11 Fall Cocktails To Help Us Ease Into Autumn

Article by Gothamist   November 12th 2016

What we lack in spectacular foliage—yet—we more than make up for in proximity to and volume of wonderful cocktail bars, many of which note the changing seasons by revamping their menus to fit the weather. With fall, you’ll find plenty of brown liquors, apple flavors, spices and other such offerings, though there’s not a wrong season to drink any of the spirits. Below, a few offerings befitting an autumn eve out on the town; we promise no decorative gourds.

BlackTail—the Cuban-inspired cocktail bar from the folks behind The Dead Rabbit—is following in its sibling’s footsteps, offering complex and thoughtful cocktails that evolve as the seasons do. For autumn, one of those specials is the Pineapple Milk, a cream-based tropical drink with flavors of pineapple and hazelnut. The shaken drink uses a Spanish brandy in addition to an aged Bacardi rum and is garnished with a grate of fresh nutmeg

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