($16), the AMAZING Rabbit cuban sandwich made with confit rabbit leg, rosemary ham, roasted pork shoulder, swiss tomme, dill pickles and mustard sauce ($23). We didn’t order it ourselves, but the vegetable bouquet of crudites served in an ice-filled punch bowl with black bean hummus looked amazing.

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